Asparagus Eggs Benedict Recipe Hollandaise Sauce Sockeye Salmon Salicornia

So here we have a different kind of eggs Benedict. Mm hm. What is it? Wild cold smoked salmon? Yeah. With sea asparagus. Mm hm. And a poached egg on top. And a poached egg on it. And we have some wonderful potatoes. Sea asparagus is a type of sea weed that tastes a lot like asparagus, very salty, and very tasty. It goes well with a salmon omelet, or any sort of fish dish I guess, right? Yeah. True. Yeah, and it’s grown, it’s found on Vancouver Island, off Vancouver Island, and it’s very popular on the west coast. The season is a bit short for it. I think it’s only available for four or five weeks, right? Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, for a month. Yeah. Here we have an eggs Benedict with it on, and our guests really enjoy it. Very tasty Vanessa. Thanks, Ha ha ha. Thank you. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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