Are terms and conditions necessary?

People often ask me whether terms and conditions are important for their business. Well let me turn that around and ask why would they not be important. The majority of us conduct our business with our customers interests in mind after all we want them to come back for more business and to recommend us to others. But what if there is a disagreement and what if that disagreement was over something so ridiculous that afterwards the business relationship ceased? And what if it simply boiled down to your customer being unclear of what you were willing to do for the price you were charging them? Why would you want to lose established customer or any customer over something that could be easily avoided? Having clear documented terms and conditions is a very straight forward process that in the long term will save you time, money, effort and sleepless nights. Would it surprise you that we can ensure peace of mind for a fixed fee? This fixed fee can either be for drafting new terms and conditions to suit your business or for the review and amendment of any existing terms and conditions that you may already have. At LCF Law we take care of the legal stuff so you can get on with the important things in running your business. Call us now to find out how LCF Law can start helping you and your business. LCF Law no jargon no hidden fees just law fair and square.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with you James! LCF did an excellent job for FGS Services (UK) Ltd, FGS Telecoms Ltd and FGS Power Ltd, ensuring we had all the correct documentation in place and supplier agreements which are sometimes overlooked. I can high recommend James services and the services of LCF.

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