[ASMR Poetry] Canto III of Don Juan by Lord Byron (2 of 2)

hi this is trip continuing to get better
and better after my getting out of the hospital last week I was reading from I
work down won by Lord Byron the great English writer he went to Greece and
spent time there and help them in their war of independence I read about half of
them up that part that canto three last week that was to continue was it this
way it was too long to read it off all the ones I wanted to break it up into
two parts so um I’ll continue with that today the last thing I read last week was I’ll
start one verse before for continuity sake Phil hi the bow with sunny and wine
think of themes like these it made an a Korean song defined he served assert
Polycrates a tyrant but under a masters then we’re still at
least our countrymen now continue this week the tyrant of the show Aziz was
freedom’s best and bravest friend that tyrant was meltia teased oh that the
present hour would lend another despot of the kind such chains as his were sure
to bind field high the bow with simian wine as ulis rogue and parkas sure
exists the remnant of a line such as the dork mothers bore and there perhaps some
seed is sown directly didn’t blood my tongue trust not for freedom to the
Franks they have a king who buys them cells in native swords and native ranks
the only hope of courage dwells but Turkish force and Latin fraud would
break your shield however broad till high the bow with sunny and wine sunny
and white our virgins dance beneath the shade I see their glorious black eyes
shine but gazing on each glowing made my own the burning
tear dropping leaves to think such bris miss suckle slaves place me on the scene
iums marble to steep we’re nothing to save the waves and die me here our
mutual murmurs sweep there’s one like let me sing and die
a land of slaves shall never be mine – down yon cup of simian wine the Sun or
wood or could or should have self the modern Greek intolerable thirst if not
like Orpheus quiet when Greece was young yet in these times he might have done
much wars his strain displayed some feeling right or wrong in feeling in a
poet is the source of others feeling but there are such liars and take all
colours like the hands of divers but words are things and a small drop of ink
falling like do upon a thought produces that which makes thousands perhaps
millions think too strange the shortest litter which man uses instead of speech
may form a lasting length of ages – what straits oh time reduces the frail man
when paper even a rag like this survives himself is tuned and all that’s his and
his bones are dust his grave a blank his station generation even his nation
become a thing or nothing saved to rank in chronological commemoration some
dough ms oblivion law has sank our grave and stone found in a barracks station in
digging the foundation of a closet may turn his name up as a rare deposit and
glory long has made the sages smile to something nothing
words delusion wind depending more upon historians style than other name a
person leaves behind troy pose to homer that which owes to Hoyle the present
century was growing blind to the great Marberry skill in giving knocks until
his later life by Archdeacon Cox Milton’s the Prince of poets so we say a
little heavy but no less divine and independent being in his day learned
pious temperate in love and fine bet his life falling into Johnson way we’re told
this great high priest of all the nine was whipped at college a harsh sire hard
spouse for the first muses in Dalton left his house all these are assertive
entertaining facts like Shakespeare’s stealing dear Lord Bacon’s and bribes like Titus youth and Cesar’s earliest
acts like burns I’m dr. Kerry will describes
like Cromwell’s pranks but all the truth execs these amiable description from the
scribes that’s most essential to the hero’s story they do not much contribute
to his glory ho are not moralists like said II when he prayed into the world of
Penta Sacre see our Wordsworth an excised and hired who then seasoned his
peddler poems with democracy or Coleridge long before his flighty pin
left to the Morning Post its aristocracy when he is Sethi following the same path
espoused to partners milliner’s of death such names at present cut a conduct
figure the very botany bay in moral geography they’re loyal treason Renegado
pretty good orchid manure furthermore their biography Wordsworth lasts for toe
by the way is bigger than any sense the birthday of topography that drowsy
frowzy poem called the excursion written a
manner which is my aversion he there built up a formula bull-dyke
between his own and others intellect but warhorse poem and his followers like
joanna south codes shiloh and her sect are things which in this century don’t
strike the public mind so few are the elect and a new births of both they’re
stale virginity’s have proved the dropsies taken four divinities but let
me to my story I must own if I have any fault it is digression leading like
people to proceed alone while I civil acquires beyond expression but these are
my addresses from the throne which put off business to the ensuing session
forgetting each omission is a loss to the world not quite so great as Ariosto and that is the end of canto 3 Byron
Dinah – that is the overall work by the way do not be afraid to read poetry a
lot of them in the old or words and poems are kind of archaic the old
writings I choose those because there shouldn’t be any kind of a copyright
issue there’s poet sir and writers are long
dead there’s no doubt I made a lot of mistakes when I was reading that I just
wanted to read it though this is not English course and don’t be intimidated
don’t be afraid to read poetry and stories and get into the antiquity of it
and the beauty you know pop songs are written and will be forgotten
including a mustard is from my ear growing up there work like this will
last forever not saying the Beatles won’t last forever their work of course
will it goes into music so hope you enjoy that and I enjoyed
reading it this is trip and I hope you’ll subscribe like the video and ring
to build be notified further videos peace out

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