Aspiring Writers Reaction to BTS – Spring Day [Offbeat Lyrics]

hey guys welcome back to another episode of offbeat lyrics where we talk about the lyrics of our favorite songs my name is guns and my name is Elena and today we're talking about BTSs spring day so it was the first single from the repackaged album of wings called you never walk alone released in 2017 it was produced by p dog and written by peter dog re Medora hitman bang and sugar and then probably the the guide version was our own written by our Lissa Rupert and Peter Ibsen I really I really like this I really look like it is before like I had before they love yourself trilogy came out and I had like my favorite top 5 songs and spring day is number two it is the song a quick back story about why I started liking BTS I liked BTS I had listened to fire blood sweat and tears I need no no did I was leave him no I'm talking about I listened to blood sweat and tears and fire and I didn't really care about them then I listened to save me which I fell in love with because the music video is amazing and I went like straight into the rap line and I listened to like arms and sugar solo mixtape and like all the rap songs I really liked those and then I got to spring day and I listened to the lyrics and I'm like all the lurks of the BTS songs are actually like very meaningful yeah because I had listened to I need you and I need you as a typical love song a typical kpop love song and I didn't really care about love songs but spring day really made me really care about their lyrics I mean I already cared about the lyrics of the rap line solos but the lyrics of a k-pop groups is single hmm they actually did really well that has a music video that they performed in concert that had such deep lyrics it was a first-time experience for me who is whoo-hoo I like I did old-school kpop and then didn't listen to the new stuff and then this was the hiatus yeah and this was a turning point for yeah BTS I mean you look at the lyrics to this song once I fell in love with yeah I really cuz I when I first watched a I just really fell in love with the music video but then I listened to the songs and I was I'd listened to this song on repeat more than any other song after save me I really like this song this is like one of those songs that it's it's a sad song but it makes me happy like one of those sad songs that I listen to Jimmy it's bittersweet yeah it's also like not a love song at all yeah and I think you can think it might be a love song when you listen to it like a sad love song but it's really when you look at the lyrics it doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship at all it could be a love song for friends and acquaintance or not acquaintances but like for friends who you lost which I think was the original event by arm and sugar yeah and I like the connection between winter and spring and this it's like trying to tell you that just like seasons change people change you know that you it's change is inevitable and just like that people are gonna come and go in your life and that's fine and I also I really liked verses for the five which is is it you who change or is it me I hate even this moment that is passing by I guess we are changed well everyone is like that and yeah I hate you even if you left or you change cuz you change this I never stopped thinking about you not even a day and I really like that because we all move on right through all the emotions and phases of our lives and every phase that life throws at us and we but we all are looking back we all at one point in our lives our multiple points in our lives we look back at the moments or the people who may have caused us grief or the people who gave us happiness and despite trying to live in the now I feel like it's trying to say it's okay to look back at those people or those friendships you I think yeah I think what it says is those verses in particular I'm I'm a fan of the school of thought of mutual ghosting yeah although that's like a recent term I've been doing it my entire life where I believe people as they grow can drift apart yeah I've done it certainly with a lot of my friends but it's something that I come to accept and I don't resent at all yeah I think instead of like seesaw instead of trying to match each other mm-hmm constantly and then just finding out and then finding out that you don't match each other anymore yeah or aren't considerate of each other is a lot more hurtful and I think just drifting apart is the ideal way of ending a friendship yeah because you guys are it's not out of in consideration yeah but out of you know becoming your own person and but that if that person you become isn't compatible or you know you're too busy or something I think that's totally fine because you don't go away with resentment yes you go away with good news yes brother you know and if you ever cross paths again it'll be a nice meeting nice reunion that you so when sugar and human are talking about like is it you who changed or is it me who changed I my answer to that is both of us change yeah and um in this song they kind of their kind of regretful that yeah you're not as close anymore and I think that's a like a pure emotion to have I think that you look back on your happy times and be like oh you know I really do miss you like we had a really good time yeah and sometimes you do resent the passing of time where you become someone else that you can't be that person or be with that person from your past that you had such happy memories with I like the metaphor of change between like when in the pre-chorus one it's snowflakes are falling and you're getting a further way to like the second pre-chorus where a changes to cherry blossoms are blooming because that's what happens this again change you know and feels like this one made me think a lot about like the friends that I mutually ghost it as well because I have mutually ghosted friends but we have reconnected again I feel like there's people I'm mutually ghosted but then we stopped being friends but when we met again we began being friends again you know we kind of like didn't even pick up is just like we met as two different people now as people who had changed had become better than what we were when we were friends previously and that helped us kind of like reconnect despite maybe whatever grief we had gone through together so yes I really like this song has so much beautiful imagery and again the lyrical prowess of whoever running these lyrics kudos heal because um the first lines of this this song when I miss you when I say that I miss you even more even though I'm looking at your photo I'm I still miss you yeah it's so it's such a simple language to express such a complicated almost contradictory feelings and Wow inside of us you know cuz for me that line was like sometimes we don't openly go out of our way to say that we miss someone so but for me it's like when you say it when you put it out there now the pain is real the pain and the loneliness of having missed someone it's it's more what's the word you give you give meaning to that pain I feel like when you're when you don't say words like I miss you and stuff out loud you don't you're not you're trying not to give it meaning you're trying not to appear like denial yeah yeah okay and I really do appreciate the the imagery of verse three right cuz the entire song is about how snow represents the the mutual boasting like the snow is about you know you're farther from me night and then in verse three and they bring up the imagery of if like a tiny dust afloat in air if the flying snow is mean me I could have reached you and it's really like it's such a beautiful like who talks about dust like but you know when you think what a dust is kind of like a sort leave you see the swirls of dust it's almost like snow and then again with the cherry blossom petals too it's also like that imagery is so beautiful this is that's one song that I listened to on repeat over and over again and I haven't gotten tired of it I also have to point out the bridge where Tang song where these things you know it all you're my best friend I think it's that one moment that made me really look deeper into V because V was my is my is my personal favorite right now but it took me a while to get there because I think it started from me and saved me it was Shimon and then because it saved me I really liked sugar for a longest time and this from sugar I think I want to tumble and then from trombone I think I want to be yeah I think that was my trajectory and now I'm stuck at v– and I'll probably always stuck with me but for me it's always been the youngest Jong Kook Jong gook and V it's always been them too ok but I always like RM is the one I feel like I connect to on a I guess philosophical I can't think of a word right now but that's basis yeah basis on a more of like what how and what what I think of when it comes to life I connect with RM more are I connect doshu got more for them i really support ik there's like it's one over there am I in my opinion leg again it's one of my favorite songs save me just in case anyone's wondering my number one song is save me because it is the song that made me fall in love with BP Zia this song is like an anti-anxiety song to me like one point at one moment in my life I was being very anxious about something I think I was having anxiety attack I put on this song and listened to repeat save me is the one song that I don't listen to on repeat because I don't want it to lose this affects effectiveness then after that it's spring day and then after that I think it's never mind and then maybe it will be blood sweat and tears I'm blanking on songs and I think I have another top five and then they'll love yourself trilogy is like a different category for me I haven't yet incorporated my favorite songs from love yourself into my top five list yet I have a separate top 5 list for love yourself I remember when I first heard save me I heard it at a store and I didn't know about BTS at that point I just heard the song I really liked it and then the cafe we go to I first to watch it because I had taken a long hiatus from kpop for a long time and I heard that song and then yeah you made me watch it mm-hmm okay I guess I'm falling in love all over again but the funny thing is I don't go out of my way to listen to Korean music unless it's played in a Drama or now if it's BTS I don't listen to any of their groups I don't like kpop mmm I was old school kpop me too and then I mmm the BTS ah how's all the things that I thought were lacking in old school kpop for me personally so it's the only reason why I stick to B's yeah yeah other groups right now have really good songs as like that but I can't branch into kpop as a Korean that is my right I'm okay with just BTS so I don't know when this video for spring day is going to be uploaded all the today was over like a perfect spring day and into in order to film this and we're like dressed in spring stuff but in might be weeks because next week on Friday then album is going to drop in terms of when we're filming this so we might be preoccupied with that before we upload this one so thank you guys for watching if you guys like BTS or if you guys liked our discussion and want to hear more please leave a comment down below hit the thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications if you want to be notified of new videos we upload every Monday for offbeat lyrics every Wednesday for off me conversations where we usually talk about anime and every Friday for offbeat take where we usually talk about TV shows movies or books bye guys the body what's your favorite BTS songs my favorite BTS songs I mean when it comes to listening I like listening to save me spring day see and butterfly when it comes to watching oh my god I haven't heard butterfly and so yeah when it comes to watching the music videos I like blood sweat and tears I like DNA I like I really like our m's persona because I like the way was filmed I like save me and I like spring days and I like watching like when they Oh and surrender Vidya serendipity serendipity oh and I also like listening to serendipity and I like a lot of the solo music I listen to a lot of the solo which is all I like I like to I listened I've noticed I listened to our m's reflection a lot like a lot yeah oh I think then my v if it's save me spring day never mind blood sweat and tears I think the fifth one is a tie between 90's first love by sugar I thought it was a tie between first love or reflection but I think I'm first up and there's that song by V that I never forget Egmont it's terrible I feel like because you know these voices

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  1. Yeahhh Spring day is beautiful!!
    I just want to say that 'I Need You' appear to be a cliche love song, but actually is not. Is so much more depper than that, is part of the BTS storyline (MVs)

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