Andy Kaufman Impersonates Elvis Presley and Foreign Man on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

Treat me like a fool,
Treat me mean and cruel, But love me. Break my faithful heart,
Tear it all apart, But love me. If you ever go,
Darling, I’ll be oh so lonely
I’ll be sad and blue, Crying over you, dear only. I would beg and steal
Just to feel your heart Beatin’ close to mine Well, if you ever go,
Darling, I’ll be oh
so lonely I’ll be sad and blue,
Crying over you, dear only. I would beg and steal
Just to feel your heart Beatin’ close to mine Well, if you ever go,
Darling, I’ll be oh so lonely Beggin’ on my knees,
All I ask is please, please love me Oh yeah

100 thoughts on “Andy Kaufman Impersonates Elvis Presley and Foreign Man on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

  1. Andy would have been great to impersonate that pencil neck Adam Schiff.

  2. Check out "The Shmuel Taurog Show" A 5 minute inspirational show on"You Tube".

  3. I forgot just how amazingly brilliant this performance was…gotta love YouTube!

  4. Amazingly creative and different! He took it to a new level, a level very few have gone since.

  5. Andy Kaufman: THE STUPIDEST HUMAN TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. Whoever thinks he's funny, is an idiot as well. PERIOD!

  6. During Elvis, a few times I thought I was watching Jim Carey playing Andy. Carey got robbed of the Oscar for Man In The Moon.

  7. What is wrong with the subtitles… HAHA 0:46 "If you ever go, Darling I'll be"

  8. La comedia anglo no le llega a los pies a la comedia Sur Americana!

  9. Народ, да это же доплер из Ведьмака! 😁

  10. the best Elvis Prestley impersonation in the world no one can do it better than Andy Kaufman, never ever… Classic

  11. Sorry, but this man is just not funny! – I've been watching him a couple of times and every time… no – sorry, he's just not funny.

  12. Andy Kaufman, Was a f-en idiot!! He never did make it in show business!! a freak of a man!!!

  13. According to the date of this performance Elvis absolutely could have seen this.

  14. God March 3rd 1977 I was only 5 years old, how did Andy do Elvis's voice so close?

  15. When you realize Jim Carrey was not impersonating Elvis but impersonating Andy Kaufman impersonating Elvis…

  16. There have been many talented, funny stage performers. This performance by Andy Kaufman is on a level of genius that very few entertainers in any medium could hope to achieve.

  17. Total don’t get what ppl find funny about him. He and Dane Cook are the worst two comedians ever

  18. Definition of irony. Ed McMahon impersonation not so good. Elvis was spot on.

  19. One amazing this about this is that Elvis was still alive when this was broadcast — he didn't die until about 5 months later.

  20. Woow I remember this guy he played in taxi the old serie about cab drivers right with Louis

  21. RIP Andy Kaufman, such a tragedy he was taken at the young age of 35.

    Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby? R.E.M.

  22. I've never "got" his humor , and his impersonation of Elvis was just okay. Not impressed, and for those that think that was "The best impersonation EVER". have never watched others.

  23. Wow I never seen that before I didn’t know andy could change his voice like that that was probably one of the best Elvis Presley impersonator’s of ever seen

  24. He is a joke .you can't explain a joke without ruining it .you can't explain Kaufman without ruining it.

  25. Elvis himself said Andy was amazing and by far the best he had ever seen doing him. He was very flattered and had nothing but great things to say about Andy. So sad we lost them both way to soon.

  26. Holy crap, comedy and women were so easy. You know what? Nothing's changed

  27. It sad that we don't know how GREAT a person is until they are dead

  28. There is nobody on this planet I mean nobody even comes close doing Elvis Presley imitation like Andy Kaufman even the performers in Las Vegas that do Elvis professionally aren't as good as Andy Kaufman when you watch this video do me a favor close your eyes for just a few seconds you'll be absolutely astonished you'd swear itwas Elvis Presley singing in his prime if you agree with me give me a hoot you all have a great day

  29. Even tough they're making almost the same moves Andy makes it look ridiculous as if he has arms and legs made out of rubber! 😂😂😂

  30. we need this reminder. Andy and Elvis were pure entertainers and respected eacn other.

  31. Hahah, I'm finally watching what I missed growing up. TV was not the main feature as a kid. Andy Kauffman? He was just a blurr.. in some sitcom ?

  32. I worked with a Romanian engineer who talks like latka. The guy was impossible to get a long with. He was fired. I was telling people he talks like latka and very few people knew what I was talking about.

  33. We lost one of the greatest comedians in history!!!!! Rip Andy , we will never forget you !!!!!

  34. I love him for combing his hair three times with a different brush 😀 he was something special, love from Czech Republic! One day, you'll come back!

  35. Funny as Hell and Extremely Talented..One of the Best Elvis Impersonators I've ever seen…Great Stuff Andy 🙂

  36. I wonder what Elvis thought of this! He was still alive during these acts and must have seen it! I bet he was like..daaamn, this guy is good and that's so funny! Elvis had a good sense of humour.

  37. Everytime I See the guy I immediately think Taxi! Those were Great years. My favorite shows, Taxi & Soap!! God I Miss that time.

  38. Andy Kaufman where are you now peace to you brother thank you for the laughter and the sadness and the point of pisses off you're a comedian like no other your time on this Earth was very short the sadness and the grief that we went through thinking you would come back and this would be the funniest thing you've ever done but sometimes wishes can't be granted thanks once again for the laughter you gave us we prayed for you to get better but X got harder on you you tried everything to cure the cancer but it continued on we were saddened about that and you're passing rest in peace not in pieces Chrome will never forget you the ones that had seen you or heard of you on TV your comedy is a classic 11 your leftist was a small Legacy thanks again for the laughter and the smile you put on my face I'll never forget you you live on the infamy with me once again bye for now but hello always your friend TCB third son of Elvis Presley dad took me a long time baby to come around but I'm here in the line and alone

  39. Still hard to believe those were his actual vocals. He could’ve easily been a singer.

  40. Most won't admit that Kaufamn was a true comedic genius. WELL HE DAMN SURE WAS. Kaufman was (as one person pointed out) way ahead of his time, ax well as our time. He was shy by nature, and extremely sensitive. He was easily run over….roughshod, by fellow performers, who took advantage of his delicate situation. You have to admit that Kauffmann WAS "Taxi! No other likednd a number others. Because the damn media didn't

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