Atomic Bonding Song

In my outer electron shell Lies an electron all by itself I seek elation Through oxidation I have always felt incomplete One electron shy of eighteen I’ve the highest Electron affinity If we exchange this one electron We’ll both achieve noble gas config’ration And we’ll release energy As ions you’ll see A bond Made by metals and non-metals I’m positive I’m negative A force of attraction creates this bond Made by metals and non-metals Ionic bonds Covalent bonds Metallic, these are the bonds of chemistry The octet rule says atoms like eight Electrons in their outermost state. I’ll share mine with you I’ll share with you If we both share these six electrons We’ll both achieve noble gas config’ration And we’ll release energy Covalent there’ll be A Bond Electronegativity Is similar for non-metals And so,we share this bond of electrons Electronegativity Ionic Bonds Covalent Bonds Metallic,these are the bonds of chemistry Free Electrons all around Mutual attractive forces abound In this way I will stay Crystalline with you Our Bond Ionic bonds Covalent bonds Metallic These are the bonds of chemistry

100 thoughts on “Atomic Bonding Song

  1. This is like , the longest song ever. Give up already man and do what you do best.

  2. great way to understand anything by doing such type of activities..great sir.

  3. And like if the girl wasn't fat enough that she had to dress like a hideous pimply elephant

  4. They must be called cringy fat deluded shameless idiots who don't care what they do in public. There might be kids around who had to see this graphic mind numbing cultural poison

  5. You both are lossers that is all I have to say. And the least your society or country should do is exile you animals from civilization as far as possible .

  6. Uh, the w🅾nders of modern 🅿🅾RN 🅱👀💀👌🅰
    i rubbed my dick so fast and hard i probably generated quintillions of free electrons likely over 300Me-V

  7. I've been scarred so badly that I'll never forget this. At least I'll pass my chemistry test though…

  8. My teacher showed me this today…I now will have VERY BAD memories of this song.

    Its so CRINGY!!! I did nothing but cringe. Its worse than those Minecraft songs by kids with broken mics
    And stupid. No. Just. NO

  9. I will happily pay for them to have singing and drama lessons……

    (one hour later, in Chemistry)

    the whole class dead due to the video

  10. An Atom is almost empty space ,is solidity illusion 🙄 or the scences we persue reality from is lie ,is really us who experiences reality or any concious mind that shows us 🤖

  11. With all the water (the see and the rain) in this video, I'm quite surprised you didn't end up separated by ionisation…

  12. Me: sodium atom (Na)
    ( Clhorine atom Appears)
    Here, take my electron.
    Clhorine: k

    NaCl ( sodium clhoride)

  13. that's what all scientific videos should look like. You absolutely deserve your PhD status in making such things 😀

  14. Great work! How about a trio for NaOH, CO2, a quartet for NH3, or a choir for C12H22O11?

  15. Who else thought the song was heathens wen u heard the sirens at the beginning

  16. Jungle conclusions….

  17. This is great. It only has 500 000 views. Give it time it will be 50M.

  18. oh god… him singing… i had to take out my headphones off my ears to not go deaf 😀

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