AQA English Literature Paper 1b: Writing a level 9 Christmas Carol response

hi guys in this video what I want to show you is how to write up some of the planning that you would do for a Christmas carol response in just minutes hopefully level light level 9 now if you've not had a look at it might be helpful for you to see the previous clip that I did which was that correcting the slit 1b or I just kind of went through the extract thinking about the sorts of things to focus on and then the kinds of links as well that you would make to the rest of the novel you have to make sure you've addressed the second bullet point so either have a look at that video of ever just pause now and have a look at some of the notes I put on here and then down here okay now this is my believe it or not my third attempt at doing this video first one lines of some memory issue and my computer second one my pens run out so in frustration I'm not going to rewrite another version of this as you can see several versions later and so what I'm going to do is just sort of talk you through my thought processes here and explain why that this would be a level 9 response so what I've done is make sure that I always start off my response with focusing on Dickens doing something Dickens presenting something and we know that presents is one of the key words in that bullet point how does Dickens present the ghost so I'm going to sum up what I know about the ghost that he has been presented as a friendly welcoming spirit who also conveys a sense of authority so that's and you know in old-school language if we were looking at pay that would be my point would live now some of you will have seen my video on peel which is the structure you would use for Macbeth and on Christmas Carol or any you know if you're not doing those texts any of the literature text and even on the language papers for that idea of point evidence explain and then you explore the words in your core before expanding wider into the extract evaluating and then linking added to the context or back to the question so if you learn as a ghost is a friendly welcome spirit and his imperative come in is certainly hospitable but it also gives screwed to no options he must come into the room to meet this next visitor so we've got here some terminology it's imperative and I've got an example so we've got my point and evidence and I've explained that quote by saying yes it is hospitable it is welcoming but also it has that authority with it you know Scrooge has got to go into the room and it kind of in terms of the dynamics of their relationship he certainly becomes the more dominant one have a look I just feel like actually that's quite a good point I could have added in and so if I was going to add to this given the to meet this next visitor showing that the ghost is confident and and dominate this relationship I could go on there to make a link insaner Scrooge's used to being the one who's authoritative and commanding and domineering and again you know make sure you leave yourself enough time to go back there's nothing wrong with a little star adding bits in and probably don't go outside the lines because the examiners will need to make their notes there but nothing wrong with a little star or a number and then adding that at the end of your essay and a let's carry on so given it the previous ghost should screw to Ranger traumatic and traveling events he is understandably timid so I'm thinking about this this pie in the question that talks about the impact of the supernatural er however Dickens uses a range of appealing adjectives jolly glorious and cheery in order to introduce the girls in a positive approachable manner and always really good practice if you can find more than one example so I – jolly glorious and cheery and I've also got some terminology that the image of the holly wreath would have had two connotations the Dickens readers firstly evokes images of Christ shedding his blood into a crown of thorns this association would serve to reinforce the gods image of kindness charity and compassion readers would also recognize the Holly to be a symbol of life and renewal even in the depths of winter it provides color even one and everything else feels dead so really the kind of key element I've got here is context and I thought very much about the Victorian readers and this idea of in a society at that point and being very Christian society Christianity being very important sort of element of the context make sure you've got that in in the list of parts of the novel the ghost of Christmas yet to come is far more terrifying Dickens develops it to be physically fearful looking cloaked and invoking images of the Grim Reaper it's silence and like this ghosts welcoming know me better falses Scrooge to come to his own realizations about his future he must repent Oriol first the same fate as Marley despite that phantoms kind hand its overall impact is significantly more worrying and urgent – Scrooge so as you can see what I've done here is it's really this idea of an integrated response I haven't just dealt with the extract and then moved on and it dealt with the rest of the novel and I'm sort of seamlessly interweaving them and and I think that feels more natural it feels natural to me that a student makes a point about the extract and it makes them think about something from elsewhere in the novel and and I think it's brilliant if you can then make that connection and make that link so looking over at is pretty Carol necessarily first with us the English teacher geek in me equally the ghost of Christmas present is described as having an antique scabbard but no sword in it which could serve as a metaphor for the fact that it comes in peace and is less less threatening this also demonstrates to Scrooge the do not have to be visibly aggressive and that peace and love and not weaknesses that can be strengths sod has commendations of a weapon intended to wound or kill but throughout the novel it is words not weapons which transform Scrooge again reinforcing Dickens belief in social reform and that caring for people was a real priority to Victorian society so as you can see here we've got some more context what I've zoomed in on here and I've just chosen one sort of one quote from the extract and as you can see I've done not far off half a page and just on that one quote so the idea of this sort of representing it being a symbol or a Aronnax that are or metaphor for something and and I've zoomed in here which is my exploring zoomed in on the word sod and what the connotations that that might be the question says when also those wounds yeah I was going to press myself about something else in here oh yeah and right could it could is really useful word and believe it or not because you're showing that you are considering things rather than you know it just is you could say this shows it comes in peace but as soon as you use words like code or even words like possibly potentially and perhaps I told my class about using these three P's and it should the examine board that you are just words being tentative you're considering things but you're not jumping to conclusions you're not saying hundred percent is one thing or another so to solve summarize my points about Christmas Carol and writing this up and I am I would say that this represents to me another line or high-level eight response is this sense of and really taking a court in doing loads with it considering what it shows making a link to context and to dick and his purpose and and just sort of being tentative not saying it 100% is one thing or it is another so this isn't a complete adesso sometimes people say is that what you have to do I would expect a bit more of students in 45 minutes this took me around 15 minutes to write book again you know how many lists each one would probably write a bit quicker than the new guys but you know couple of signs two and a half sides of this you'd be looking at full marks for this quality of writing so I think I can sum this up in zoom in on quotes linked to context don't bolt it on link the text and particularly the extract link it to the context and really focus on your extract if possible integrate this idea of the rest of the novel make references whilst you're focusing on the extract always always focus on Dickens his purpose now why you think he was doing that as a writer and with that comes the effects on readers both the original Victorian readers and others modern-day ages and above all make sure that you're really analyzing language form and structure by language we obviously mean various techniques if I had to just give you a few pointers for that I would say always look at Dickens's use of adjectives verbs adverbs as a starting point and then popular with Dickens is simile and metaphor so the language techniques thinking also about the structure so anything that Dickens might've you for example settings for example repetition look for things that he might use around dialogue and also just if nothing else focus on where things actually happen where is your extract from and what is it focusing in on what's just happened what's just about to come and structures so a wide and varied that it's some simple swords writing down here and the form of it obviously the idea of it being in the fella and which is shot book short novel and the idea of it being you know you've got your five steps and so on and so forth ideas about it being I should probably mentioned this earlier the idea of it being a gothic novel and the idea of it being our also a Christmas story we expect certain things don't we from Christmas or gothic books so best of luck with this in your exams and don't panic that you've not got the book that's the key thing use your two skills to zoom in on that extract if you do some cracking a or two and then you've just even a referencing or the parts of the book brilliant if you can remember a court but don't panic if you can and focus on these key skills and you'll do absolutely brilliant in this exam best of luck

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