Analysis Sonnet 18 – Poem Notes – William Shakespeare – British English Pronunciation

Analysis Sonnet 18 – Poem Notes – William Shakespeare – British English Pronunciation – so meet 18 an hour ok so shall I compare
thee to a summer’s day so this is a guy writing to a part of beautiful women
should I guess it’s a good idea to make a comparison between the you and the
summer’s day you would like a summer’s day you beautiful value are are are you are more lovely
and more temperate so you more beautiful than a summer’s day and not as not so
not as hot as well as some mistake can be very cold and uncomfortable rough
winds do shake the Darling Buds ok so he made the club’s buds flowers that are
about to come but also in May you can have very strong winds so something
beautiful like the the the bugs that are growing on the plant can be broken they
don’t always last and summer’s lease has two shorter day
ok so someone is to ease is going to end it doesn’t last forever and summer’s
lease lease is a rental the rental of some has has all too short a day so
someone has a rental and that rent lease very short it will disappear ok so it
does so summer doesn’t lost ya so here’s a comparison does beauty lost in a
person a beautiful woman that she stay beautiful forevers so the Darling Buds
of May could be destroyed the summer goes sometimes too hot the BRI of heaven
shines ok the aisles hasn’t this the Sun and sometimes the Sun which is a
wonderful thing is actually two off in his gold complexion in our case
so then that means that he is pleasant and a brief from fair sometimes declines
said beauty doesn’t last year means beautiful wonderful lovely yeah so
something that’s lovely normally declines by chance or nature’s changing
course I’m trim so what’s beautiful but can change by chance by bad luck or by
just its natural self beauty fades with time a flower grows opens in his beautiful
and then closes but the right terminal summer shall not fade so here is talking
about you your eternal summer will not go will not disappear ok which means
your beauty will not disappear nor lose possession of vac fares out how you
won’t lose your beauty but he’s going to say more in a second yeah you won’t lose gustav you take nor
shall death bragged how wondrous did he show ok so maybe you could die if you
died then the beauty would disappear when an external lines to tie the
grossest thugs out now that you actually written in these lines in this poetry
that I’ve written then this person is going to preserve this moment of your
beauty for ever yeah it doesn’t matter if the rough
winds shake the bugs of male summers finished or Sun Goes Down nature decides runs its
course in something loses its beauty but here in this poem in this poem of mine
your beauty will last forever it will last so long as men can breathe
or eyes can see ok such as long as men can see and read
this poetry then this your beauty will be preserved forever so long lives this
and this gives life to the ok so long leads this car this column will live all
of that time and this poem gives life to the to you William Shakespeare so he’s talking
about beauty and he’s talking to his girlfriend he saying you’re the most
beautiful sing like there’s a scene in this poem is kind to enshrine your
beauty for every time you see maybe a passing thing but here this is like a
photograph of it so anyway I hope that’s helped you if it has you could give the
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gracias bye for now and now it’s eighty Analysis Sonnet 18 – Poem Notes – William Shakespeare – British English Pronunciation

6 thoughts on “Analysis Sonnet 18 – Poem Notes – William Shakespeare – British English Pronunciation

  1. I have thought for days whether to post a comment to your analysis of sonnet 18 or not, I listened to it more than once and just today, using my headphones to listen to it again, I noticed that it was probably pouring rain while you were recording it, what a perfect coincidence with the image of the short span of summer compared to the possible decay of someone's beauty, a decay that the poem obviously hinders and prevents it from happening. I found out your channel only recently and it's fantastic, comprehensive and so helpful but this is the only video I cannot give it a thumb up as of yet. Probably it's just me but every time I feel sort of "let down" by your brief analysis. I'm aware that it's mostly an analysis about the poem's language, I'm also aware that this is "your" analysis of a work of poetry and I believe in the universality of poetry in which everyone can see a reflection of his or her own feelings, that's the beauty of poetry itself.
    At the same time I keep on wondering why you decided to make clear what was not explained by Shakespeare in his sonnet, one of the few in which he's a little reticent about the gender of his lover. You prefer to see the poem as an exaltation of poetry which preserves the beauty of a woman, you even say that here Shakespeare is talking about his girlfriend. The power of poetry is universal indeed, it doesn't make a difference for a reader if the actual addressee was a woman or a man, or a young man. But it makes some difference if you decide it was a woman and state it so clearly, because I cannot believe you don't know about the fair youth. This poem can easily resonate well with both men and women's personal feelings, is there any need to clarify (in a not exact way) what the poet didn't feel the need to clarify himself? in the end the real theme here is the poetry and its being everlasting.
    Sorry for my long comment, I thank you for all your videos and lessons and I feel grateful for all the help you are giving and sharing here on YouTube, some of your explanations are priceless

  2. thank you so much professor. i am from morocco and I hope to study with you more literary works !!

  3. Love masters un English lit from ur to contact u.

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