28 thoughts on “Audiobook HD Audio Snow Crash Novel by Neal Stephenson 1/2

  1. very interesting so far …. is there anything to know before you start getting into this book?

  2. ami the onyl oen that lieks the wird flangy vocies between chapters? lol

  3. Barely 5 minutes into this and it sounds like future white-trash whining about how good ol' Amerka went down the drain and it's the fault of everyone else in the world. Won't waste my time with this crap!

  4. Ugh too much swearing… just unnecessary and ruined the book, couldn’t listen

  5. I wish YouTube would add some better fast forward, rewind options. As well as keeping your timestamp when you exit.

  6. I purchased this audiobook from apple whos DRM keeps me from my broken apple computers hard drive.
    I claim the right to listen again.

  7. Whats with the weird vocal effects? Makes it hard to listen to.

  8. Wait the deliberator is a pizza boy?
    6 min already a contender for favorite book

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