[ASMR POETRY] Sonnet 18

hi my name is Tripp I’ve been told so
long I had a really soft voice people used to fall asleep in my meetings I
give a briefing it was probably a combination of the subject matter
boring accounting and also my my demeanor and my speech of course I don’t
speak this quietly and it’s real life and neither do any of their folks on the
ASMR channels speak that way either in regular life
it just goes along with the philosophy in the practice of ASMR most of the ASMR
folks out there were females attracted to emails there are a few guys I think
I’m possibly though I’ve never seen anybody as old as I am to be honest with
you he’s as old as I am he’s trying to to run an ASMR channel I have trouble
sleeping too so I’ve tried to disengage myself from Sanada some of these
stimulation and the social media the radio and TV there’s so much bad news in
the world I’m a warrior too which goes along MIDI
with the sleep I suppose now do come late to this ASMR they didn’t like their
people who’ve had channels out there for many years and they’re so good at it but
this is just something that I that I want to do a little bit here a quick
note about me I’m 67 I I retired three years ago after nearly dying in a car
wreck a really bad car wreck I couldn’t even know for four weeks
but I seem to nicely come through that I guess I grew up on a farm I I played in
in top 40 and and pot bands for many years in my life a couple years full
time and then time for many years as well traveled a
lot I backpacked across Western Europe twice before the before the Berlin Wall
came down so you couldn’t go to East Eastern Europe very well I’ve been
around the USA and Canada on the train been to South America so I’m here to
social media I don’t know anything much about Twitter and Facebook any of that
stuff if I’m learning and I’m sure you can see that I have a lot to learn this
is my first is it yet I’m really kind of a shy person a little bit nervous I
suppose you know what to bring some nice readings to you and hopefully they’ll
have a calming effect on you and improve your life in some way I’ll try not to
make really long videos either I’m not really good enough at that at this point
too to do that I need my glasses I’m gonna
read a dog I’m gonna read a sonnet from Shakespeare William Shakespeare
Shakespeare was born in 1564 in stratford-on-avon which is a beautiful
part of England from the movies I’ve seen I’ve only been to London in Norwich
as far as England goes I’d love to go to the lake country though anyway
Shakespeare joined a theatrical company the Lord Chamberlain’s company in London
he became a well known actor in a play ride as we all know he was in 1593
published his poem Venus and Adonis and that established his reputation as a
poet he went on to write so many great works and in English
he was the greatest probably the greatest in English language Romeo and
Julia stab established him as a as a play ride when you read
that gray gorg he also Hamlet King Lear Macbeth Antony and Cleopatra as many of
us know SIA here’s a short reading a short sonnet it’s named very simply
sonnet 18 William Shakespeare shall I compare thee to a summers day thou art
more lovely and more temperate rough winds do shake the Darling Buds of May
and summers lease hath all too short the date sometime too hot the eye of heaven
shines and often is his gold complexion dimmed and every fair from fair
sometimes declines by chance or nature’s changing course untrimmed that that
eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou owest nor
shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade when in eternal lines to time thou
grow’st so long as men can breathe where eyes can see so long lives this and this
gives life to thee that’s just beautiful I was forced to learn that in college
I’m sure many of you are I’ve also had an encounter with it somewhere in the
school high school or college anyway I’ve gone on enough here this is trip
and I hope that you will subscribe to my channel please feel free to comment
especially about this poem this beautiful sonnet hope you all liked my
video and please feel free to share it and I did you the best peace be with you

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