Audiences react to NEXT TO NORMAL at Writers Theatre

𝆕 I miss the mountains 𝆕 𝆕 Iβ€” 𝆕 >> I have actually never heard of this show before I came with a friend, and I must say, it is an astonishing twist of theatrics and reality. They've put together a beautiful set, with beautiful actors, and astonishing vocals to portray such as a human struggle that a lot of people have in today's society . 𝆕 She's not there! 𝆕 >> The singing is just incredible and the story is so involved, and it's justβ€” it's relatable. Such an intellectual show, and the writing isβ€” at Writers Theatre it just makes sense. this is an involved, in depth conversation. 𝆕 And though he'll never hold me, 𝆕 𝆕 He'll always take my calls. 𝆕 >> Oh my god! Set design: great! Lighting: amazing! All the actors and their vocals, you get the severity, the stakes, all in just one song. 𝆕 All the climbing, all the falling. 𝆕 𝆕 All the while, the wild windβ€” 𝆕 >> It was very entertaining! There again, there was some emotional
moments, but it was also very heartfelt, funny! [laughs]
>> Definitely funny! >> They had some very funny parts. The singing was extraordinary. And I like each and every one of the characters! We'll come back, right baby? >> Definitely! >> Yeah! 𝆕 Superboy and the Invisible Girl! 𝆕 𝆕 Son of steel and daughter of air. 𝆕 𝆕 He's a hero, a lover, a princeβ€” 𝆕

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