Andrew Barker’s Poetry Channel. The Mycroft Poetry Lectures and the Modern Shakespearean Sonnets.

Hello, I’m Andrew Barker. I’m an academic,
teacher, and poet. This is Andrew Barker’s Poetry YouTube
Channel and on here we’ve got two things, the Mycroft Poetry Lectures on poems
taught on syllabi the world over, and recordings of poems written by me.
Firstly the Mycroft Poetry Lectures are full length explanations and analysis of
poems used to teach students from GCSE to IB to A level to university level. Or
they are for those who just want some help understanding some poems. The poems on the Mycroft Poetry Lectures Series are taught as line by line paraphrases of
the works to make sure the students understand them, and shockingly enough I
am aware that some lines in poetry can have more than one interpretation and
when this is the case more than one interpretation is given. The lectures are
subtitled so my accent shouldn’t prove too much of a problem and they are free.
And there are also transcripts of the lectures that you can access as well. Now,
there’s always going to be more that can be said on any poem and I’m not claiming
to cover every possible angle or interpretation of the poems in these
lectures, but what I will say is that if you have never seen the poem before, and
you watch the lecture you will have a very clear idea of what the poem is
about afterwards. In fact, after watching the lecture you
should be able to teach that poem to someone else. If I’m teaching any of
these poems now I tend to make sure the students have watched the lectures for
homework so when they get in the classroom the discussion and argument on the poem can begin. That way the students enter the classroom already
understanding what the poem is about and ready to start talking.
I hope these lectures are enjoyable. I hope they are useful. The second selection
of videos we have here are the sonnets written by me. The intention here is to
write 505 sonnets released over five books, 101 sonnets in each book. The
videos of these sonnets are going to be released every other day, so obviously
this is going to take some time. On these sonnets: with rare exceptions these are
all Shakespearean sonnets, fourteen lines, iambic pentameter, the rhyme scheme ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG. What I’m interested in here is seeing what I can do with that.
I’m not trying to be revolutionary or clever about the form. These are not
sonnets that are called sonnets but really aren’t sonnets and are written by
poets too cool to write sonnets, to show how much they don’t really like
sonnets, and kind of make you suspect that they’re doing this to disguise the
fact they couldn’t really write one if they wanted to anyway. That’s not what
I’m doing here. These are simple, if that’s the right word, Shakespearean sonnets. You can read the poems below the videos and there is a brief explanation of what’s
going on in the poem there too. But if you really enjoy any of this stuff
please buy the books. They are available on Kindle and from Amazon. Please Comment,
Like, Subscribe. I’m told it genuinely does make a difference. I’m Dr. Andrew
Barker, in these lectures. Because I am! I hope you enjoy these. Thanks for watching.
Tell me what you think. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Barker’s Poetry Channel. The Mycroft Poetry Lectures and the Modern Shakespearean Sonnets.

  1. Dude, you're awesome. I hope you get the recognition you deserve. Watching all your vids from Argentina.

  2. I enjoyed the lectures when I stumbled upon then four or so years ago. The added a deep emotional depth to my understanding of the few poems therein that I was familiar with and presented a fascinating look into poems and poets I was unfamiliar with.

  3. Hy! I am coming all the way from India. I would really like a video on scansion of poems. They are somewhat getting on my nerves. It is great to see you uploading again. I am following you right from my school time. Thank You πŸ™‚

  4. Nice video… Subbed#3881….I hope you will do the sameπŸ’–πŸ’—

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