APA Citations: No Author

you hi I'm Clancy Clawson with the University of Maryland Baltimore Writing Center and today we're going to talk about handling sources with no author according to the style guidelines of the American Psychological Association or APA as always we're using the sixth edition of the APA manual the blue one as our guide if you don't have an APA manual please download our APA citations handout and follow along there's a source there's no author I can't see who did it I don't know I don't know man it just came out of the air it was written by aliens I guess I don't know we're ghosts ghosts alien aliens gotta have ghosts when there's no author you have to shift some information around and that starts in the reference list take a look at this entry let's imagine that there weren't an author in this case the title would shift to the other side of the date since the title is now the first bit of information in the reference list entry for your source that's also what you're going to use in your in-text citations in-text use only the first few words of the title if it's a book be sure to italicize and if it's an article or book chapter be sure to use quotation marks here's a book in a signal phrase here's an article title and a parenthetical that's it that's how you handle a source with no author I'm Clancy Clawson stay tuned because we have more APA videos on the way

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  1. Ty, very helpful, idk why I'm doing an apa history essay in 8th grade but whatever

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