[ASMR Poetry] Two in the Campagna by Robert Browning

hi this is trip I’m reading today from
Robert Browning he was one of the great Victorian poets and he was self-taught
through travel and reading when he published men and women in 1855 he
became one of the most widely read poets of his time and the Andrea del Sarto
written later was an early example of his master his mastery of the dramatic
monologue the Campania is an area near Rome it was once very fertile farmland
but by the time the poet wrote this it had declined substantially
as you and look that in the poet itself he also notes Rome’s decline from Empire
he talks in the poem about how he wants to become one with his love he wants to
see things through his eyes and have the same heartbeat to be completely unified
in her but he knows that life like poetry has its limits and he knows it’s
never going to be so here is Robert Browning’s – in the Campania I wonder do
you feel today as I have felt since hand in hand we sat down on the grass to
stray in spirit better through the land this morn of Rome in may for me I
touched the thought I know has tantalize me many times like turns of thread the
spiders throw mocking across our path for rhymes to catch add and let go help
me to hold it first it left the yellowing fennel renta seed they’re
branching from the brickworks cleft some old homes ruined yonder we’d to cut
the flooding left where one small orange cup amassed five beetles blind and green
they groped among the honey miel and last everywhere on the grassy slope I
traced it hold it fast the champagne with his endless fleece a feather egress
is everywhere silence and passion joy and peace and everlasting wash of air
Rome’s ghost since her decease such a live here through such a length that
lengths of hours such miracles performed in play such primal naked forms of
flowers such a letting nature have her way while heaven looks from its towers I’ll say you let us Oh mind of let us be
then ashamed of soul as earth lies there to heaven above how is it under our
control to love or not to love I would that you
were all to me you that are just so much no more nor yours nor mine nor slave nor
free where does the fall to lie what the core the wound
since woman must be I would I could adopt your will see with your eyes and
set my heart beating by yours and drank my field enter so Springs your part my
part in life for good and you know I hear an upward touch you close them
stand away I kiss your cheek catch your souls warmed I plucked the rose and
loved it more than tone can speak then the good men it goes already how am I so
far out of that minute lest I go still like that this will ball
no bar honored whatever light winds blow fixed by no friendly star just when I
seemed about to learn where is the thread now off again the old rig only I
discern infinite passion and the pain up in a finite hearts that yearn I hope
you’ve enjoyed that reading you might find it some piece of relaxation in your
day or maybe the end of your day I hope you were subscribed to my channel please
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  1. I loved this one!! I think it could be really cool to make these longer and maybe tap on the pages too. 😊

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