appreciate women | a poem

Love is not political and should no longer be controversial Consideration should be a global phenomenon Because it’s nobody’s place to tell you what you can’t do No one can fathom the pain you’ve been through Consider the consequences if it would happen to you How would you feel? Though I could never walk a mile in your shoes. I can appreciate the things you survived through The things you have been devoted to And the power that you never lose The life of a man is given to by a woman birthed to be respectful kind and considerate But all things that seem to have been forgotten History has taught brothers to disrespect womankind To cover up the insecurities engraved in their minds Those labeled as tender are the ones with the capacity to fight and the ones who are strong enough To stand up for what’s right The women who have been abused or belittled by a man are the ones too often looked over The ones we need to listen to more So that this cycle doesn’t continue anymore Appreciate every woman and everything they do for us Because she is not a product she is a force to be reckoned with

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