Author explores "The Lost Colony" in book

all right yeah we got some terrific guests on today our next one celebrated author whose latest book known for his book why did the chicken cross the road is ladling takes a fascinating look at the Lost Colony of Roanoke very interesting stuff you're Andrew Lawler is the author of the secret token myth obsession and the search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke he's joining us now but he's going to be appearing at the East Tennessee History Center this evening so you'll have a chance to see him but we wanted to chat with you before the event how are you I'm great happy to be here in Knoxville well let's talk about this book it's fascinating how did you stumble upon this well I'm a mainly an archeology writer and but I grew up on the coast of Virginia so every summer my parents would drag us to this outdoor drama on Roanoke Island yeah there's a three-and-a-half-hour drama about the first attempt by the English to settle the New World which ends with a hundred and fifteen men women and children vanishing the vanishing utterly in the woods and I was kind of done with that after a few years of seeing that every summer with the mosquitoes but a few years ago I ran into an archaeologist in Britain and he mentioned that he was actually digging for clues to the colony and that got me interested and I did a National Geographic story and then I became fully obsessed and ended up doing a whole book on the first attempt to find physical clues to the colonists fate now all of a sudden those times where they dragged you out there are pretty good I'll give me a hard this game by the way the cover of the book I think is really cool looking but we're looking at some of the video you know and also some of the just incredibly nice comments and reviews that folks are saying about it did you enjoy doing it oh it's great fun I got to do research in the swamps in Eastern North Carolina which sometimes it's kind of challenging but I had to go to the the Azores to England to France to lots of other places in order to do the research because a lot of the material regarding the Lost Colony is found in European archives well nobody had to do it I got to ask you this did you find the colony well I think I've found some pretty good clues I don't want to give too much I know you don't want to give but have an example though of some of the evidence perhaps that you found sure so for example there were these two archaeological teams that spent years digging on the coast of North Carolina they were both competing teams trying to solve what is essentially America's oldest cold case and so they came up with English artifacts that date to the Elizabethan period that are found in Indian villages so that's a pretty good sign of the colonists may in fact have become Native American but this was this story which seems kind of obvious to us now was was covered up in the 19th century people didn't like the idea of white people and Indians getting together so instead the colony became a kind of mystery and it was cast as something that we could never solve but now thanks to archaeology we have some pretty good ideas of what happened this is fascinating and so you're gonna be at the center tonight well you lecture or is it just a chance to meet and talk with you about the boat no I'll give it a give a talk with some photos taken by the National Geographic photographer that I worked with and we'll be starting at 6:30 down at the History Center certainly looking forward to it you can do some book signing your no absolutely okay that's awesome this is good well great seeing ya great well thanks very much and hope to see you down there tonight yeah this is great yeah

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