Author calls Trump "greatest con artist in the history of the world"

so let me start off first with Donald Trump my book about Donald is the number one worldwide best-selling biography of Donald within 11 languages so far with more coming and it is entirely from the public record there is nothing in the book from unnamed sources from what people think it is the incredibly robust record of Donald Trump who has spent his entire life as one of the most successful criminals in America particularly the chapters in my book about his deep and inexplicable involvement with one of the biggest cocaine traffickers in America for whom he risked everything he had just to demonstrate to that cocaine trafficker as he has to Vladimir Putin that he is loyal and you should ask yourself why would President of the United States speak admiringly and express his fealty to an autocratic murderous dictator in Russia or to one of the biggest cocaine and marijuana traffickers in America a guy by the way who got a fabulous deal when he got caught he was a twice-convicted felon than the Donald did business with and when he got caught in Cincinnati Ohio he had a drug operation that brought drugs from Colombia to Miami and then moved him to Cincinnati he had his case moved he asked to be moved to Miami or New York but instead it was moved to New Jersey where it came where no crime was alleged to have occurred where it came before a newly appointed federal judge Mary Ann Trump Barry Donald's older sister Donald wrote a letter pleading for mercy for this man and this is by the way shortly before Donald also sorry about that I thought I'd hit it off Donald had also would a few years later cut off health care for a sickly infant putting the child's life in jeopardy in the dispute over money and his answer as I point out in the book when he was asked about this was essentially to say well what else could I do but put this child's life in jeopardy because I wanted the money this drug trafficker whom Donald was not supposed to associate with because he had a casino license eventually was sentenced by a different judge than Donald's sister he served 18 months even though he was a drug kingpin the people who drove the drugs and their cars up to Cincinnati how much time you think they got 20 years 20 years but the Kings can get 18 months and to get out early on parole he had to demonstrate he had a place to live and he had a job well he he said he could never pay the $50,000 in Kleinfeld the federal government he sent in three checks of $200 each but he said I got a job I'm going back to work for Donald taking care of his helicopters including his personal helicopter and despite having no money he moved into a multi-million dollar apartment in Trump Tower for what your mortgage was created with no application than normal underwriting where you show you qualify for the mortgage ask yourself what's going on here now if you haven't heard any of these things it's because people in my business in the news business have utterly failed to do their job up until the point that novel Trump took office when he was running for president they simply didn't do what's known as betting the candidate so for example we know the tax returns of the Clintons back to the 1970s they're all public records and in fact in 1997 I got the Clintons to change the way they did their taxes because the way they did it they were paying the federal referee more than twice as much income taxes the law required kind of dumb and mrs. Clinton tried to get me fired at the New York Times over this but the next year they changed the way they did their taxes which meant more money to charity and less money to the government we've never seen Donald Trump's tax returns we know that the last year we know he paid any income tax was 1977 and when Hillary Clinton no doubt based on my work asserted during one of the debates well you don't pay income taxes he said because I'm smart well every dollar he doesn't pay is a dollar shifted on to you and everybody else and the way he by the way shifted that involved double counting lawsuits nine hundred million dollars of loans he didn't repay to banks because the government took his side against the banks the New Jersey Casino Control Commission mean the government agency the bank's got to deduct those losses Trump disaster them a second time in a technique that I explained back when this came out and which a whole bunch of law professors have agreed I'm right about not all of them but most of them and so taxpayers lost twice and my my calculation Donald Trump will probably live tax-free until he's 96 years old in the year 2040 to now so let me let me go back to to Donald Trump for a minute I wrote about Donald Trump president Hillary Clinton because I've never met celery Clinton even let's try to get me fired I've never in fact met most of the big powerful people I've written about Jack Welch the head of General Electric gave up all of his retirement perks was about seventy million dollars over a story I wrote that was only about 800 words long that's a column and a half in the newspaper didn't even get huge play but it's so eviscerated what he had done that he voluntarily gave up all of his retirement perks and I know that he did it because of me because someone I trained to be a journalist went to interview him years later for people's magazine and he asked in his home well how did you get into journalism and she said well there was this guy who got me in the door named David Cay Johnston whereupon she said Jack Welch came flying out of his seat screaming and swearing and calling me all sorts of things until his wife put his arms around him and said sweetheart People magazine I don't think you want to behave this way and by the way he's entitled to be angered me I cost 270 million dollars okay I was able to do my book about Donald Trump because first of all it was just luck of the draw when I left the Los Angeles Times or I have been investigating the LAPD and other places I went to the Philadelphia Inquirer to write about casino gaming because I believed casino gambling is going to spread all across the country because of the Supreme Court decision all the others the LA Times thought I was not that crazy it's by the way spread just the way I predicted it would and as soon as I arrived in Atlantic City it was the biggest most important person doing business there Donald Trump and shortly after we met his competitors some big gamblers the state government officials the local leaders and even his own executives all told me Donnell doesn't know anything about containing business he doesn't know anything about casino I'm like oh come on man owns two casinos have seen you on two casinos and not know anything about it the polite phrase used by the government of beer crepes was Donald is not an operator so a few weeks later when I sat down to interview Donald Trump I did something investigative reporters do and I'm the former head of the National Association of investigative reporters in America i re investigative reporters and editors I said a false statement to him about the game of craps he immediately incorporated it into his answer and I point out in my book the making of Donald Trump how he did this was Lester Holt on television or a slight variation of that and I had three other questions just in case and in each case Donald Trump assumed what I had said was true that he knew nothing about it and responded you know who does that I know only two groups of people who do this psychics on TV hi we're California psychics where's our real psychic so we're going to tell you that he really loved you and con artists and that's when I realized that Donald Trump was a con artist this is what he is in fact he is the greatest con artist in the history of the world he conned his way into the most powerful job in the world and right then I said well Donald Trump's an important force in American culture I didn't think it was in politics except manipulating government and IBM collecting files on him until today I have by far the the largest private collection of Donald Trump documents in the world tens of thousands of pages transcripts lawsuits letters he wrote all of his book top the game I'll only only have one of the two versions and I kept that money even when I quit covering him that's a practical matter when I went to the New York Times and it became clear he was going to interfere with my coverage taxes by dragging me into a lot of trouble I just simply took what I learned about Trump and gave it to other reporters who put it in the paper because it was the story that mattered not me and if you want to understand by the way the danger that you are in and you are in very serious danger I urge you to read my book Steve Mann and Donald Trump's chief strategist said the other day Donald is simply fulfilling his campaign promises and he will fulfill every one of them well here's one of his biggest campaign promises more war here's the second one of course I'm going to use nuclear weapons including nukes including those yes including news anybody know the last time a nuclear weapon was used in the world when know three days later Nagasaki we had to use two of them midis to August 6 1945 Takasaki the second nuclear weapon it's been almost it's been more than now 70 years and there's never been a nuclear weapon used and what is the principle of nuclear weapons that you never used them that's the whole point of nuclear weapons and yet Donald Trump has said we should use nuclear weapons in Europe think about that for a minute there has been any war in Europe except for the place I sometimes call Bosnia schizophrenia since World War two and there what you had a racial cleansing war where one group tried to wipe out other people based on their racial and religious a Philips a Finnish the filth of affinities you want to live in a world where there are a nuclear weapons thing is and trust me if the generals let him do it Donald Trump's going to use a nuclear weapon he just looking for the excuse one of the questions I would have asked Donald Trump in the campaign had I been one of the entertainers who was questioning him in the debates would have been Donald you've been talking about present being present for more than 30 years presumably therefore you read the job description please tell us with specification where that job description is to be found and what it says are the duties powers and limits of the president's now if you've listened to Donald Trump you know that he has no clue the answer to that question he talks about the president like he's a dictator he doesn't understand federal judges saying no you can't do that he doesn't understand Congress not doing whatever he says because Donald Trump's never read it by the way anybody know is list was specifically where in the Constitution the Job Description is written down how many of you've read your Constitution everything you have all your liberty all your prosperity depends on that document and my guest is none of you have read it only 7,000 words long it's like a long magazine article anybody know it all where it is it's in article 2 of the Constitution article 1 is Congress article 3 is the courts but it's an article 2 and it says that the president will shall faithfully execute the laws passed by the Congress it doesn't make the president in dictator it imposes rather strict limitations on the behavior of the president and the powers that he has and by the way the president is just one of us you notice I calling Donald he's just the person that we have imbued temporarily with authority to act on our behalf the same is true of everybody who has a job in the government whether you're a senator or a congressman or a member of the Supreme Court or the police chief of Los Angeles you're just another citizen who's temporarily imbued with authority you're their equal you are their equal way I'm a one percenter my wife is a CEO and I've lived up very prudently despite raising eight children a newspaperman salary we always spent less than we made and so yeah I don't have to work because it needs to be done because my country needs to know these things that's why I do it and I do other work I mean I'm right now writing another book on Donald Trump for Simon and Schuster that will be out at the end of the year I read a column for The Daily Beast I do paid lectures this is a free lecture but I do paid lectures because I like my work but but fundamentally my country needs this and frankly a lot of my peers don't know how to do what I do not enough of them so in the bar well I've met with Donald many times but go ahead nope yeah during the campaign the only contact I had from Donald was when he called me at my home April 27th of last year to tell me if I don't like the way you write it I'll sue you now in the 50 years that I've been doing this 50 years no other politicians has come within 10 miles within a million miles of saying that I mean you know I've stood toe-to-toe with that nice when he was Attorney General of the United States and had sharp words I've gotten a lot of people convicted a crime some of whom died in prison but I've never had a politician suggest that I should write the way he wants and I said well Donald you're a public figure and what that means is under American law to sue me successfully he would have to prove I wrote something that I knew was false and wrote it anyway and he knows there's no prospect of that he was simply trying to intimidate me and I was kind of surprised that Donald did this Donald knows about the murder I hunted down he knows I've run into a burning building once and twice toward them he knows I've been roughed up by cops Teamsters of college radicals anti-war demonstrators I don't intimidate and it was the first sign to me that he was sort of out of control but I will say I'm going to ask the White House for an interview but I'll be surprised if Dom libertarian I don't think Dom Trump has the courage to sit down with me for a no-holds-barred interview yes okay I understand the way you phrase the question this world we've created a fake news and alternative facts what do you mean by that do you think there's fake news you do give me an example you mean the claim that Hillary Clinton was running a child pornography running out of the basement of a pizza parlor and you know where that story came from okay I would argue that there are certainly fake things out there but they don't come from news organizations they come from people who try to make you think the news organizations Breitbart Stormfront which is the neo-nazi newspaper that Donald Trump has said things that clearly tie back to infowar Donald Trump has not only appeared on Alex Jones Show Infowars the show I won't go on and I'll do just about anybody because I'm a big believer in absolute free speech he has cited Alex Jones as a reliable source of information when you get back to your dorm room or your apartment go to YouTube put in Alex Jones interdimensional beings and listen to his hour-long rant about how interdimensional beings control the elites and it's beginning to come out so in that sense there's fake news but it's not for news organization what is news news is in most cases journalists telling you what people in some position of authority either said or wrote down an airplane fell out of the sky there was a car crash police have arrested a murder suspect in the words of one of my mentors Wallace Turner who's from Florida some if it's important enough to put in the newspaper somebody already wrote it down somewhere now your job is to go into that great mountain the bureaucratic paperwork and find the golden nugget of fact which will get your byline onto the front page if you know how to polish it and how do you know germán well what are the sources they're cited you know Donald Trump has been saying I was wire capped apparently unaware that if he was it means that a federal judge found probable cause he would committed a crime or who was a threat to national security if it was the FISA Court and this apparently comes from Breitbart which just alleges this as does some other places like it with no sources and Breitbart you understand was run by Steve ban and Donald Trump's brain in the White House he's the chief strategic adviser a racist nationalist rich guy Steve Bannon and you will see sources my book only uses name sources there are forty pages of sources in the back of my book I have used unnamed sources from time to time when I was writing about exposing for example the Los Angeles Police Department's worldwide undercover political spying operation and how they committed crimes and caused a riot and the police chief personally assigned officers to sleep with women to get information out of them but in my face if you go through the files of New York Times you'll see things like da Dada Dada da according to interviews with 69 IRS auditors across the country and then you'll see informed of this the IRS said yeah we know that too if stuff isn't reliable it gets retracted newspapers are the journalists journalism is the only occupation where you get paid to tell the truth now when the doctor comes to you and says listen I have this terrible news you're going to be gone in six weeks he may be telling you the truth or she may be telling you the truth but that's not their job job is to diagnose and treat the job of journalists is to tell you the truth and when we make a mistake we correct when Jayson Blair this lying sociopath got loose in the newsroom of the New York Times the two top editors were summarily fired they didn't get severance packages anything they were fired even though they had nothing to do really with him and the paper ran 14,000 words on Sunday the most valuable journalism real estate in the world explaining what happened so people knew coming how often you see a police department missus yeah we got a cop who's been murdering people for profit wrote about that at the LAPD who do big self reports about how they screwed up and assign accountability doesn't happen well first of all our democracy is in very deep trouble it has been for a long time and Donald Trump is exploiting that about half of Americans eligible to vote voted in the last election this election was decided by about 77,000 people in three states the popular vote Donald lost by a huge margin Donald Trump only likes news reports he controls in my book I tell about how he has created fake PR people in the past that were him and he planted news stories about imaginary lovers women who were pounding on his bedroom door who to them he'd never met and the other one called him a lunatic and you have to understand that Donald who at times is literally delusional he just makes stuff up but Intel Americans recognize that we're in real trouble and I know from my travels there are a whole lot of people who think lazy only person speaks the truth which tells me that our education system is not producing critical thinking skills you can like a lot of things Donald says frankly a number of things Donald's proposes policies come right out of my books which I know Donald is never read but I know he's seen me talk about him on TV and he knows how to turn those and issues I mean I'm I'm the person who wrote a best-selling trilogy explaining why the bottom 90% of Americans have gone nowhere in a half a century their incomes only started improving in 2013 and they've been improving an accelerating pace since then but I'm the guy who wrote the three books saying here's how it happened it's government policy and so to see Donald exploiting this items with champion we just don't read people to be kind of strange Trump is going to try and prosecute journalists he's going to try and prosecute people who leak in the government thank goodness we have people who leaker we wouldn't know what our government's doing in many cases and our democracies in real trouble and I've said this before that that if the right circumstances arise I expected Donald Trump will try to effectively suspend the Constitution and declare himself dictator if he all yes to get the military to go along with and if you want to understand that get the book the recent new book on Rome SP I was get the letters wrong the people and the Senate in the people of Rome SP p FV PR and just read the opening chapter about how Rome want can be a republic to an empire so where we get the word crass from the movie this yeah I'm a registered Republican have been for many years my books champion competitive markets and market capital they expose crony capitalism rent-seeking and in this country one of the things that my books out there free lunch is about is this massive redistribution of wealth upward every one of you and your parents have money siphoned out of your pocket every day in ways that are not apparent to you and redistributed to the Walton family of Walmart the people on Home Depot to Donald Trump to Warren Buffett through government policies that take from the money and give to the already rich view and not rich like me okay I'm a piker I need people who have you know we have people in America who a year after year have multi billion-dollar incomes and legally pay no income tax and not with that and without not doing the trick some of us so who else we got time for a couple more miss than you why did Donald Trump want to run for president that's a good question yeah what's the biggest win in the world friends in the United States yeah I mean he's not eligible to be Pope right I mean if somebody who denounces Christians as fools and idiots and Schmucks and he means the last one in the most vile sense of that Yiddish word and yet hoses as a Christian nobody reads the Bible more than Donald Trump he says really can you cite some favorite chapters others so many there's so many there's just there's so many there's so many but yeah it's the biggest win in the world and the Trump's are about winning or appearing to win and they're about money they're not about wealth creation wealth creators are people who build up a business and build up assets Donald is a guy who's about sucking cash out of something so just about Paris Casino spread pretty much the states I said as I predicted it what what do you mean because I mean we have lots of foreign relations let's see well look we have a State Department right now where Donald Trump has appointed one ambassador unless something's happened in the last 48 hours to the UN he made every ambassador resign the business of the State Department which is vital to commerce human rights peace is not happening a hundred and twenty generals and admirals including David Petraeus have signed a letter saying you've got you can't cut the State Department that's how we avoid Wars that's how we reduce tensions and yet Trump wants to slash it down to nothing because Donald doesn't know anything he literally does not know anything Donald Trump was was asked under oath about how do you determine he was asked about are you familiar because he says he's a great business genius with this concept of net present value how many of you have studied net present value okay one person net present value is a method of determining should I make this investment what you do is you say well I project over the next ten or twenty or thirty years we'll bring in this much money and to support that investment it's a factory of building whatever ought to spend this much money and then you see if it's positive of number and you reduce it back to today and you say oh if I put up a dollar day I'm going to lose $2 don't make the investment so I thought of $1 today I'm going to end up with the equivalent of a check written to me today present value of a thousand dollars of course I'll spend the dollar so Donald's asked about this and he says well it's like you have a piece of land with a mortgage and you know net is a well present is well the really interesting word there is value but I wouldn't do that in the words of the woman who kept my hair who has high school education when she read it I don't know what that present value is but I know that's gibberish a Donald literally doesn't know anything he called up general Flynn to say well we want a strong dollar a weak dollar what's the difference he thinks that are putting a tariff on Mexican goods coming to the u.s. means Mexico pays for the wall ha you and I pay for the wall because we pay 20% higher prices or maybe 18% higher prices because of the chair should American citizens be concerned about Russia's involvement with China you always want to be concerned about Russia's involvement with China and China which sees itself as the country of the future and whose leaders think in very long terms you go to China you'll find you'll see all there many times all their roads are in great shape their sewers everything else they're investing in the future but no I'm worried about whether we have a traitor in the White House we know that there are massive connections between Donald Trump and the Russians and the Russian oligarchs literally notice that Donald Trump always says they have nothing to do with Russia I wrote a column about the fact that that's not true if you add one letter he has lots to do with Russians and the Russian oligarchs are a state-sponsored network of international criminals anybody knows about them will tell you that so that's what I'm much more worried about do we have someone who the minimum is compromised and potentially as a traitor in the White House well first of all it's a really good thing that people are engaged okay I mean we had if you studied American history these two past periods called the Great Awakenings that were religious revivals we're now having a great political awakening it started with the tea party and now you're singing among progressives that's actually a very good thing okay but we're going to end up with serious economic trouble if the current guy in the White House stays there because the government just isn't functioning all sorts of government agencies can't do their work the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission a little place you probably never heard of terribly important to the economy I write a lot about it because nobody else does it only has to it's five members they can't even hold a meeting to another quorum so I'd be very concerned about about that and what do you do well you know you have to live in the times you live in so make yourself valuable and market yourself now when you go to a job interview think about what you're going to say in advance we say the line that got me hired at the San Jose Mercury I went over there they made fun of me and I went to the guy who recruited me and said well that's never going to happen he says oh no they were very impressed I went yeah aha and he said just go back every three weeks and ask for a job so I did well unbeknownst to me there was an opening coming right I did know somebody was leaving the staff and so the managing editor one day says to me well suppose I were to hire you what are you going to do in ten years and I wanted just a moment to look at his face and figure out how old he was so I want to make sure he was 55 and I said ten years he said ten years I found let's sit in that chair I'm going to run this place and his response was you're hired okay faint heart never advanced romance or career in journalism you know ask hey are you going to marry me whether you're a guy or a gal you know if you don't ask you're never going to find out and and and and if you do find somebody invest in that because it's the most valuable thing you've got beyond your own life invest in it every single day and everything you do so you can say as I do my wife and I have been married now what is this March 6th so we've been married 34 years 10 months 6 days not long enough okay one more one more who's going to be last back here yeah okay so guy named Christopher Steele who is a very highly regarded former agent of the British comm em want mi6 was hired to do a dossier on Trump there's 35 pages of material you can read it on the Internet this is what's known as raw intelligence it's not analyzed intelligence it is what he was able to hear the stories that are in there all consistent with what I know about Donald the story about Donald having a much prostitutes pee on a bed that President Obama had slept in and and if you read it recognize this isn't some you know unusual sex game thing it was more of a denigrating of Obama I don't know if it's true or not is within the realm of possibility but it's not what's really material in that document much more material the other things in that document which are turning out we are hearing from people who cover the national security apparatus and the reporters should cover that you know those who are trusted dekstop than those who aren't don't they're finding that a lot of this rings true and as I read it a lot of it rang true Donald Trump has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs he personally approved an alleged quarter billion dollar tax fraud which involves one of the oligarchs you may remember back when you were starting high school the Atlantic banks collapsed and the Icelanders owed you know this enormous fortune it was like a hundred thousand years income or something to over fail banks and money they had gotten out of the Netherlands and England well that was actually a scam run by Russian oligarchs who are trying to loot the wealth of the West Europe in America and they got lucky in Iceland and they made a lot of money and Donald Trump's associate in this deal is the son of the reputed Russian mob boss in New York a guy Donald says I wouldn't only look like for in the same room even though they flew together repeatedly in his plane they did business deals the guy had a desk in the Trump Organization offices he met with Donald every day for years don't know who he is I think there's a lot of stuff in there that's very important I also think it's just the tip of the iceberg my little website DC report org and I say little kiss you know we're nonprofit and I have cards if you want to get the address and sign up for our lurks they're free we just ran ten thousand words with a hundred footnotes everybody knew it was documented connecting Wilbur Ross tom-toms Commerce Secretary to a huge Russian money-laundering operation that puts in one step away from Putin with Felix ater Donald Trump is literally one step away from terrorist weapons movements one step one degree of separation terrorists Felix ater Donald Trump and there's a lot there here's one way to think about that imagine that you turn on the TV and CNN is showing some office building in New York the Empire State Building and there's huge smoke billowing out of the basements in the ground floor windows and then they report the fire department says they're not going there because there's no they don't see any evidence of a fire it's just smoke right we'd all say what well that's the situation weren't here there is so much smoke here to not thoroughly look into everything about this is a mistake and that's just on the grounds of what we know I'm not talking about Donald's delusional statements and bizarre behavior I would have published a report about it sure if I had the thing I would have more carefully written about what it is and explained what it is and I would certainly not have made the alleged prostitute the big deal and I would have pointed out that to a lot of Donald's supporters if in fact he had five fourteen-year-old hookers I got to tell you a lot of people in this country who go very good for Donald Fehr let's toast Ahnold you know but there are other things in there about his connections and relationships 35 pages long there's a lot of stuff in there and this guy has a very solid track record and his job was to collect raw intelligence what art can you gather that's being talked about and remember we're so good at intercepting communications we have fun conversations has taken place on mobile phones inside the Kremlin now I'm going to call the Iranian embassy in Ottawa shortly because they don't have one here I know that conversation will be recorded okay if not by the Americans by the Canadians they're never going to listen to the conversations they don't care unless something happens and they go oh hey we need to go back and look this up and then they'll go back and find the conversations that's how they found Michael Flint's conversations with a Russian ambassador and I would just leave you with one last point about that go to youtube and look at the video of the members of the Senate and House intelligence committees leaving their to our briefing from Jim Comey the FBI director about national security intercepts and what they've learned about the Trump and the people around Trump's connections to the Russians just look at their faces when they walk out of that room and ask yourself you know they get told Oh everything's fine or they get told something that scared the living daylights out of them we're on that range of things do you think they fall not much video a couple of minutes and I think you know you should be able to make some connections thank you [Applause]

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  18. Lord, u r flaming his fire with calling him greatest conman ….this is the goal of a Narcissist …he will probably thank you cuz deception & mind manipulation (especially if it causes the person to gave great admiration for the Narc) its their most powerful tools in their Narcissistic tool pouch

    All Ameticans I urge u to please educate ourselves on this horrific, nearly untreatable, destructive disorder

    Feelings of grandiose are are seeked out on an insatiable level…its their life goal to constantly (living for only the current moment) seek that next euphoria high feeling quite like a drug addict seeking their next high & unfortunately the Narc will get their high at the expense if any or everybody quite like a drug addict as well



    ….our Country's future depends uppn it

  19. Incorrect…that would actually be every clergyman, ever. They literally sell pure bullshit…to billions of people…to the severe detriment of society and the individuals in it…and they get away with it entirely. Their fraud is even PROTECTED by the law! Trump has nothing on their game.

  20. if he's supporting the clintons in this lecture, he just lost all credibility in any claims of doing what is right. the clintons along with the donald are career criminals.

  21. For evidence of the lack of critical thinking skills not being taught in our public school system, all one has to do is read the many right-wingnutjob comments here. Some brilliant examples of the brainwashing and koolaid-drinking, misogyny, racism, conspiracy theory nuttery and anti-Americanism that defines the current regime in power in the GOP.

    How many are Russian bots? The world wonders…

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