Angles Song | Acute, Obtuse, & Right Angles | 3rd & 4th Grade

(Elementary School Math Students, Please Refrain From Bringing The House Down) Between zero and 90 an angle is acute. This angle’s small and skinny and kind of cute. It looks like a V or the top of a Y or the angles that you see eating pizza or
pie. Angles are measured in degrees,
and here’s how to remember them with ease! Only when an angle measures ninety
do we call it right. You can tell this angle just by sight. It looks like an L or the corner of a square. You’re looking at them when you’re walking
up the stairs. Angles are measure in degrees,
and here’s how to remember them with ease! From 90 and 180,
an angle is obtuse This angle’s kind of fat; it’s got a big caboose. It’s like the hands on a clock
when it’s quarter to two or the antlers on the head of a full-grown
moose. Angles are measured in degrees, and here’s how to remember them with ease! To measure an angle’s degrees with a protractor, Place the vertex at the hole in the center. Line up the the bottom ray with zero on the protractor Remember that zero can be on top or under. Count up to where the other ray points at the number. That will be the angle’s measure. Angles are measured in degrees, and here’s how to remember them with ease! (If your protractor is plastic, you may be scholastic!)

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  3. When the class was wacthing this the students sceamed when they seen thebutt lol

  4. hey 3rd and fourth i know that this song is beautiful and it is awesome!!!!!!!!

  5. I heard this 2 days ago and we are 6th grade because we were doing some revision

  6. At school the whole class including
    Me loved the butt part and though it was funny but I’m a student

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  8. Omg this is for 3rd and 4th graders and out teacher played this for us and were in 7th grade😂 we sung and laughed and danced and i laughed so hard that i cried😂

  9. I saw this video in class, people kept laughing about that part.I was quiet,just sitting there.In the back

  10. I remember yesterday I roasted the hell out of this song on instagram and snap chat XD

  11. We watched this in class and when the big butt part came everyone started laugjing lol

  12. This is a pretty catchy song that I may use with my Geometry students.

  13. I learned this in third grade and the butt part I burst out laughing and btw good vid we watch most of your vids in school!!!!

  14. My class is the most chaotic.. so not only the butt made everyone laugh.. but the whole vid

  15. When the butt came up in class I fell on the ground laughing

  16. We watched this in class and it really helped me with my acute, obtuse, right, reflex and last, my centre. Like other comments, me and my class laughed at the butt part😂

  17. I subscribed to you and turned on the notification bell on. When I'm in class next time listening to a maths song, hopefully we will listen to numberock🤗

  18. Who else is here cause your freind randomly sended this to you

  19. I not only like these vids cuz they’re good but also cuz they’re good for deaf people as well

  20. My old school math teacher made me watch this… we all cringed died and laughed our head of at the butt/bum part and my friend started saying BIG CUBOOS every single math lesson after that..

  21. I watched this at school it's so funny I had to watch it agin😂😂😂

  22. Lol. This butt was literally shown on my online learning. I wish I could see other's reaction.

  23. In 4th grade we watch this and everybody laughed at the butt part and I love this vid

  24. 2 years ago, (i was in 3rd grade back then, now im in 5th) i remember when my math teacher played this song and at the "Big Caboose" part, we all started dying of laughter. and last year, (4th grade) we would always play the "10 1's make 10" song and we would all sing along, those were the days, those are the reasons why i love your channel so much.

  25. Who watched this at their school tell my what grade you go in and what school you go in.

    Im in 4th grade
    Im in Ps 86

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