ANGER personified – Poem – Self harm

Poem is called “Anger.” I have it up on my
channel already from years ago. It was just in writing so I would like to have it recited.
Anger, by Melissa C. Water. Beneath the stars, she sat alone.
Around her lay a field of stone. The past stayed low to cower behind,
Rose up to meet her and toy with her mind. With fury born within her eyes,
A force appeared in man’s disguise. His figure grew in size and strength.
Darkness veiled the whole of his length. He loomed before he hostile form.
Her rage was used to feed his storm. Anger held her by the throat,
As she beat against his coat. Her fingers dug into his hands,
Resistant to his fierce demands. Anger laughed and threw her down.
Thoughtless eyes looked passed her frown. Wrapped a chain around her wrist.
Pulled her forward as she hissed. She rose unsteady with followed speed.
Dragged behind his sudden lead. She cursed the path he forced her on.
Cast away the breath he’d drawn. She spat to where his feet would fall.
Defiant to heed his wrathful call. She kicked his legs that walked away,
Then huffed for a pace that did not sway. She pulled against his heavy chain,
Though Anger could not feel the pain. No blow she brought could bring him harm.
No strength she owned released her arm. There was no choice that let her win.
She dug her nails into her skin. Dropped to her knees with steady moan.
Beat her hand against the stone. She held the chain tight in her fist.
Broke the flesh that hid her wrist. As her life slipped passed her bones,
Her blood dripped deep between the stones. Though Anger was too strong to feel,
She knew the pain she felt was real. Anger left her as relief settled in.
The price was paid through pain within. A fight that brought her to the dawn,
The force that took her blood had gone.

22 thoughts on “ANGER personified – Poem – Self harm

  1. This poem describes me so much of my problems with self harm. I hurt myself when I am frustrated, anxious, or depressed….. Thank you!!!! 🙂

  2. This is so powerful, I love it. And you look so pretty btw <3

  3. Your poems are always great. You are great. Hey, is that my favorite kind, the glam? I can't tell.

  4. That really was awesome, loved it, perfectly described what it's like to be so angry that self harm is your only release, thank you for sharing

  5. Wow I love your poems they are so meaningful and you are an amazing writer love you 💜❤️💙

  6. I love your videos!!!!!!! I finally made it to 2 months and 5 days

  7. Hey sorry I don't mean to annoy you but I was just wondering if you were going to upload a new video soon? Thanks. You're entertaining, insightful, and easy on the eyes (especially with my favorite lip stick) .Great combo. Hope you're doing well.

  8. you canadian? plz change hair color then ur perfect, perfect eyebrows

  9. Good reading. Poems do not need to rhyme or have a tempo.

    Thanks for sharing idrank.

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