21 thoughts on “[ASMR POETRY] – The Wind in a Frolic

  1. Love your channel, the only ASMR channel I subscribe to. You have the perfect soft voice for poetry. Love the thunder storms in the background perfect day thank you

  2. Trippe, that was beautiful. I enjoyed that so much! It's storming at my house too and i also have my window open, listening to the wind, thunder, and birds happily singing in the rain💙

  3. This was amazing as per usual. And once again looking mighty fine. Have a great day!

  4. I really like your glasses! great reading! Really nice relaxation 😀

  5. You must live in Georgia because at the same time it was raining at my house

  6. beautiful stuff! and look at that resolution. you’re already on your way to pro Trippe 💞

  7. I’m a big fan of poetry, so I loved this. 🙂 Another fantastic video! Those outdoor sounds are so wonderful, too. They just add to the relaxation!

  8. I enjoy the storms, it was storming here too (I live in Alabama) and it was quite soothing too. The tapping rhythm was quite nice in itself too which also put me in a quick sleep until I got woke up by the next videos ad. Such a beautiful poem as well. Thank you so much for the relaxation. I hope all of well with you too!

  9. The clock is so distracting from your soft voice …other than that i was pleased again especially the storm sounds..

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