Ashbel Smith – Poetry Month using PicLits

Teacher – Way to go with the capitalization, “These” What was it that you wrote? I really like the way Gonzalo is adding words to give me that picture in my head. In addition, even though we see the picture already but i like the way he added “These cute furry dogs” gave me two words cute and furry Sounds good. Did you see the way he way patiently managed to scroll up and then he looked at the words, right? What word did you forget? Student – So. Teacher – Ok well, you can come you can come back and Editing & Revising. See? See what happens when you edit and revise? You catch your own mistakes Can you read it for me? Student – These cute furry dogs are foolishly playing so rough. Teacher – Ok, Marcos is going to show how he did his freestyle. He clicked on the Freestyle. Will you read it for me Marcos? Student – The small cute dogs love to play rough because they like to pretend they are the toughest dogs in the world. Teacher – That was very good Marcos. Look go back and read. Edit and revise guys. Always remember to go back and read what you are writing to see if it makes sense.

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