31 thoughts on “ASL Poem – To A Hearing Mother

  1. Ella, beautiful poem! I always love to watch you sign. I have all the Signing Naturally series books. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes I am sure that you are doing well. You are doing really amazing beautiful job. Thank you for your progress in the show. Okay.

  3. As I point out to my hearing friends, the importance of visual expressions, non verbal communication, to the ASL language. Just like hearing people use inflections speaking high & low notes for asking questions, and give life to their language we use non verbal communication to give life to ASL. Love your expressions and pauses/shrugs to give life to your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love, watching you signing…I was one of your students at Vista College in Berkeley Ca. I was remembering you and talking about you and how brilliant you were, I decided to google your name and found your videos! My name is Alice Englisbee , I think you haven’t changed much either just more snow on your roof now 😉, I was your student in 1997. Beautiful poems….

  5. The message of the poem is great for the community and the prosperity of a culture. However, from a hearing perspective I feel that there is a strong presence of intolerance among the deaf community that resonates throughout this poem. Intolerance that undermines the acceptance of the hearing community and pushes the two worlds apart. My advice to the Deaf Community is that by releasing old world ideologies of hearing intolerance you will soon allow for the combination of greatness through the bilingualism of culture.

  6. Im watching this for my ASL 3 course for my reflection paper thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you Ella. Many years ago I took ASL with you and attended a poetry reading by you. I was unable to complete the course as I became ill with cancer. You were such an influence on my life.

  8. Ella, I love it. Many beg me to do again & again to the different groups in Hawaii since 1995. Many told me that my ASL style is as similar as yours. I will do for Family Learns Vacation this weekend. Thank you for a permission to use your beautiful ASL POEM.

  9. I first saw you do this poem when it was recorded for Signing Naturally. I cried. I still cry, it is so beautiful. Thank you for all you've done!

  10. So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart

  11. You are like champagne and caviar for my eyes. This poem, and the poet, are amazing.

  12. how are you doing ? i want see you now i am very happy with u now i am deaf now

  13. <3 SOOO beautiful..true… You have been there from the beginning of my learning ASL…thank you for sharing and your passion. <3

  14. I have watched this poem many times, especially being an ASL student and I loved it the first time I saw it and I love the poem just as much every time I watch her sign it. Very educational poem and informational as well. I need to brush up on my visual processing skills though cuz I missed a few of the f/s words in the beginning.

  15. My heart is mushy and in love. My mom and dad are hearing and don't understand this poem. I always told them to send me to WSD in Vancover, but I go to Anacortes High School… It's a hearing high school. I m in the DHH(Deaf and Hard of Hearing) program.

  16. Since I was a hard of hearing kid in high school, you have inspired me. Beauty, power, and grace always has combined with that sense of commitment, bonding to people in Deaf Signs, within your poetry.. Your gentle power more moving than others with their angry words. I love poetry in English, you moved my soul to love poetry in Signs as a much more dynamic medium. My hope is that this poem WILL reach that mother of a Deaf child, to fully love and embrace diversity.

  17. Ella, I love this!! So beautiful. I will share it with our Poetry Night in Hungary… and it will also be presented in Hungarian Sign.

  18. At the same time I feel sick to my stomach. Now learning how many hearing parents isolate their children and deny them of communication for their own needs. Gosh I wish I could take a break from all the learning.

  19. I recently decided to go to college to learn ASL and interpret and its not what I expected. I was raised not to offend people and Im going into a culture that hearing people constantly offend. I decided this path because someone gave me a "signing for babies" book and I was interested. But now it's just like "what am I doing this for?" Just the money? Can I build relationship with someone who's culture will never fully accept me? I'm not giving up but I have no idea what I'm getting into.

  20. hahah nevermind. I didn't see that there was a second part with subtitles!

  21. I just started learning ASL so I can't understand every sign that is made..it said that it had subtitles but none are showing up.

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