Art.Is.Natalia. Media poetry. Russian artist Natalia Fedorova.

So, step by step, we make everything that was described in fairy tales possible: The plane is a magic carpet. This phone is also a magic mirror. a-a-a Maybe we are those very first eternal people, And you just need toand we just have to prepare for a very long career prepare for a very long career and to learn so many things. It’s even scary to think that there are no borders at all, that everything is possible. What if the machines wouldn’t have to finish the things we haven’t finished? What would they do? I think, they would write poems. The word “easy” has nothing to do with Petersburg at all. Everything here is complicated; everything is for real. What I’m doing with words is rather language art, than poetry. Media poetry is such an absolutely necessary thing. It is the translation of literature into modernity. That is a way of creating literature by means of all the available technologies: one can write novels in social networks, or use the game’s engine as a world you can populate with characters or decorate with the works of art or to tell a poem a-a-a a-a-a. end of letter o It’s just that I hear some sounds, phrases, narratives and combine them not in syntactic order, but the way I want. It’s a terribly important thing for me. The most serious things should be treated as a game. What interests me most about the character is the way he talks. How he represents himself. It’s like the articulation of the universe,
in order to manage, to conduct the present in the past tense. There are several tracks here. They comprise solar wind, satellite signals, radio communication between Korolev and Gagarin on the day of launch, the War of the Worlds by H. Wells, which the listeners truly perceived as the capture of the Earth by the Martians. You conduct the work this way: you control the noises with your left hand, you control the sounds of conversations with your right hand. We are still quite far from the moment when humans will stop talking, but send an impulse instead, and I will immediately understand what it is about. And how can you lie then? Well, I wanted to be a trolleybus driver. Because it seemed impossible to me that just looking at the city can be someone’s job. And so it seems… The more I stay here the more the city swallows me. It also seems to me that, probably, I am most necessary here. [Abroad] There is a specific request for what you can do being in Russia. You have to talk either about avant-garde or protest movements all the time. But here, in fact, you are building worlds with your bare hands. It is very addictive. [What] if human society was governed by an artificial intelligence, by a being with no material, political and other interests, that acts according to a predetermined justice. [That’s] super.
That would be so great. Game over. It is necessary to talk a lot about contemporary art, contemporary philosophy. About how you can use technology to express ideas. It is absolutely necessary to speak about all of that. I don’t understand why children should study. Children should rather play. It’s the adults who must be studying. Endlessly. Constantly. This is one of my life programs. Everyone should be an artist. At least a little.

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  1. Не очень хорошая идея -сильно тюнинговать звук, так как приходится выслушиваться и многое не понятно. В целом, как всегда отлично)

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