[ASMR Poetry] – Phantom of Delight

hi it’s trip after having a very nice
day where you are here is the sunny beautiful Pleasant
kind of a warm day but even if it’s a cold miserable ugly rainy day we can
still make the best of things I hope worthy or it’s a very nice pretty
day and if it’s not I still hope you’re making the best of everything I’m going
to read the day for William Wordsworth another one of the two great English
writers a great English poet he was born in 1770 he was born in Cumberland which
is in the English Lake Country beautiful part of England weren’t less beautiful
places in the world I think educated as st. John’s College which of courses at
Cambridge his first books were not really very successful his first works
really didn’t go very far his great work was called the Prelude that’s what
really made him better known it was an autobiographical record of sorts
then later poems contains some of his best work in the later years he didn’t
really produce all that much great work but this is one thing will be left is
which I think with one of the best things he had burrowed in my glasses
again the tech we had to we were forced at
gunpoint and in college to to study this one william wordsworth she was a phantom of
delight she was a phantom of delight when her as she gleaned by my side a
lovely apparition sent to be a moment’s ornament her eyes as stars of Twilight
Fair like Twilight’s to her dusky hair but all things else about her drawn from
a time and the cheerful dawn a dancing shape in image gay to heart to startle
and wail a I saw her upon new review a spirit yet a woman to her household
motions light and free in steps at virgin Liberty a countenance in which
did meet sweet records promises a sweet creature not too bright or good for
human nature’s daily food for transience auras simple whiles praise blame love
kisses tears and smiles and now I see with eyes serene the very pulse of the
Machine of being breathing a thoughtful breath a traveler between life and death
the reason firm the temperate will endurance foresight strength and skill a
perfect woman nobly planned to warm to comfort in
command and yet a spirit still and bright with something of angelic light
this was William Wordsworth Wordsworth is my the greatest of English riders she
was a phantom of delight written I gotta someone special or just an abstract
perfect woman what do you think I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel feel free
to comment about the pill in or anything else in your mind share it with others
and I hope you like my videos click down there where it says like I don’t
appreciate that and I hope you have a a bright sunny day or the best day that
you can have this is trip

55 thoughts on “[ASMR Poetry] – Phantom of Delight

  1. Nice to see you back! I wish you a very nice day too! And thx for the reading.

  2. i like it a lot! I think it you have such a calm, and nice reading voice, and i think its really good!

  3. I fell asleep at the beginning..

    Finally, high-quality ASMR! Keep up the good work, Trippe!

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  5. Very relaxing video for tonight. Thanks for blessing us with your ability to help us sleep. And 1.5k subscribers in a week! Your growing fast

  6. Are You Planning On Buying A Mic ? Not That You Need One Really, But Your Voice Would Come Off More Smoothly & Your Whispers Would Come Off Stronger(:
    Just A Thought Great Video By The Way!

  7. Aw, the milestone videos streak ended lol. Keep up the good work Trippe! Don't even think about deleting your channel after a month and making us wonder where you went. 🙂

  8. Hello Trippe, I watched all of your videos and need to say that I really adore your work and your peaceful attitude. This poem is such a beautiful piece of art, like author was trying to catch the nature of human spirit into words (which I guess is almost elusive) and succeeded. Your calm voice fits really well into dreamy mood of this poem, I find it really relaxing. Would love to hear more of your interpretations of poetry.
    I hope you enjoy making this channel as much as we watching it 🙂 thank you very much what what you're doing.
    PS and btw, green shirt fitted into the composition pretty well 🙂

  9. My best friend and I recently came across your channel all the way from the Netherlands ❤️ You are an inspiration to us as we want to start our own channel! Love your voice!

  10. This is so nice and soothing! I don't get how none of my friends (except one) like ASMR…

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    P.s. I love the shirt it really suits you!

  14. It’s such a great idea to read poetry for ASMR. I love your videos!

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  18. I think it was about both, an abstract perfect woman but also maybe someone special, as when we view people that are special to us they seem perfect in our eyes

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  20. So good
    My only complaint is that they need to be longer! Maybe do a lot of these small videos then make a compilation afterwards? I love that you describe the poet also please do videos like this again

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  32. This is so good and I am glad you are doing this! Keep up the good work!

  33. Great video! I love the poetry of William Wordsworth as well. Cheers I am also a new ASMRtist!

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