Article 13 – Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet

Hey, it’s Matt from YouTube,
here again to help with your burning questions and theories. This time around, on Article 13,
which not enough creators know about. Let me try to boil it down for you
in a few simple questions that you’ve been asking. First, what is Article 13? It’s a part of a
proposed copyright legislation in the European Union created with the intent
to better protect creativity. It seeks to find effective ways for copyright holders
to protect their content online. We at YouTube support Article 13’s goals and
its aim to help creators and artists succeed. However, the current proposal of Article 13
written by the European Parliament will create large unintended consequences. It threatens hundreds of thousands of creators, artists,
and others employed in the creative economy. So, why should you care? As currently written
by the European Parliament Article 13 could mean
that YouTube is forced to block millions of existing
and new videos in the EU. It could drastically limit the content
that you can upload to YouTube in Europe. This would be especially hard
for creators and artists since many types of videos could be blocked. Those include educational videos,
lots of official music videos fan music covers,
and mash-ups, parodies, and more. So, what would happen with Article 13? The proposed version would eliminate
our existing notice and takedown system. This would make platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,
SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Reddit, and Snapchat liable, at the moment of upload,
for any copyright infringement in uploads from users, creators, and artists. Platforms including YouTube would be forced
to block the majority of uploads given the uncertainty and complexity
of copyright ownership. So what does this mean for me
as a creator/artist in the EU? If you’re in any of the 28 member states,
YouTube and other platforms may have no choice
but to block your existing videos and prevent you from uploading new ones
in the European Union. Unless you can prove that you own everything
in your videos, including visuals and sounds. So, what does this mean for me
as a creator/artist not in the EU? YouTube and other platforms will likely block
your videos, including existing ones to users in the European Union if there’s partial
or disputed copyright information. Is Article 13 approved yet? Back on September 12, the Parliament voted
to move forward with Article 13. However, it’s not yet a law. The language is being drafted and revised
between representatives from 3 key groups— the European Commission,
the European Parliament and the European Council. The language could be finalized
by the end of the year and EU member states
may have up to two years to make the directive into national law. What can I do to help? It’s important that policy-makers hear and see
that real people could be negatively impacted if Article 13 goes into effect
as written by the Parliament. Creators like Phil DeFranco, LeFloid,
and others are already speaking up. Many individuals, companies,
and groups are also speaking out. These include Sir Tim Berners-Lee,
the guy who invented the worldwide web Reddit, Patreon, WordPress, and Medium. It also includes
the European Digital Rights Group and the Internet Archive. That’s why we need you and your fans
to make your voice heard now by making a video about Article 13 by Tweeting about it
with the hashtag #SaveYourInternet and joining the movement
at Please be sure
to visit for more information. Thanks for your time.

100 thoughts on “Article 13 – Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet

  1. Hey everyone, translated captions are now available. Note also the website link needs to be in lowercase to access it:

  2. How is this gonna affect people not in the US, it makes no sense
    All it does is block European videos so who cares?

  3. Too late they didn't listen. Now all the member states will have to ratify the law after which the effect will be felt. The EU is super intransigent. This is a case study in how they work. We are stuck with this law and we don't even get to vote against the architects of it as they are not elected by the citizens but appointed from within their kabal. Please bear in mind this is bigger than just the YT issue, there are thousands of directives coming from the EU that the citizens are powerless to change. Little wonder the UK voted to get out.



  5. this isn’t the only video talking about article 13

    If ya get what I’m sayin

  6. Lawmakers have an absolutely unacceptable lack of understanding with
    modern technology and the internet. Seriously, see the U.S. Congress
    trials for Mark Zuckerburg or Sundar Pichai. Lawmakers are lacking in
    even the most fundamental tech knowledge and I seriously believe that
    all lawmakers – in both the E.U. and the U.S. – MUST be required to have
    at least a basic education in the fields of technology and internet
    infrastructure before being elected. Seriously, why should we trust
    incompetents to make laws and regulations for something they have
    absolutely no understanding of? Why should we trust an Uber driver (who
    has never flown a plane) fly our airplane?

    I highly suggest you
    copy and paste this message and spread the ideas of this message as far
    and wide as you can if you agree with me. Heck, even a like to make
    this message more exposed helps quite a bit. I encourage you all to
    stop these madmen from flying our airplanes into the Pacific.

    -Shadow out

  7. Control of thought / censorship transvestite of anything else …


    The future is scary!

    RIP EU -> future EURAQ

    GO TO THE RIGHT -> Fight the leftist-luciferian-globalist-dictatorship !

  8. why all channel shows cyprus as a eu mamber it's half is member of the eu.

  9. What I do when someone steal my vids and make fun of me and gives me credit

  10. Alright. Let's get a video made

    [insert -crackingKnuckles-meme here]

  11. You motherfuckers from youtube. Just make the deals and pay all the copyright holders and let us keep manging the content of the platform like you always did. You created this movement against article 13 becuse you don't want to pay the rights. Its up to you to pay. We already do enough by publishing here and get little money in return. I totally understand whats europe startegy. They wanna hit you! The giants. And if you will make the comunity pay instead, you are gonba be dead. Peace everybody

  12. Well can someone help me so does it count because I live in Albania so does it count plz help

  13. Let us pass Article 14 which will ban Article 13. If you're in the EU, move out to Asia.

  14. Soon it's a law! :@ The bill has passed and it's awaiting activation. Good bye everyone!

  15. Vote for the favorite VPN : – Or you can also find the VPN that everyone likes the best. Its the best way to choose a VPN, at least after this Article 13 thing went through….

  16. If youtube is banned all the youtubers work will be gone THE YOUTUBERS HARD WORK!

  17. Good job Britain is leaving the E.U
    This is the only good thing about our exit

  18. They want broke all Internet , Russia want North Korean Internet ("cheburnet named )

  19. Article 13 is a copyright law
    Copyright music gone
    Memes gone
    Copyright pictures all gone
    YouTube gone

  20. In a way, i’m for brexit because then we won’t be affected by the law in the european union

  21. Article 13 lol, what are all you youtube money makers going to do?
    Maybe get a real job?
    People think that the uk will be safe, but most major youtube video creators audiences live in Europe, and if the creators do not get views and make money from those people from Europe, they will loose money, if these youtube creators need to make money from people from Europe, they will not get the revenue that they got originally, then they will find the competition too great from other youtube creators that are not in Europe, this means less videos will be created.
    Then over time youtube will die, youtube will be original content only, and memes will die as they are copyright.

  22. Article 13 is all a movement under the European Union because that is where the last world government will come from including the antichrist. They are trying to control everything. This is just the beginning and it will end with the mark of the beast. Don't believe me now just wait and see. This is all under Satan to shut up any of the channels preaching the truth of the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the church.

  23. I grew up with youtube, i can’t imagine my life without it, but sadly this will never be the same, it will be just a good memory… what are we going to do? Can we still do something? if not, at least we can enjoy the remaining time of this beautiful platform, It was good while it lasted… thank you, youtube, thank you for everything…

  24. "Protect copyright."


  25. Anyways, its like a ruined smooshy icecream?

    *laughs and applauses*

  26. my dad thinks article 13 will tighten the youtube's security a bit by 2021, but is he right or wrong?

  27. The question is — WHO WILL HELP THIS ARYICLE 13?! — THEY are the peasants that should be ki**ed!

  28. I won't use word that I really want to right now mood Iam in either ,u doubt you give a f**k though I doubt this even gets read 😁

  29. Why should Youtube follow a policy from the EU? This is America, not the EU.

  30. You guys are already blocking youtubers that you don't agree with. So what difference does it make what the EU makes you do? It will only complement what you are already doing.

  31. Youtube needds to clean up its own act first. I am not about to join a youtube "save our internet" group, when youtube already engages in censorship of free speech, just because some whiner complains about it

  32. Why is the new article 13 video on YouTube have disabled comments? and disabled dislikes? Its almost as if they are up to something. Head my warning, this whole situation isnt gonna turn out like you think. Looks whats already been happening on Youtube for the last 6 months……..

  33. What if we arnt a youtuber tho what will happen to just us Viewers?

  34. Idk if this is just me but …
    *glares at dude*
    F*ck Article 13

  35. Who’s here after article 13 passed??
    the government actually doesn’t know what they’re doing

  36. What is the point of wasting a couple $300 on phones if we can't even use them.

  37. Simply Article 13 means


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