Aşk Şiiri – Özgür İşkar (Love Poem)

Love… In difficult mountains, Sprouting on pathways … Like a flower, Natural, sincere and … Must be hard to reach. Or where and when… Not knowing that you will come, It should come unannounced. Like an intruder
Just like that … He shouldn’t go again. Because if he goes …
You know … He’il take your heart with you! No harm,
You think that heart was hers, but … You can’t get used to it. Just like a knife wound Always a fresh strain
A non-closing heartache … Well despite all the difficulties
If he doesn’t leave, If his eyes disappear in his eyes… If the mouth of the mouth gives paradise, Here is LOVE … Then it’s LOVE… Author & Voiceover: Özgür İşkar

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