Anwar: Yahaya is a mercenary writer, nobody takes him seriously

regarde of Yas book or late attempt to publish and therefore extort funds that I think I leave it to dr. joy Abdul and the police report I think another report has we made in Kuala Lumpur down one knee I think they would have to adduce the relevant material the copy of the book and some of the exchanges messages or texts or whatsapp nobody thinks yeah seriously I mean he is known to be like eleemosynary right so I don't I don't believe he is considered I mean the the book his books his previous many many many books sponsored books has never been discussed in the mainstream or by the intellectual made by the academia or book reviews so it does not I mean warrant response no I'm not taken in a committees Johari and also the the some fatty activists in Kuala Lumpur taken up the issue at Le Vian Tiny's them and the police to investigate when I thought it is essentially the police take up this measure because we don't want this sort of a culture SS you know we've been talking about gutter politics and this political culture the strives on extortion and such activities should not be tolerated no condoned

4 thoughts on “Anwar: Yahaya is a mercenary writer, nobody takes him seriously

  1. U better start believing that the ppl are also beginning not to take you seriously too

  2. Most of the people have thick skin, and a few have thick skull. If the public at large regard you as a spent force in your political career. Even if you are appointed to be a PM, the population will revolt.

  3. Azmin Ali with tricks up his sleeves maybe possibly those who know, know 😉

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