Android Developer Story: Robinhood uses Jetpack to help write clean, poetic code

an investing platform that lets users buy and sell
stocks, cryptocurrencies, options, and ETFs,
all commission-free. Robinhood believes that
everyone should have access to the financial markets,
so we built Robinhood from the ground out
to be fast, simple, and easy for all investors. People love Robinhood’s simple,
beautiful, intuitive design, and they love that they’re
able to place trades on the go. JINYAO CAO: Here
at Robinhood, we have a team model of the
less code we have to write, the less code we
have to maintain, which means the
better off we will be. So that goes hand-in-hand with
adopting Jetpack components to be able to do
a lot more things that we, as a small team,
would not be able to do. Jetpack, in particular,
is really great because the libraries are
really reliable and really well-tested, they’re
actively being maintained, and they solve a problem that
the Android community often have. One component we were
really excited about was definitely Room. It’s probably one
of the libraries that best utilizes
annotation processors. It just hooks up to our UI. Our UI can listen to the
Room database changes, and the network layer
can be abstracted away. It also allows us to
reduce a lot of boilerplate around database serialization,
decentralization. One of the newer libraries
we adopted was Work Manager. And in fact, we have
been using Work Manager ever since the very first
alpha because it solves a pretty big problem for us. Prior to Work Manager, we
had quite a few periodic jobs that we want to do, and
we decided to not do them because it was just a
huge pain to maintain. With Work Manager, it offers us
a very simplified and unified API and allows us to define
exactly what do we want and have everything just work. As a developer, I think writing
clean, and maintainable, and readable code can be
poetic, so it’s definitely like one of the joys
I get out of my work. DAN HILL: The Android
team at Google was always been super-involved
in the community. Jetpack is a perfect
example of responding to what the developers
have been asking for, and making our lives easier
by letting us focus on just our core business challenges. Robinhood has more than
doubled our customer base since launching on Android, and
we hope to continue growing.

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