Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Poetry in My Heart, Sangh in My Soul | The Quint

40 thoughts on “Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Poetry in My Heart, Sangh in My Soul | The Quint

  1. Ataj ji is eternal to Indians, much more beyond Politician, his vision, speeches were so igniting and note worthy, it always brought a different feeling that can only come from a true leader, a fatherly figure, my sincere obeisances and salute to my hero.

  2. Atal hi Satya thee Nd Atal ki wani jindgi bhar rahegi Hindu ho ya Muslim Atal Nd apj jee ki kari ninda koi nai kar skta

  3. So long watched all the present upto2018 debate in the Raj sabha ,all I saw was intolerance which will soon being economic depression n loss for this country under Modi rule, being a citizen I of our greatest tolearant country INDIA I would like to keep last hopes on BJP believing Atal sir soul to return to the BJP

  4. The Quint is a fraud , Showing Atal ji only for views. Fake liberal lefties channel

    I actually didn't know much about Sh.Atal Bihari Vajpayee till now. But after watching this video i am so thankful to him for taking India to such high levels.
    R.I.P Sir.

  6. Absolutel motivation hail rss which gave us so many great leaders… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Vande matrabhumi.. Jai hundustaan

  7. Atalji jaisa PM na koi aya tha or na koi ayega. Salute to you sir. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  8. RSS gave best people to India atal ji, manoharparikar etc🙏🇮🇳

  9. Kya re madharchod channel aa gaya aukat pe sala chamcha modiji ki sarkar ate hi sur badal liye dogle.Bhaiyon savdhan aise channel se ye sale paise pe bikne wale dogle channel hain

  10. I feel really sad that a person is valued and called he was a good person only after his death and its reality😪😫

  11. Respect for this man nit for bjp but this man was a godly leader for his thoughts for our Nation

  12. congress in its 60 year rule didnt even produced a single gem !!!

  13. Whatever u post on ur channel … u r anti national non secular communist …quint …

  14. Dont u guys think that the PMs we had earlier had a weightage of their own ? Be it Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Shrimati Soniya Gandhi, all had a standard of their language and never did they disrespect the opposition leaders or parties. They actually felt for the Nation and did nothing that might hurt or challenge the Nation or its existence.
    But shame on today's leaders, who thinks only how to grow their personal empire and raise funds for themselves and their party workers, and the standard of language they use is not even worth pronouncing. I seriously hope that we get back people like our Former PMs for whom we r what we r today.❤

  15. I bow down my head to this great nation who gave birth such a great leader. !!!c

  16. Modi we hope carry forward legacy of atal ji.. He was most respected.. Leader.. In BJP till date.. .

  17. Bjp has lost it's path
    Vision of atal Ji is in danger
    India is in danger!

  18. Atalji apko salaam. Ap jaisa leader aj bjp ko is mukaam pr pahochaya hai.. Aj deshko Congress mukt sarkar dilena ka surawat apne kiya tha… Apke sapno aj Modi sakar karenge… Jay sree ram

  19. I am not a modi fan/supporter but a b vajpayee was a real fighter for India .sir u respect other people no matter what good or bad they did to our nation and thats the real spirit but the so called modi who is Our pm has started disrespecting the people like we know on whome he has disrespected and people still believe he is gonna change the nation but one thing is for sure we wont get another pm like ab vajpayee u are a real legend sir rip AB VAJPAYEE 🙏.

  20. Now I actually realize his capability
    The sanctions of us, which have almost destroyed whole central Asia…
    Vajpayee ji brought india out so easily…

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