Arjun Dhanraj with Vidyuth Gargi | Indie Song In D – 2 of 3 | SPOKEN WORD

meher-baan qadar-daan sahibaan bilok ki peshkash Booooool Baby Bol I…aaaamm.. I think..I embarrassed myself there
a little bit.. did. I did no…a little bit.. yaaa…yu…daa I’m not a spoken word person..I’m a musi.. Vidyuth you sing a song..I think that will.. I am not sing Vidytuth..sing sing sing.. I am not…I am bad.. Viduth! VIDYUTH!..Aye…sing a song.. I am not singing a song…dude.. are emberassing OVERLAP: are emberassing.
Dude..I am not singing a song! Shut up! are embarassing daa.. Vidyuth…see…they’re saying..sing! I’m not gonna sing.. You can’t say no to the audience! Just sing…Vidyuth..SING!! Freedom… What…what.. Freedom.. Threesome Believer Come.. ..get some. No Division.. Missionary Position.. Seriously..? They like it. Population.. Nice! Some.. copulation. Religion doesn’t tell you how to live your life.. It doesn’t even tell you.. ..when to make love to your wife Solving all our problems.. ..with violence makes no sense It’s almost as bad as.. ..when you have to pay for sex What are we doing.. ..with our failed humanity? Cuz all we do is.. ..find ways to lose our virginity There’s no sunshine.. when acid rain pours from above and men have no spine.. all because of love and all we have is an.. ..Indie Song in D Nice…I think we’re working.. It’s working right..I mean.. yeah..he can sing?! It’s’s OK.. Vidyuth can sing.. who knew! who knew?! Go macha.. Let’s try again.. Hunger.. Thighs of thunder.. Disaster The bation master.. Invasion.. Masturba.. No no no. What..why? WHY? You just did it! H…how do you know? How do you know? Just…sshh. Nationalism.. A wild… ..orgaaaaaaa…..aaaaazzaaam Recieve all homeless people.. ..with an open door. What? Recieve all homeless people.. ..with an open door. And when you finish first.. must get your wife a dildo. The worldly population.. a rising problem. So when you guys are rising.. must use a condom What are we doing.. ..looking up to entities? When all we do is.. with balls and titties. When there’s no sunshine.. ..make some rain to lift your day. And men have no spines.. only women should be gay. And all we have is an.. Indie song in D it..?! Guitar solo! Woooaaah!! Wait.. Guitar solo. Guitar solo. *BAM BAM BATAPANG* GUITAR SOLO! *YOODLEE DOODEE* *BAM BAM BATAPANG* *TA RA RA RANUM* *DO DO DAUN DO DO DAUN* *LOOSING THE PLOT* Waaaun…guitar solo?!? VOCAL..SOLO.. WHAT? Vocal solo Come on. Nyaaaaaa..hahahahahaaaaaaa… Nice..nice And all we have is.. All we need is All we have is…an Indie song.. All we need is a double D cup An Indie song A double D cup An Indie song A double D cup OVERLAP
All we have is a double D cup in deed
All we have is an Indie Sing in D Thank you guys so much! I love you Raheja Don’t..encrourage Don’t..encrourage this! Why? OK..please. They like it.. Everything you sexual! OK..everything.. WHY?! You’re just so sexual! Thanks Macha So are you. *TALKING OVER EACH OTHER* OK forget that..let’s form a band. Aaa…do you think. Don’t you think..we should form a band. We’d call ourselves.. The BRA-MEN! Get it? D-CUP. See? *OVERLAP*
Double D Cup Again..sexual! Everything has to be bras! Body parts.. OK what about the..SHHH! Raheja Boys?! SHUT UP! Arjun and the teenage boy.. No. Dude. That has brand value Whose brand? My…my band Nobody knows about it. Keep quiet. I have a band called.. by the way I have a band called ‘Arjun and the Teenage Men’. He’s not a part of it.

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