ASMR – Soft Reading poems in German

I was walking In the wood alone, And intended To look for nothing. In the shade I saw A little flower growing Gleaming like stars, Lovely as eyes. I was going to pick it, When gently it said: Must I be picked To wilt and die? I dug it out With all its roots. Took it to the garden Of my pretty home. And planted it again In a quiet corner; Where still it grows And continues to bloom. Heart, my heart, what can this mean? What is it that besets you so? What a strange and new existence! I do not know you any more. Fled is all you used to love, Fled is all that used to grieve you, Fled your work and peace of mind – Ah, how can this have come about! Does the bloom of youth ensnare you, This dear figure full of charm, These eyes so kind and faithful With inexorable power? When I try to hasten from her, Control myself, escape her, In a moment I am led, Ah, back to her again. And by this magic little thread That cannot be severed, The sweet and playful girl Holds me fast against my will; In her enchanted realm I must now live as she dictates. What a monstrous change! Ah.. How Big… Love! Love! Let me free! Who rides so late through the night and wind? It is the father with his child. He has the boy in his arms; he holds him safely, he keeps him warm. ‘My son, why do you hide your face in fear?’ ‘Father, can you not see the Erlking? The Erlking with his crown and tail?’ ‘My son, it is a streak of mist.’ ‘Sweet child, come with me. ’ll play wonderful games with you. Many a pretty flower grows on the shore; my mother has many a golden robe.’ ‘Father, father, do you not hear what the Erlking softly promises me?’ ‘Calm, be calm, my child: the wind is rustling in the withered leaves.’ ‘Won’t you come with me, my fine lad? My daughters shall wait upon you; my daughters lead the nightly dance, and will rock you, and dance, and sing you to sleep.’ ‘Father, father, can you not see Erlking’s daughters there in the darkness?’ ‘My son, my son, I can see clearly: it is the old grey willows gleaming.’ ‘I love you, your fair form allures me, and if you don’t come willingly, I’ll use force.’ ‘Father, father, now he’s seizing me! The Erlking has hurt me!’ The father shudders, he rides swiftly, he holds the moaning child in his arms; with one last effort he reaches home; the child lay dead in his arms. Into the snow, the rain, and the wind, through steamy ravines, through mists, onwards, ever onwards! Without respite! I would sooner fight my way through suffering than endure so much of life’s joy. This affection of one heart for another, ah, how strangely it creates pain! How shall I flee? Into the forest? It is all in vain! Crown of life, happiness without peace – love is you

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