Audio book Excerpt ISBN9780718177683 Genre Black Literature

bitch read by derek jacobi and Richard e-grant I have so far released for publication only one episode from Uncle Oswald's diaries it concern as some of you may remember a carnal encounter between my uncle and a Syrian female leper in the Sinai desert six years have gone by since its publication and nobody has yet come forward to make trouble the I am therefore encouraged to release a second episode from these curious pages my lawyer has advised against it points out that some of the people concerned are still living and are easily recognizable he says I will be sued mercilessly well let him sue I am proud of my uncle he knew how life should be lived in a preface to the first episode I said that Casanova's memoirs read like a parish magazine besides uncle Oswald's Diaries and that the great lover himself when compared with my uncle appears positively undersexed I stand by that they had given time I shall prove it to the world here then is a little episode from volume 23 precisely as uncle oswald wilted paris wednesday breakfast I tried the honey it was delivered yesterday in an early service Sucre which had that lovely canary-coloured growl known as Zhang ki from Suzy the note said and thank you it is nice to be appreciated and the honey was interesting Suzy jolibois had among other things a small farm south of Casablanca and was fond of bees her hives were set in the midst of a plantation of cannabis indica and the bees drew their nectar exclusively from this source they lived those bees in a state of perpetual euphoria and were disinclined to work the honey was therefore very scarce I spent a third piece of toast the stuff was almost black it had a pungent aroma the telephone rang I put the receiver to my ear and waited I never speak first when called after all I'm not phoning them they're phoning me as well are you there I knew the voice yeah sorry I said good morning listen he said speaking fast and sounding excited I think I've got it I'm almost at sample complete ready to continue

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