ASMR + Spoken Word + Poetry

hey guys,
it’s Jared Rogers Word here. It’s that time of the week again.
Yes. It’s Wednesday. We’ve got a world exclusive! Not only have we got spoken word,
poetry. We’ve also got ASMR. A lot of YouTubers are using this. It’s a great way if you’re having trouble
sleeping. To watch these ASMR videos. I made this video for you. Yes, for you out there that struggle with sleep, or just don’t know how to relax, this video is for you. I made this for you. Enjoy! An aardvark ate an acidic apple.
An aardvark ate an acidic apple. An aard- Vark. Ate. an acidic apple. Alliteration. Al Litter A-tion. An aardvark ate an acidic apple. Meek mills skills are in when he drills. Meek mills. Skills. Are in when he drills. Pepper grinder. Pepper Grinder. Finder. Friend finder. On grinder? Seasons sauces. Using a pepper grinder. Don’t eat a natural bar. Don’t eat. A natural bar. Eat an Eat Natural bar. I have issues. I have issues. With my nose it blows. Into tissues. Clicking Flicking. Time is ticking. Time is tick ing. Time is ticking. Why are you watching this?

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