APS (Inside: Outside), Lacey Roop "What's so crazy about having waves in your veins?"

and they tell me I can't keep the ocean of my ribs but I do dangerous things are there there have been stories of Barracuda monsters octopuses with 15 tentacle testicle thingies wells that will swallow you and sharks they can't wait to taste the human but despite all this the manatees and mermaids are enough to keep the waves in my veins so swimming I got the touch of beautiful woman on my shivers even though I don't follow me in the will of another feeling of fingers and that's enough to get me by for now in the wind their words have a hard time grasping when I'm trying my best to grab them and put them in my pocket so I get home I love poems to write and stories to tell you see every day is a new opportunity to look at the same things differently to go walk with no umbrella in the rain because the rain that's just the sky wanting to touch you listen to the birds and crickets chirping away because everything was sound as a song to sing and everything that breathes is something to say so listen just because the steam called reality tells you that you can't breathe stars tunnel with clouds french-kiss rainbows or grow flowers in your hands you can people told me I couldn't do a lot of things for a while and I believed them for far too long but I'm doing them now I'm practicing hugs and handshakes because that's what saves people and I never thought that were afraid and from cursing or saying your prayers and get you any closer to heaven any farther from Hell don't be afraid to pull the brakes fear feet and skipped your next location because the greatest distance I swear it's still the wonder than you give the finger to self-preservation and go on to be the thing you always wanted to be was too afraid to do give sign it's in your sinews rest and your lover's whispers snuggle with chains it's becomes your constant when they look at yourself in the mirror at any time of any day and smile knowing that the definition of beauty lies within their own reflection in the end what's the title what is true was to tell you who you should love who was to tell you what is real and what to believe when reality was only created and make another category go define a certain group of people and it is crazy you see I know what I feel and I'm beginning to understand why am i I'm just a girl it keeps the ocean of my ribs in the waves of my veins despite all the terrible things that people say it contains but you know what at the end of the day I think that we were all just

7 thoughts on “APS (Inside: Outside), Lacey Roop "What's so crazy about having waves in your veins?"

  1. I cry every time I listen to this, it inspires me to keep going and to never stop dreaming! I desperately hope to fall madly in love with someone as perfect as she is.

  2. Not only is she an amaaaaazing spoken word artist, she is so incredibly sexy. You cannot deny.

  3. I hope someday I meet someone like Lacey. And that they fall as deeply in love with me as I will with them

  4. OOOOh god, she is awesome! What is she doing right now? Still doing shows?

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