[ASMR Poetry] The Pied Piper of Hamelin (soft spoken)

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videos I’m gonna be reading today from the Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert
Browning this is based on a legend that goes back to the Middle Ages where there
was a piper that came to the town of Hamelin dressed in very bright colors
and with his magical pipes and pipe and he took a contract with the town to get
rid of the rats there were a lot of rats and of course this was during the time
of you at the Great Plague finally he did get rid of the rats but the town
refused to pay him or they had said they would so to get the best punishment he
played the pipes again and got rid of all the children most of the children in
the town that’s the legend and there are other versions of this say that the
children were taken to Transylvania something really did happen but nobody
knows exactly what it was if something real in real life inspired this this
legend in this poem some people say that he led the children he piped the
children to the river they went into the river and they all drowned just like he
did with the rats and to this day there’s a street there in Hamlin Hamlin
in Germany it’s called a von callosum strasse and at this time it is against
the law to to dance or to play music on this street
no one does what happened to these children that there are Street there are
place names stretching from western Germany from the area of Hamlin all the
way to Poland and there are names of families that that were recorded in
Poland back in the in the 12th century they’re the same names of showing up all
the way across eastern Germany into Poland and local published telephone
books list of names that are not polish at all but have the same names as some
of those German families that live to the time to this legend was supposed to
have started so I’m gonna read excerpts from this is quite a long time I don’t
want to burden you with all of that the Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning Hamelin towns in Brunswick by famous
honover City the river Weser deep and wide washes his walls on the southern
side the pleasanter spot she never spied but when begins my ditty almost 500
years ago to see the town folk suffer so from vermin was a pity rats they fought
the dogs and killed the cats and bit the babies in the cradles and ate the cheese
out of the vets and licked the soup from the cooks out ladles split open the kegs
of salted spreads main nests inside men’s Sunday hats and even spoiled the
woman’s chance by drowning there speaking with shrieking and squeaking in
50 different sharps and flats so finally the people to make this poem shorter
I’ll tell you what happened in between so the people at the town went to the
town hall and they complained to the to the Burgermeister that is the mayor
and the City Council which they call here in the Pelham the corporation come
in the mayor cried looking bigger and ended the in to come the strangest
figure his career long coat from heel to head was half of yellow and half of red
and he himself was tall and thin with sharp blue eyes each like a pin and lied
to loose hair yet swarthy skin no tuft on cheek nor beard on chin but lips were
smiles went out in in there was no guessing his kith and kin and nobody
could enough admire the tall man in his quaint attire
clothe the one it says my grade to grandsire starting up at the Trump of
the tune up games town had walked it this way from his painted tombstone so
you see they interviewed the piper so they made a deal with the piper the
Packer said if I can read your town of France would you give me a thousand
guilders and the people replied one thousand fifty thousand was the
exclamation of the astonished mayor in corporation corporation means that the
Town Council into the streets the piper stepped smiling first a little smile as
if he knew what magic slept in his cried his quiet pipe and the while then like a
musical adept to blur the pipe his lips he wrinkled and green and blue his sharp
eyes twinkled like a candle flame for salt is sprinkled and here three shrill
edged the pipe uttered you heard it as if an army murdered
and the lettering grew to a crumbling and the grumbling grew to a mighty
rumbling as out of the houses the rats came tumblin great rats small rats lean
Reds brawny rats brown rats black rats gray rats
tawny rats grave old plotters gay young Frisco’s fathers and mothers uncles
cousins cocking tails and prickling whispers families by pink by tims and
dozens brothers sisters husbands wives followed the piper for their lives from
street to street he piped advancing and step for step they follow dancing until
they came to the river Eliza were in all plunged and perished though he goes on
here and the people were very happy and they were celebrating that all the rats
were gone you see so down the piper goes in to request the payment the thousand
guilders and here’s what the mayor replied to the piper our business was
done at the rivers break we saw with our eyes the vermin sink
you know what’s dead can’t come to life I think so friend
we’re not the folks to shrink from the duty of giving you something to drink
and a matter of money to put in your poke but as for the guilders while we
spoke them as you very well know wasn’t joke besides our losses have made us
thrifty a thousand guilders no come take 50 so the town revenged on it she promised
to the to the Pied Piper to get rid of the rats so here’s what the piper did
and once more he stepped into the street and to his lips again laid his long pipe
of smooth straight cane and here he blew three notes there was a wrestling and
seemed like a bustling of merry crowds jessalyn at pitching and hustling small
feet were pattering wooden shoes clattering little hands clapping and
little tongues chattering and like fowls in a farmyard when barley is scattering
came out the children running all the little boys and girls with rosy cheeks
and flex and curls sparkling eyes and teeth like pearls tripping and skipping
ran merrily after the wonderful music was shouting and laughter so the two of
the piper let the children away he led them to according that Pogues led them
to a mountain and here’s what happened next when leverage they reached the
mountainside the wondrous portal opened wide as if a cavern was suddenly
hollered and the piper advanced and the children followed it when all were in to
the very last the door to the mountainside shut fast so this point the
children all disappeared where do you suppose again where do they where did
they go this is toward the end of the Pelham the
children never seen again and on the great church window painted
the same to make the world acquainted how their children were stolen away and
there it stands to this very day and I must not omit to say but in Transylvania
there’s a tribe of alien people to ascribe the outlandish ways in dress on
which their neighbors lay such stress to their fathers and mothers having risen
out of some subterranean prison into which they were trespassed long time ago
in a mighty land in a mighty band out of Hamelin town in Brunswick’s land but how
or why they don’t understand so Willie that you and me be wipers of scores out
with a men especially pipers in wind a Piper’s free from rats
or from lice if we promised them odd let us keep I promise I apologize for some
of the words in here very difficult their antiquity and people no longer
speak that way it doesn’t go in quite a bit and I gave you that the highlights
and tried to tell this story quickly so you won’t turn off my video or fall
asleep if you haven’t already this is true how killer subscribe share my
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27 thoughts on “[ASMR Poetry] The Pied Piper of Hamelin (soft spoken)

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