Are you HOLOsexual? / What’s a holo?

my face when someone says they don’t
know what a holo is your regular on my channel you’re probably like where the
hell did her sexual interim go and if you’re not a regular you can just go
ahead and click that subscribe button because there’s no turning back now dance to my in true because I do get
everything in the intro is hollow ok that’s nothing that its get to science
Christine the side and Queen his glasses are fucking well hollow
glass and welcome to a much-needed lesson in simply hollow while all the
pollo pollo alla ecology malo malo malo allergy 101 it has come to my attention
that some of you out there don’t know what all oh is oh my God look at the
know-how and you can worst apparently some of you are confused about your
holosexuality and we can’t have that i’m gonna teach low all about the hollow so
we can come together and share the wisdom and knowledge on this very
important topic got a notepad and a pen yeah well you
don’t need to go through this class ever hear your teacher say that before all
you need is a photographic memory pop quiz how many colors did you just answer is
rain both the answer is hollow as a warning to all please remember to shut
your door lock in earphones in depending on whether young children are present
whatever other mosques you think might be necessary to shield innocent mind for
what you’re about to see from the now horn or could just let them see it educate them about the realities of the
internet you know it’s this thing called harm reduction and have parents would
just do that with their kids internet might actually be a better place for all
ages and get back on topic talk about first of all I am NOT nail polish expert
I mean I’m not a nail polish formula making expert as I did not
professionally study the chemical composition of nail polish and whatever
ingredients go into it to make it magic my experience and nail polish is limited
to personal addiction and maybe you could also count the years I spent
growing up in my father’s auto body shop learned a lot about different cool paint
finishes I was there any way to the disclaimer that it’s totally possible
that aren’t completely wrong about the technical terminology that I may use it
this video least I’m a teacher so here’s the issue
we got a lot of turns in the nail polish community that bloggers and companies
and random people on the internet late around these lines right here they all
bore me so I’m not gonna talk about them might die of boredom or something called
the nail polish dictionary video that was treated by Jesse’s ninety think she
has be sure to check all them out the link
for easier I’m gonna talk about all of these one what do they have in common
they all shiny sparkly shiny and sparkly shiny and sparkly things are better left
to investigate sham marriage so they got shimmering properties all very high and
usually one color of shimmer which is best described as ultrafine ground-up
sparkly it has a smooth texture one on the nail
some might say that shimmer can have iridescent properties depend on the
Polish and some might say it kind of glitches like this no really cold day
and can be by themselves in a clear nail polish or they can have a colored now
follows face polishes are pretty but they’re not
hollow metallic / Chrome users shiny and reflective sort of sometimes chrome nail
polishes market it added you could see your face in it at least that’s how they
presented in the bottle but it almost always not actual you get a locally
grown now more of a brushed metallic medals satin finish italic or chrome
polish might be shiny but it’s not hollow because there are no holographic
particle of the net to make it reflect the rain is literally just shine
multicore it’s like chrome polish it defies the laws of the universe it’s 11
single polished and shift through a whole colors planning on which angle you
look at it in the light and regular office lighting barring the point at all
different angles and the true magic on the so basically just make sure you’re
always doing some creepy matrix lose you can show off that cruise ship in the
automotive industry this kind of finish is often referred to as chameleon paint
in polish line for whatever reason we tend to call it multi cromer do or
chrome not really sure maybe we just didn’t want it to sound like they’re
losers wakey wakey czar ground-up flakes of something the reason they’re not the
same thing of glitter because their edges are usually
asymmetrical jay is shaped like usual wise move on the now usually a lot in
this video I really sound like talking about their two most common benches that
flakey come into their multi chrome translucent color shifting cars just
think of it as if you rip the breaker quarter off 997 Porsche and fruit and a
sweater owner might have to get people to kill you go through because that’s
what translucent me they usually have an Opel like appearance and the colors
sometimes shipped in the late either easily confused with unicorns get this
is unicorns ok let’s get this straight you not be mistaken peeled a translucent
flee kind of look latina car and skin they come in finer and are immersed in liquid probably
unicorn bone marrow yes letter is commonly referred to as the herpes of
arts and crafts but I resent that term because it implies it’s something you
don’t want markle it can be any shape or size of
solid ish material but big enough that you can actually distinguish one piece
of glitter from another piece of glitter it often comes in hexagon to garner
whatever gone shapes blocks side but I’m also seeing her in circles glitter
glitter nail polish is always to spend it in a nail polish faith to make it
liquid and actually nail polish otherwise it would just be loose glitter
glow around his face could be clear or tinted or creamy creamy is just clouds
and glitter and that looks like bark and you just took all the fun out of having
greater ease because you put it in a bath milk and then it got sick and then
it died and now it doesn’t work anymore holographic we have come to the key
topic of discussion finally now upon searching for the term holographic
online icon to many things that confuse me and don’t support at all what I was
going to stay here so we’re just gonna ignore those to be clear I’m not talking
about holograms or hollow graph be like when you see three images of famous dead
or not dead be protected and colors that are concert
tiny sparkly rainbows that was not obvious on my channel at all and I’ve
done a terrible job at teaching today that the best I can describe Paulo is
that it sparkled like a rainbow prism especially when it’s blurred so
everybody get drunk and go look at all of these two polishes look like silver
glitter to you don’t know what if I blurt out all you do the hollow test
this test should really be written into law like the open tests showed up
Canadian studying case law no one out if your next question is so wait are both
of these technically glitter and you’re doing really well I like you are both
glitter but only one of them is hollow glitter and the other is a boring no
good glitter polish that I only bought to show you this example and I’m never
going to use again in many colors there may not be as much
of a rainbow effect on some of the more pigmented colors because the color
itself is just taking over but they are still indeed hollow it some rainbow
actually steal holo glitter color gold glitter black glitter that was a trick
that’s not black gold hollow good faith you learn many things today is black
hole of glitter loose black hollow have yet to find block hello glitter in it polish floor but I will never give up my
search will find you enter confuse things even more not all glitter is
hollow and not all hollow is glitter there are hollow polishes that are much
smoother and don’t have the same glittery texture and they go by to name
one would be too simple hollow polish and then there’s scattered
polish polish is super smooth with very fine holographic particle called linear
because you see the hollow rainbow and merge into distinct flying shape that’s
why they call it home sheik scientists so there you might call
linear hollow hollow genius solution eventually all the house just stick
together super tightly compact girls in the washer motor club they just won’t
separate stick together hollow’s have gathered hollow particles
that are more dispersed like strippers in a strip club they don’t necessarily
stick together in packs that they all stand ok so that was a lot of
information about what happens if you take all these sparkly magical polishes
and throw them together that’s what this is hollow and linear holo holo glitter
this is hollow glittering well boring footage translucent he’s that lady or
hollow either mochi chrome hallowed I know your brain can’t take it anymore
stimulation now let’s play a game because this was an actually school do
work here we have fun but we arguably learn way more wow we’re having fun think I just figured out what school
curriculum should be anyway if the linear hollow good job or not can you spot the
scattered hollow hollow tak the holo glitter with linear hollow in it porno music for the hollows their
knowledge that’s the wrong game and now here’s a bunch of mail Foreign to make
sure that you don’t leave this video uncertain about your holosexuality
tracked you look at the hollow in everyday life she put on your fellow
cars someone please arrest me but still this car knapsack while I was so deprived in
grade school turn this into it for wrapping presents myself some letter things that you
probably don’t you see the hollow forces have been with you from a young age even
close holy shit I just remember this when I was a slut media money like crazy
and even though the Canadian dollars shit right now our money made with
hollow take that america jam in the hollow grams don’t use the name when its
not deserved sometimes at night and animals I can be hollow ok everyone
gather around take away listen to follow isn’t just a nail polish or an
arrangement of colors it’s a way of life even though hollow isn’t technically a
color holosexual in your favorite color is hollow if you’re unsure if something
in front of you with hollow do the hollow test are you seeing magical sparkly rainbows
does it give you some kind of feeling what about in this lower area is the
unicorn with free dirty things in your year you’re probably holosexual welcome
to the club there’s at least 500,000 of us and counting but we are planning on
taking over the world if you come across anyone who says they don’t like hollow
you don’t take their holla phobic crack ok you don’t mean that kind of
negativity in your life get out the door and exit button is over
there I don’t know where it would be and in conclusion I know how long my
children to learn as with all educational learning session I should
have an index or references section but i dont identifying every single nail
polish take me two years so it didn’t put links to all of them below but I did
take some of my personal favorite holiday and a shopper get most of my
house I put the video video video video link the video description box below so now you can go get your shop in
hollow tailed I will eventually he were eventually do a wife the best hallowed
talked over video yes the holotype code is one specific breed of hollow polish
my real life office job keep getting in the way of my holosexual tendencies
unknowing ok so my chair because you’re holosexual if you weren’t already have
not converted you now is that time where you and I follow you by I say hello I’m
video next

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