Analicia Sotelo reads “Do You Speak Virgin?”

My name is Analicia Sotelo and I’ll be
reading from “Do You Speak Virgin”. I wanted to write this poem because I
didn’t see many poems about virginity and about late virginity in one’s life
and I felt that culturally we were missing that narrative and I wanted to
take this poem away from the dichotomy of virgin or whore and unveil what it
can really be like to have that experience.

19 thoughts on “Analicia Sotelo reads “Do You Speak Virgin?”

  1. Listened three times, and the last line hits me with a supervillain coldness every time.
    But I've always believed those were the ones who tried too hard and were left to suffer.

  2. truly beautiful. I know I'll listen again later, and probably once more before I really understand, but the picture I see so far is amazing.

  3. It makes me sad to think that people can watch all kind of stuff on YouTube but only very few are interested in poetry.

  4. Whole thing is lost on me. Just sounds like the ranting of a crazy person in the park.

  5. This is one of those poems that I dont fully understand, but i can understand the emotions behind the words.

  6. I've read the whole book and it was an amazing experience. That poem, in particular, have so much beautiful lines.

  7. I really enjoyed this poem but there were concepts I think I was missing because I don't know the culture. The imagery is beautiful yet dark. I'd love to hear more by this author.

  8. Wasn’t sure I was grasping the beginning but ohhh she swung for the fences about half way through. That ending hit me like a ton of bricks. Well done. Beautiful imagery.

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