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Arrows Me and my friend Harrybo we were playing Arrows you take the grass that’s got pointed tops you pull one off and you throw it it can glide through the air if it lands on something soft it can
stick in in something like a jumper or your hair We love playing Arrows we found this open window on the wall of the alley by my house We stood back from the window to see who could get an arrow through the window First it was his turn then mine Peeeew Peeeew Peeeew mostly they missed then Peeeew One went in yeah ARROW
We shouted then we carried on Peeeew Peeeew Missing again and again All of a sudden A man appeared in the alley it was the man we called Baldy He came marching up and stood there in front of us he holds out his hand he looked down at it what do you think this is, hey? he shouted we look down there stuck between his fingers was An arrow he told us to clear off and we did later when we sat down round at
Harrybo’s place we talked about how the arrow must have gone whizzing through the window and landed on his hand and we imagined him sitting there and an arrow coming from nowhere weeeeeeeee and just happening to land on his hand wow what a shot and we laughed and laughed then much later Harrybo said I wonder whose arrow it was yours or mine and neither of us knew and neither of us will ever know

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