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Article Genie Software – Best Software To Create Unique Content How would you like to tap into the article writing niche and have your fully fledged high Profitable business up and running in a few seconds from now See if you’ve been struggling to make money online. It’s not your fault first. You need to have a great product or service to sell Then you need to hire developers Copywriters and a team to handle it all and lastly if you’re in the wrong niche, no one will buy well we’re about to change all of that from the ground up with a Cost-effective solution that will solve all these problems with a push of a button introducing article genie Article genie is a powerful software that enables anyone with zero experience to launch their very own 100% unique online business in less than 60 seconds from scratch Instantly create premier and unique articles that you can sell for huge profits on sites like Fiverr freelancer up work and many more Imagine being able to write unique articles with the push of a button Articles that you can charge a hefty fee for or to use in your own business insights That’s exactly what article Genie will do for you today First it instantly finds dozens of articles related to your or your client niche Then it rewrites and spins any article you want to make it unique and awesome the way you and your customers will love with copyscape pass guaranteed and everything SEO optimized 3 Finally, it comes with a video to article technology that enables you to take any video URL and turn it into an awesome Article as well. Here’s the bottom line Article Genie gives you all the tools You need to go out there and start an insanely profitable business. That’s Automated on complete 100% autopilot In fact, we’ve got dozens of success stories from people just like you who are already successful Now, it’s your turn here. Let’s take a look at just how powerful article Genie truly is Hey there, it’s your friend 1 here and today we’re gonna do a quick demo video of article Genie and I’m gonna show you how these move great then that content that you can use for your own websites Or you can sound signs like Fiverr freelancer at work and many more. Okay are Cugini is? Truly awesome and you’re gonna see why right now So the first step here is find an article So I go to Google right now and I’m gonna search for how to lose weight and then I can find all this awesome content that I have here that Are getting page when ranking, so I go go click on this one here and I need to do is copy the the entire article or I can cop some parts as well I’m gonna cop some parts just to show you so I will cop this part here and How I need to do is paste here on article genie and click generate and the poem. I have unique content waited for me and how I said you can copy the entire article or Parts of the article and the result will be same. Okay. So now if you are seeing this probably you are asking yourself, but this looks like the exactly same Article, right and basically you can see the changes in the naked eyes But in Google’s eyes and search engine eyes disease a unique content and I mean I will prove you that right now and that’s the magic of Article genie you can create unique content with one. Click with cop scape TNT and Unique content that is very unique in Google’s and search engine eyes. Okay, so I will copy this right here. I Go to cops cape cops skate premium here and then I will paste my text and I will click premium search and Boom, you can see that no results found for the text you paste it. So this is 100% unique content in the search engine eyes, and these is so key Okay, who’s using our premier? technology You can create unlimited Content for your site and also I can tap a keyword here I can type a keyword here if I want to find articles that I can use so For example, if you are on weight loss niche, you just put weight loss and you can find unlimited Content from the art coding software as well. So you can use Google Bing and the article gene itself Finds article articles for you if you want Okay, so you can see the last articles here that that are Gucci you use And you can quickly Select one of these articles and click generate to create unique content immediately. Okay now you were seeing these boxes here HTML encoding Output as spin tags and only on stop words, right? If you click only on stop words will change only the stop words of the article Okay, we change only the stop words of the article if you put output as spintax You will see the spin tags and you can put these in a spinner that supports spin tags, and if you click HTML encoding you can see these changes that are our Software is doing on the background to create the unique content for you So I will choose this article here right now and I will click generate and boom I have another another article that is 100% unique, okay There more one thing Arco gene equates articles from Vidal as well. So you can grab a quick youtube link and Just paste here on the software. I Will paste here and I will click here and boom I have a unique content created from the video and then I can click generate here and boom It’s more unique than ever. Okay, so that’s right cool create content articles as well How awesome is that? Also, I have a wordpress poster so I can insert a youtube link or a keyword like weight loss and then I add my blog Here and I’ll add Our coaching post on my site Automatically automatically, ok, so imagine how time-saving is that? Also, you can connect your cup scape. So if you Have a cup scape account you can quickly connect your account here and then you can check cop scape with one click inside of our code, Jeannie You can add In our words and stop words here to change and that’s if okay Also for those who will be selling articles with our code, Jeannie, of course You will want to do some changes in the naked eyes as well. So for that reason we are adding as A bonus here the turrible spinner app that we write any content with one click So are you ready to have your own fully fledged online business finally prospering and flourishing? Click the Buy Now button right below and get it running right now

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