[ASMR] Miss Bell Teaches A Lesson On Poems (Fall Asleep In Class)

hello welcome back to miss Belle's classroom I'm so glad that you could join me for our reading class today don't forget to enroll in my classroom by clicking the subscribe button so today in class we will be reading poems and then working on our comprehension of poems today so I'm going to read us the first poem I hope that you enjoy them they're fun poems so the first poem is called new hairstyle I got a new hairstyle it stacks up in a nice neat pile there's curls and bows and hot pink what a girl i am i start to think my grin is wide and confident 500 bucks was well spent my hair is tall and glorious my hairstyles victorious i may be featured in a fashion magazine or put out on a great big flag i got a new hairstyle i am so happy i can't help but to smile raise your hand if you like that poem question here how does the main character feel about her hair yes okay so you think she feels very happy about her hair okay Matt makes you think that she feels happy about her hair okay because it said that she had a fake grin good very good how else does she feel hmm confident okay and why do you think that she feels confident okay because it said that she was going to be in a fashion magazine very good narrator when their radars the person who would tell us the story the narrator the narrator says she is confident what does it mean to be confident mm-hmm okay so it means that you feel good about yourself what else would you say it means okay so you like yourself okay okay so if you were to draw a picture of the narrator's here what are some things that you might add in hmm pink bows good what else might you that curls ain't good anything else you would make it really tall good anything else no okay all right we're going to do another one now all right so for this home I'm actually going to write down the questions that way you can be listening for those answers so this poem that we're going to read next is called bright so I'm going to go ahead and write down the questions gonna rain him a little bit smaller so I can fit them all so just raise your hand if you're having difficulty seeing them what is surprising about what the narrator is afraid of their first question we're going to look for heart is scared something you are scared of so we're gonna go ahead and read this poem it's called freight and I'm gonna be looking for the answers are listening for the answers of these three okay great great I laugh in the face of danger I chuckle at the foes i short toll when I see a dragon nipping at my toes I giggle at a vampire staring back at me I once even asked a ghost if he'd like some tea spiders are witty snakes and sharks pretty big cats rats and bats I like them too the only thing I'm scared of is you remember one what is surprising about what the narrator is afraid of is that surprising good so you were saying that new reader isn't afraid of danger our dragons are vampires or ghosts or spiders or snakes big cats rats and bats things that most people may be afraid of and what was the narrator afraid of you yeah so the narrator was afraid of you or a human reading this very good number two the poem says I Charl when I see a dragon what does chortle meet so I'm gonna read the first few sentences before that sentence comes and then I'm going to also read the next sentence next few sentences after so we can kind of guess these are clues to help us figure out what this or needs I laugh in the face of danger I chuckle at the foes Shortell when I see a dragon nipping at my toes I giggle at a vampire so what does the narrator do when he or she is in danger laughs okay and what does iñárritu do to the foes mm-hmm chuckle and what does the narrator do when he sees her she sees a dragon charnel okay so what do we think that word might mean if didn't you read her laughs at danger chuckles at foes chortles at a dragon and then also the narrator giggles not vampires do you think it might mean laughs okay good yeah because when the narrator sees danger he or she laughs raped and Dragons usually would mean that you are in danger very good okay last question what is something you are scared of anything from this passage that you're scared of or anything that you're scared of outside of this passage uh-huh okay you're scared of the dark scared of paints spiders hmm snakes you're also scared of ghosts you're scared of snakes – sharks so same thing is last I'm going to write down the questions up here and then we will read the poem together and then won't answer them together can't say just count the Box these are the questions we're going to answer okay so I'm going to read this now and for answers I'm listening for you that's right here okay the box inside the box are lines and rules out inside the box our thinkers and fools in sight the box are boring boys and girls out side the box our colors and swirls in magic ideas that change the world inside the box is old in the same out side the box as fresh and untamed in science the box it's quite lame out sign the box is always a game in sight the box is black and white out snipe the box is shiny and bright in side the box our ideas not new out sight the box there's lots to do are you outside or inside in or out do you know what I'm talking about number one is what an artist be found inside outside the box do you think you think outside and why do you think outside the box okay because seeing that there are thinkers outside the box so do you think an artist is a thinker okay good and then my housemate an artist outside the box hmm okay because his magical ideas and colors and swirls and you know that artists draw colors in this world okay good okay so what are some things you would put in inside the box inside the box mm-hmm okay see it would make like a list of rules that's a good idea just leave it clean no ideas okay hmm you would draw lines because you wanted to be boring okay and just lame okay you would leave it black and white God mm-hmm it's right like right like a little note that says old on it okay so what are some things you would put out side the box make a Pinker like Albert insane okay that's good mm-hmm would make it very colorful good anything else you would do the swirls good like a little light bump or I think bubble you would do but anything else yeah that's a really good idea thank you or coming to our reading lesson today I hope you enjoyed reading the poems and being able to relax good night

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  1. I am 100% sure had you been one my teachers growing up, you would have been very memorable and one of my favourites. I had teachers that remind me of your teaching style and I remember them the most.

    Great video. Love your content! 🙂

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    Your voice is velvet
    Your voice is Honey
    Your voice is soft
    Like a cute little bunny.

    When you speak i get the tingles.
    I need you, like the fat kid need pringles.

  4. Can't for our class to grow up and for the teacher to become a little more libidinous

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  15. Delighted you are covering Poetry. Really enjoyed this. Thank you.

  16. Poems, everybody! 
    The lad recons himself a poet!

    Money, get back, I'm alright Jack, keep your hands off my stack.

    New car, caviar, four star day dream, I think I'll buy me a football team

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  20. My earliest experiences of asmr were in the classrooom, while writing tests, or observing others concentrate. I’d b looking around wondering if I was the only one. I think it’s part of why I like your channel so much

  21. Once I fell asleep in class because my teacher was reading the book we were studying out loud to us (seriously, that man should've had an ASMR channel I swear). When he noticed and woke me up he just asked in a joking way if he was 'really that boring'. Man I loved english class XD

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