Author K M Breakey & Critiqued Have A Discussion

hello everybody and welcome to another hangout and today I am joined by a very special guest an author from Canada his name is km breaky I have talked about him before and welcome to distrain km how are you how are you keeping hey good to be here critiqued great to be here yeah I'm delighted that you'd agree to give us some of your time because I want people to actually know find out about the book that I just read that you wrote and yeah I think it's a very very excellent book and and I've talked about before actually here are a few times so I think people will be a little bit familiar my audience will be well then yeah I was just gonna ask you like about em in the book there's something that stands out is the little note at the end that says like where you said that these obviously they're all fictional characters and everything but you had a sort of a I'm not bringing in Canada Anna right reminded me similar to my own it was like a peaceful and none of this political correctness just everybody just was a peaceful hunt there was none of this cultural Marxism and all of that and it was it wasn't even a huge amount of diversity back then in the Aires or the 70s in Canada would there have been okay 70s is when it really took off and by the way I didn't thank you for previously mentioning my book and I noticed it's not on your shelf they're like oh yeah because I have it right here beside you boy attaboy appreciate ya yeah yeah so this is actually my fifth novel all by sons and I didn't set out to write books I call them reality based fiction political fiction and it's essentially documenting the types of things that you just described how cultural markers its Marxism how Western civilization seems to be doesn't seem to be it's under attack and it's under attack in places like Canada in places like Ireland Australia the US all of Western Europe for that matter South Africa it's almost completely dissolved whatever Western civilization ever existed there so that's the theme of my last three books and my fourth coming up which we'll talk about so Johnny and I'll just give you a quick history Johnny and Jamal was set in in primarily and well partly in st. Louis one of the more violent cities in America there's many violent cities in America as I think you know the next and then I took a took a card run at South Africa in never never and never again my fourth and then and then all thy sons is my latest and I've stucked close to home I grew up I was born in Toronto we grew up in Vancouver and and you know watched diversity unfold through the 70s and 80s and and then and Beyond into what what we have now which is extreme diversity extreme in fact depending on on you know who you listen to and what what statistics you believe many say that you know my part of the world is the the most ever ethnic rate of ethnic change rate of immigration of not really saying that properly but you know what I mean it changed dramatically all you gotta do is look at you and I have had that discussion yeah yeah so is the premise of my book this is horrible this is terrible that's not the premise at all the premise is just to look as an observer I work through my characters and say how does it impact this guy and this guy and this girl what does it do to their day-to-day and and what does it do to the way of life that they knew and loved and and and this high trust society that they grew up in where you didn't lock your doors and you know what there was there was a few bad apples out there and and you but everyone kind of knew who they were and you knew all better steer clear of that guy because you know he's got issues he's a bully and and this merging of cultures I'm giving you an essay answer on the first question so I'll stop pretty quick but this new cultures is is put everything on its head and and we don't know up from down anymore and and and the message is coming from on high from our governments and from our media and from the pundits and everyone who's not you know worried about being cast into exile those messages are all telling you you know or we lien messages that's that's all we get and it's it's very confusing to two guys like you and I yeah the younger generation I don't know I don't know how you know they're being indoctrinated maybe there's a different story there who knows yeah maybe it's be wondering that myself maybe it's because they are actually see when I grew up in my school set for example it was all homogenous apart from in primary school the very first actual Chinese takeaway to open up in this town one of the kids went to my school and on the first day he arrived all of the school were just like surrounding them just like looking at him and talking to him and I couldn't believe it was somebody that looked different that's how ya a lean I was here this was back around 1980 five or six but then but then by the time I was into secondary school I had an actually indian teacher so there had been more diversity brought in by then but what I really enjoyed about the book was right and see I often read fiction in a long time I'm always reading books that are sort of since you get I think since you become sort of this what people call red pills which i think is just becoming aware of problems that are on the horizon and you have a keen interest in what wanting to try and highlight them and an interest in where Western culture is going I think that's what red pill is really but and also I part of it is realizing that a lot of the stuff the Hollywood put out is just really bad stuff it has it for more certain agendas that are like just you can see them all the time this em like anti white agendas under you know different things but but that's the thing about your book I loved is that I didn't have any guilt it was like entertainment but at the same time and I haven't had entertainment since I became red pill it's all just been stats and all older types of books and it was it was like an escape from reality but it was a healthy one so I think that's that's what I really enjoy about it like I appreciate those comments cuz that's my goal and I've said this to you directly I want to read pill liberals and it's kind of comfort food for conservatives and then that word has been butchered and lost a lot of its meaning but you know what I'm talking about so fiction you you said you haven't read a lot of that a lot of people are like that to be honest I wish more that's what I'm trying to change but fiction has historically been an extremely powerful tool to make social change and have social impact and and film for that matter and and everything not everything most of what we get now is is part of the global homo menace it's just pushing these these values that don't stand up to scrutiny they're hollow their shells they chip away at everything we want some you and loved and their their destructive and and these are the these are what we and you know I don't go to as many movies as I used to because no matter even no matter of the movie you're still getting hit with the propaganda before and after and it just it's it's hurtful almost and but I can't you can't put your head in the sand you've got to go out and live your life and you've got to look at it and call it what it is but I mean historically critiqued you look at some of the you know or we or well I mean everything he ever wrote yeah every day is influenced you know the instruction manual 1984 I what's the other one to kill a mockingbird obviously you know and and one book from from 1949 which had a significant impact on me my mom put me onto it Allen Penton cried the Beloved Country and it was and I look back now and I see you know it was pushing in the other direction it was saying you know we look at these evil whites and how horrible they are to the native populations of Africa but you know you're we're all blank slates we take in what we see and so you know that was a you know I'm not gonna say a disingenuous message it didn't tell the full story is what it didn't do it doesn't mean it wasn't a great book for its time but that's what I'm trying to do and and you know whether I can have any impact at all if you tell me that you read it and it was an escape and it was a comfort to you you know that then I'll keep writing them as long as I know there's people like you out there and I say listen if we can't if we can't change the course of this this destructive course Western civilization is on that Ireland's on the Canada is on at least we at least we can do is document it okay yeah didn't try bit and say you know what we know this is happening and and we're gonna do it and we're gonna complain about it we're going to talk about it we're going to in such a way that uses rationale and logic and you can't what you can't shut us up you know because they do that but usually you can't stop us from speaking and and by the way it's gonna be very difficult for you to castigate us as evil because we're speaking rationally and we're not actually saying horrible bad things I look at Ireland more reasonable I look at your country and I see a tiny island nation with a tiny population that has survived and I want to say peacefully not always peacefully for a millennia plus and managed to generate an amazing culture an amazing set of quality genetic material and this is this is the island this is an N and suddenly twenty years ago whenever was some some bright person in the EU decided you know what uh it looks like we almost forgot to destroy Ireland and we better we better get on it we got to start pumping this little island nation full of bad ideas and and and people that are let's face it as different genetically and culturally as you can you could scour goal and you and these are the people that are there pushing into your into your small communities yeah not just we're not just go away they're pushing them into the small communities and it's top down it's bottom up and there is no plan for success there is no plan that this is a long term and it's going to be a beautiful no there is just you better not criticize me or you're a bad evil vile person and erase it and and and you will no thought now but we all know it's a pattern it's it's a path to destruction everyone knows it yet there is no case of an example where it has turned out successfully and I don't know why Ireland things they can do with pattern countries like Sweden or Germany or even where America where integration has been going on for almost 100 years like a freedom you could say for this for even the minorities who are since the start and there still is problems like and I think remember we were saying before that well maybe no mixing you up actually only the characters Tony in the book actually I think what makes him aware is the hands up don't shoot and all of this sort of double standards with black lives matter in America and all the facts so like I know these people are the same culture so I have to carefully I'm not saying like but I'm just Center is still a little bit of animosity at because you see it's Feud I think as well by the media and some access academics actually IDI try and divides people by race as well so that sort of fuse it for them yeah so I was thinking so you you are in you are a sort of in tip into populism are aware of it or study in at a good few years all you actually didn't know about two South African book said that's one that I am actually gonna have to look up next but very next what did you think a breaks it went and when that happened that was the start I think of this run no you go from talking about America to brexit and Brax it makes my head spin because it's so complicated and I just want to comment yeah about it Canada and America and in places like Australia and South Africa that and I want to talk about how they differ from your country yeah because your country has never been a nation of immigrants it's never but no and and not that's true of Sweden that's true of Germany that's true of I mean yeah you know this this is all new whereas arguably Canada America or the other ones I mentioned have been a nation of immigrants and that they that can you could debate that with semantics and say no they weren't immigrants they were in fact settlers another view would say no no they were warriors taking you know being bad to the indigenous population so you can debate that at length I do a little bit of that in the book but the reality is these Western Europeans did arrive on American shores North American shores and saw a land that had very few people didn't have a lot of people it had people they were they were not as well and then moved as far forward MacLean scientifically they were more of stone age didn't take away their value and the these immigrants these settlers whatever they built a they built a great set of countries well I'm speaking specifically about Canada's amazing countries and it was only in in nineteen in the mid 1960s that both started opening immigration to non Western European peoples and that's where that's where I grew up I grew up and again my first primary school class is all white and by the time I was in grade three four five lots of Asian when I say Asian the problem has a different connotation to what people in Ireland or England think I'm not talking Muslim I'm talking when I say Asian I'm talking Chinese particularly Chinese a lot of a lot of Asian in in in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver great people fantastic people and there's a lot of them and it had they have changed our culture they have changed our culture one thing about Vancouver which is different from places like Milwaukee or Philadelphia or st. Louis already mentioned that or perhaps even Dublin to be honest and I want to hear I want to hear your your a perspective on that I realize I'm not talking about brexit no but I just told you didn't want to oh yeah I didn't want to sorry but yeah go ahead is the nature of our diversity is thus far there are some exceptions but that's far it has been relatively peaceful and this is what for me I grew up white pilled whatever the term is I I had rosy views of what diversity is and I used to think Oh America those guys they just don't get it they're racist and and and I was dealing with a diverse population where everyone was peaceful and people were nice to each other and neighborhoods were still relatively safe the high trust and the the it's not that people were breaking into each other's houses but the the conversations across the fence were probably diminished somewhat so there was a little bit of the cohesive social fabric that was eroding and now you see you see municipalities that are part of Greater Vancouver I'll mention Richmond and it is in the south of Vancouver and it's I don't know what the percentages are whatever the percentages are officially I go there and I don't see anything but but Asian people and if I go to Surrey which is also south of Vancouver south and east I see nothing not nothing but I see I was gonna say nothing but East Indians I see primarily East Indians and so this and is this mixing and you know racial mixing happening no people are isolating by their tribes and their their their in-group preferences they're showing and and this is this is what's happening these is the precursor to ultimately what happens in all by Suns and there is conflict but how that differs from America America has has the black/white issue the scars of slavery the scars of Jim Crow and it has a sizable black population and whether that's whether its genetic whether it's learned whether whatever the case may be yeah there is no denying that there is a subset of that black population which is ferociously hostile to whites and and when I say ferociously hostile I don't mean that if there's a conflict I mean they will seek out conflict they will they and there they are preying on on whites and I know you know Colin yeah Rollins my buddy as well and and that's that's that's how I got read pilled myself much like the character in my latest book where I had already had Inklings of being red pill for sure I have I traveled a lot in the States and uh maybe I'll get a chance to have to share some of those stories in a bit here but I looked at Ferguson and it just this this this Michael Brown fellow was it was clear what he was up to yet the media was telling a completely different story and and and everyone seemed to be buying it and I'm and then I discovered Colin and he really connected a lot of the dots that's caught on fire day for the guys that in the chat and cauliflower tea he does excellent work as well yeah go ahead yeah that's basically that's basically it with with and I wanted to just touch on the fact that America and Canada America is is very different in that it is you know people have arrived on the shores since well 1492 when Columbus sailed I won't finish the rhyme and you know so whereas your country has existed and there has been no plan Thursday and and the English have always been trying to colonize and and you know I'm very familiar with you know 1916 and the the rebellion and what happened there and and and where's the fighting spirit whereas I look at shin pain and I think I saw this on on Twitter or something how they're completely anti English antique Imperials in it but but but you know Oh from Somalia from from Ethio in absolutely my place is your place you're welcome no English no anger all of you all the government even we don't have opposition at the moment because our government is a bit of a joke we have the fena khair party and the second largest party which are usually the opposition in the same but in a coalition which is the first time this has ever been done in the country at the two main parties in coalition and this is like we had so you have to have a certain majority to run the government here and the the main party didn't get that so what happened is is the second biggest party said they would make up the number of seats just to get just to have a government because it was going on for two or three months that they couldn't come up with a an agreement between them all but since this sort of a makeshift government it should have been just a standing government until we had another general election as soon as possible but since this government formed it in 2016 they have actually made more changes to this country than any other government in the history of the country with such a weak man days and even variety ourself our tea shock at the prime minister like he never went through a general election in that position he still is genuinely the tea shock but he didn't go through a general election so and yeah they're making huge changes to this country and you were saying there about i skipped across the brags because III didn't I wasn't sure if you wanted to go into it stuff about America but you talked about perfectly there so that's excellent but um I am yeah that's that's why I skipped across the brexit but I am it just seems to me wherever I look in the world and there's problems with gangs of youths that have are of African descent or always seems to be some and they always have something against the people in the country where they are like over there it's slavery and Jim Crow well we have a problem on table now and I don't know if you've heard about it but there's gangs that are going around of African descent that are causing problems under Pete not young guys in Ireland under a condom anti white anti-irish slurs and like this is a nun and I'm thinking here like what's their problem they were never historically or systematically are systemically oppressed or in Ireland they're only here since a loophole between 1998 and 2004 maybe that's the chip on her shoulder the fact that they know they're here through a loophole and may an Irish people vote a percentage laws that loophole and they know that maybe maybe they think we resent them so they resent us for that I don't know but it just seems when you bring them in all of a sudden in a really fast way it never really pans out peacefully it's the same in Melbourne in Australia actually there's huge problems with em African gangs down there and I don't know what's the common denominator here is that all the white racism or is it the fact that these are all you know I I'm familiar with it I'm definitely my necks all in here like that that in Ireland and definitely that topic will take center stage as well others like direct yeah okay I think that it go out for a second you said your next book is set in Ireland my next book is set in Ireland yay and so I'm definitely familiar with with these issues and what's happening in Dublin and and for that matter what's we mentioned Melbourne and and that is for me it's amazing because I've talked about Vancouver talked about Vancouver but both my parents were were immigrants to Canada my dad from Ireland not far from Dublin for that matter not in Dublin but but close you know my mom you won't believe it from from Australia and specifically from Melbourne so I look at the hometowns of both my parents and these are towns these are cities that I hear repeatedly I just heard it from you I hear from call and I hear from others and I see the video that are being menaced by by gangs of African descent and I have a lot of rel I don't have so many relatives laughs Tina in Ireland I do have friends there and and and some relatives for sure I have a lot in Australia and I'm specifically in Melbourne and the thing is I'm pretty sure a lot of them are pretty left and maybe not amenable to discussions about race and reality and and and so I you know and you know plus they're on the other side of the globe so I don't get to chat with them as much as I'd like to but I just wonder and this is so new in Melbourne it is so new and for that matter it's new in Dublin as well so you look at where it where it ends up and you look at I don't know how much you know critiqued about about South Africa I'm sure you know a thing or two and it is it is beyond the level of hellhole and the the the atrocities and the violence and the persecution from the see there's persecution from the top down you cannot get a job anymore as a white person and you can't find a place to live and you can't get benefits and you can't get this that and meantime from the bottom up you walk down the street you're of major minority and you're a target you are you are a target and and and they're the the homeless squatter camps of lights with their white children and their white families are proliferating across the landscape but there's still there's still a minority and they're still subject to being descended upon by rampaging large groups of blacks that hey if you don't have money or things that we can steal by the way that's not what we're interested in doing anyway even when we break into farms the interest is not in stealing anything it's about terror it's about terror and torture and murder and revenge for you know and we can talk about is there actually a reason for revenge reminds me of there's the book out I forget the individuals name he's of Indian descent I believe he's an American now and Steve Saylor if you don't know Steve Saylor he is a very very smart guy he did a little bit on that book and and the guy the guy has a premise that immigration into places like England and Ireland and Sweden and wherever else is actually I don't know if the term revenge it's payback time is what it is it's payback time you guys did this you did that 200 years ago hey now it's our turn and you brought you in by the way you should be thankful that we're doing this to you like the premises is completely twisted and evil and and it's agent it is he on South Africa and I'll shut up for a second and that is if you worry about lefties in Ireland and you think when will they get red pill when will they look up and say wait a second and I I think the same thing but the ability to deceive oneself knows no bounds and I say that because there are still lefties hardcore wiped lefties in South Africa still championing the cause for our equality meantime you've got a black government that is destroying everything at insite at record pace and they still they're still the persecuted they don't use the term minority anymore because they never were a minority anyway it's a tough situation it's yeah I seen where him there are applications for visas to Australia went up by a thousand percent from South Africans in 2017 and that shows you like that they were in fear they're really in fear I often see interviews with a man from Southland site Landers it's called actually state matters yes yeah and when you listen to him it's it's scary it really just makes you think what is the future four countries that bring in huge populations of people and that's what our governments are advocating for all over the specially in Ireland is to bring in like I hired Simon Comey who is the second in command here he was rich secretly recorded when they announced project Ireland 2040 and when Ireland was signing another thing called the UN migration compact he was secretly recorded saying loss him when you think of places like Somalia he said like they have huge populations like 120 million people like that's unimaginable think of the amount of jobs they have to cooperate and like we're here thinking that's irrelevant to the average Irish person why why should we why can't Somalia do Somalia but you see no because the European Union wants and the UN wants a big open-air Economic Area just full of consumer units between Africa the Middle East and your Europe and that's why they want to mix it all together so and I think we're doing good work to try and make other people aware and other that put up against very very strong forces in this world a dollar determined to do this it sounds it's not easy I seen where the Koch brothers who are supposed to be right-wing are after marriage on with George Soros now to actually just to get people online and indoctrinated basically and I don't know I think a good thing about your book as well as where it talks about how China has become so powerful that they're actually able buy resources and order able to take resources in countries at em and this actually has happened in recent times I think they own a port in Australia if I'm not mistaken China yeah the day own most of it anyways so I yeah I think that could be it that could be another problem as well but I'm yeah I want to jump in because you talked about some aliens and in the population there I don't think it's that size that you mentioned but you know there's a sizable population in Africa in general yeah is over a billion and it's gonna be two billion by 2040 and four billion by 2100 yeah maybe he said it would be does or something if the world still exists who knows what will happen that's a lot of years and and the turbulence we're seeing right now I think there's some cataclysmic events which will change these the I don't know what they are but I think about people of disparate cultures coming into direct provision centers in your country and just sitting in the middle of the some village and can they go down to the street and find it of course they can't they don't know the language they're culturally different and they will be state dependent forever and ever and ever and ever and they might find you might find a few people to hold up and say look at this guy look at how he's over achieved and done this and this and what a great fellow he is and therefore they're all great and they may be great that's fine they just don't belong in Ireland you're not solving any problems by bringing a small number into Ireland small relatively very large relative to Ireland population but you're not solving any problems and you're creating problems and the only jobs ultimately that these people will probably find are to grease the wheels of the global homo invasion and and and translators and and helping people with paperwork and there's already this this disgusting vile from what I hear cottage industry of lawyers who for you this is a question I all throw at you from from what I hear is a very large percentage of asylum seekers coming in Ireland do not meet the criteria and they have hearings and they have whatever and then they say no no you you've got to go back and they don't go and there's a there's a layer of bureaucracy which they appeal they my appeal yes that's what happens they could come here and once they said the word asylum that can't be refused and then it usually takes a few months maybe up to a year for them to actually get their case to court and if they're given a decision that they don't like which is maybe to be deported they can appeal it and a lot of the time they appeal it again and again and again and what's the purpose in heaven I am a system at all if this is the case because and even if it was highlight there when one of these people interact provisions tried to run to be a councillor three months ago and she had she was on her turret appeal of trying to stay in Ireland somebody that came from Malawi and if you look Malawi if you look Malawi up on the Google as it says the traveling so em yeah it's crazy that's how to get to see her is through all these appeals and a lot of the course the solicitors love this this the icon the parasitic class because they don't generate any money all they do is take take take and these people get free legal aid but I'm something you said earlier which I think is very interesting and I'm gonna say something now that I probably have said in the stream before but people have often asked me why don't the IRA order or someone like that get involved in sorts do something like this the thing about sin fan is and and a lot of these people that used to be like this really nationalistic is that they are promised migration of they are actually promised migration there and they are pro for pandering to every minority that comes into our land whether I'm the ones here like the made-up ones like the cultural Marxist LGBTQ that they'll be Pro putting that through the school curriculum em and they think rights that pandering to all these minorities eventually will make will make them get the vote that there will become the main em party in Ireland that's running the country and and then they think that this will bring about a united Ireland that they'll be able to get these people better day what as long as they're not British they could be from Mars and what and then she and fan will be happy it like it sounds like 40 or 70 chests or something I don't believe it but I've heard this theory before that really it's just their pretend and and then when they get enough people and they get Ireland United it'll be back to the original nationalism and I know I went a bit Italian there's no grand strategy no no there's no grand strategy and what you reminding me very much about the same dynamic except south of the border where I live and that is the u.s. he's been a soldier Democrats the Democrats have gone completely insane everyone knows that and Trump is being Trump and people like us love him and and the unfortunately though he still has not sealed the border and he's lost a lot of he lost some support in in some circles because of that but but he still is willing to call halt things out and and and he's dead there is no one who comes close I think by the way you guys need a trump oh yeah needed Trump my next book might might actually point some direction a point to point that door in that direction just a little a little here there but yeah I said to the audience before their next book is a little we'll have a bit about Ireland it's about Ireland sort of more than sort of yeah and if it's red pill and it's like all thy sons I would recommend it to everybody selfie honest well I'm the same way and I'd encourage them to either pick up all my sons or never never and never gain or Johnny and Jamaal for that matter and get a sense of the type of work that I'm doing and I'm just trying to tell the truth I'm not trying to get anyone mad I just you know and and don't blame me by the way blame my characters that's the I don't I just they're in this situation and they're reacting and they're just trying to get by in life just like you and I yeah there's great characters and all those sons as well like Tony and all that a strong Italian character and even his wife Lisa it's such a lovely read up to a certain point I'm not gonna give out nowhere but up to a certain point it's I was loving it like it was so nice and then there's a tragedy and I'm won't say any more about that but I could you could say like somebody becomes a victim of diversity or whatever and then the whole thing changes into it's just it goes it's like a roller coaster then and I think it's fantastic like well thank you for that well I'm glad you enjoyed it and I will say this too about the the forthcoming book people should read it all by sons All My Sons does go out into the future it takes a long leap I'm gonna take you to us into the future and and it takes a stab at how this is all gonna unravel and what it'll look like and if you read in my about the author section I don't really think it's gonna unfold like that but you got a package it I the there will be a lot of those types of things unfolding without a doubt but this next book is going into at most near future very very near future because it is a book that's saying basically hey guys guys it is not too late it's not too late but get your head out of the sand e every single one of you that has your head in the sand and and and thinks and is believing the nonsense that is being preached and take a look around and and show some of that famous Fighting Irish spirit that I've I've been led to believe you know I'm a virus descent yeah you're an irishman yeah even fighters and opposed are still voting for the same crappy parties you see there's a ting in Ireland where once your family is a certain party it's sort of passed down and passed on but people have to start questioning that now and vote for people are based under policies not based on the label that they're under that's what's done earlier I've been led to believe and I've been told f FS g FG s f dot doc it's all two sides three sides of the same coin and now there are some emergent politicians and I do care emember if we brought her name up in the stream or them before we Gemma and I see she did not have success in the in the EU elections and I see not a lot changed in those in those elections which was a disappointment I was hoping but I do see the emergence and I think you you and the dawn had this individual on for an interview and I'm gonna party just yet yes they're a very very big man and boy oh boy that guy he is he's an interesting fellow to listen to and he doesn't seem to mince any words and he knows the issues inside out and back to front and yeah so he is he is of a different ilk and would you I'll throw the question back to you what what are his chances what are what are the chances of a party like that I know there's a few others I Rex it I preserves that the CM it don't have to become a track on themselves know the Irish Freedom Party but yeah I reckon anyway yeah well yeah I think and eventually people are gonna have to vote for some sort of a party that is anti the establishment because we have something like a hundred nearly odd TDS that represent all the people in Ireland and all of them agree with mass migration there's not one that doesn't agree with it so em eventually I think because it's been done so quickly here these parties at the moment are very small like if you're talking about Gemma's anti-corruption Ireland and the National Party is probably bigger than that was and still would be small relative to any of the other political parties but I think because of the rapid that's going on and because vodka allowance a new thing last week or he's gonna make cars illegal diesel and petrol by 2030 now that's only 11 year think of that now okay okay I'm and like that will upset people big time so I don't know it depends on what happens between now and then as to whether the apparently like the National Party would take off I I support them because like the domain um sort of thing that they say is that Ireland should be like what Patrick Pearse said not just Irish but it should be it should not just be free but it should be Irish as well Celtic not just merely a Celtic but free would free and Celtic so in other words it should be Irish people and that's a that's what it should be and that goes back that Shane Finn what's the point in having a united Ireland if we don't have a united people so yeah I think it could take a few year but the National Party know that they said that there recently does they didn't run any candidates in the European election I don't know why like Gemma went for that to run as an MEP and she ran as the president last August I don't know I think she'd be better off weddings try and run as a TV because that's the the governmental because in Ireland like that would be the the most powerful position and I think they would have a chance because people are actually having enough of this because it's not just that you're seeing the demographics change in every town so rapidly but the crime has gone up something dreadful and that's what I documented about as well rapes have gone off there was only a girl last week raped at a bus stop or she was sexually assaulted said by six lads or something that's unheard of here like seriously that really until recently in Sweden no no it's not we should be taking a lesson from there and saying we want you won't go down that far you know listen to you talk about Gemma and and Justin and the National Party and some of these these movements that are emerging what if what I believe and you also mentioned about historically this family votes for whatever number for FGM and throw that all out the window and bring in a person like a Donald Trump and then now and I don't know if I don't know if Justin has weighed the chops for that but you gotta have someone that can brick come in and basically own it and inspire and did did anyone predict in 2015 before Trump came down that escalator that he would do what he has done of course not and right up until election night they were saying he had a 1% chance and Hillary was 99% they were printing magazines with her president and her image to use was such a beautiful thing I'm just talking back or the Simpson predicted us do anything yeah that's right so so I wouldn't mind that that's my message is I think there is this undercurrent and and people that are not hearing from maybe you hear from them under an alias in your stream they're out there and they're out there in numbers and they know it's nonsense and yes there is this young millennial and millennial younger than millennial that are really at risk of being hypnotized for lack of a better word it just needs to be harnessed and it need people need to be able to come out from behind the shadows and say this doesn't make sense yet why are we doing this degree tomorrow yeah and so that has to happen and if it doesn't happen there's a tipping point coming after and I believe unfortunately England has passed the tipping point it seems that's why you mentioned brexit and I just kind of shrug and go who who cares it's it's a big mess they're in they're out they're still complete and and that doesn't mean I I don't care about the the men and women that are living in Britain and because I do they're they're you know they're they're fine people and they're their towns have been decimated and and this is this is the same pattern that's happening everywhere and it's it's a horrible thing and people aren't allowed to criticize it yeah like London is definitely not English anymore I think it's like less than 35 percent then my good say what it is it's it's a new thing it's it's this global homo Menace society that they want everywhere where you've got an elite and and and somewhat like I described in all thy sons to be honest the thin elite and and you've got everyone down in the in the trenches battling and and yeah there is one group which is not allowed to unite along racial lines and that's the way it's the actual ethnic English and everyone else is is battering them so yeah it's it's a horrible situation and and you you can't think it'll be anything different in Ireland why would it be different yeah it won't be different or even if the people only got 5 million people sitting on that island that's a small number plus or minus I know but can't you won't believe it only 3.8 million they were actually ethnic Irish there's still there's a million people here already I would say the official stats are at 1/5 of the population is non Irish but it has to be a million because it's a treat my dear million ethnic Irish and then the rest of it is just migration and a lot of British people they've heard who were supposed as well well then yeah if people don't wake up and realise soon that they have the power all they have to do is in the general election is not fought for these priorities it's like I heard somebody sander today we have the power to switch off their our smartphones if we don't to be listenin to something that annoys us it's the same we have the power in our hands to do this but it's just a matter of people realizing that they need to make changes I think and streams like our streams I think did help and definitely books like your book have if people are aware of them and that's what I'd like that's what I wanted to have a chat with you today is to make people aware of your work and and maybe you would come on again when the next book comes out and I will read it when it comes out and actually have a chat about that yeah yeah so it's actively underway and and I'm targeting November so it is it's occupying my entire life these days so I'm pretty excited about it and just this exchange and and then meeting yourself and then others it's it's fantastic and people around the world and certainly in in my neck in the woods the you know the Irish are held in high favor they people love the Irish all around the world I mean there's 35 million I'm told Irish descent folks in the US the the is Ireland a country of immigrants no and never has been it's a country of immigrants without a doubt and there's a lot of reasons for that but there are there are some fantastic Irish people all over the world and the culture is is is why I probably know this already but people love the Irish and yeah to see to see that culture and the people be damaged in any way it's a painful thing to if it's a it should be a painful thing for anyone to see it should not happen so we got to get on it but yeah we do I think our diaspora might help as well maybe if people come back to Ireland who actually I feel like they're Irish and they could they can are in a position to afford to do it that could be a literary way to sort of help remedy as well but yeah no I know by talking to you is well I can cab before that you you do you love Ireland as well and people do love the Irish and and it would be terrible if that happens so we just have to keep pushing back against it like you said well said yeah yeah just don't don't stop doing what you're doing and yeah and you're gonna get a release of the book so uh thanks very much yeah and yeah and I want to thank you for coming on as well definitely a.m. so yeah maybe we leave it at that I think that was a nice chat yeah I enjoyed it a lot thanks very much critiqued yeah I enjoyed a lot thank you very much as well and I'll talk to you soon okay I'm brecky guys and I'll put a link to the book in the description and I'll talk to you guys soon as well so take care for now bye bye

15 thoughts on “Author K M Breakey & Critiqued Have A Discussion

  1. Being red pilled means that you become aware of the fact that nothing around you is real. Even YOU are just an avatar down here.
    You are Alice in wonderland. The goal is to get out, out of this orchestrated misery to the real world.

  2. This guy is clued-in on Ireland. Looking forward to his new book.

  3. Hi i think there is not enough of anything in ireland for the irish themselves or why are so may leaving if there is , A town not far away had 1 hotel it was rented to keep families of refugees which is not a suitable place for them. It was the money they get for the rent and not the care of the the people who has to now live in bedrooms and nothing much to do in that town, they do not mix with locals how could they when they cant afford to be out, And when uk leave the eu well here is gonna be packed with foreigners cos uk wont have to take them in. I think uk is getting out before it gets even worse, Irish government well thats germany and the eu now really they are the bosses , The crowd in the dail are like an old folks home all the ould lads sitting asleep in the middle of the day , such a set up , anyway good luck with your channel here ,

  4. A coalition is needed. I said it back at the un migration compact and I still think it needs to happen. Np/ifp/aci/renua and Brian Murphy the mad bastard 😂all need to come together

  5. Hi great show, we the people have to get rid of the pencil on the voting. That's how they change the votes. Which is wrong. So f. F. U—p

  6. Good to see you got a guest on your stream , I don't know if your views have gone down I hope not but it's fresh i totally enjoyed it and when you and the donn were together but don't get me wrong i enjoy when it's just yourself because I really feel for you , your family and your country I really think your doing a great job honestly I really wish we'll get out of this fucking nightmare. I know if my Irish grandfather were here today he'd be proud as fokk of the likes of you @Critiqued and Grand Torino plus many others from Ireland , unfortunately I don't see many of my Welsh clan's men speaking out this purgatory either and that includes myself I'm ashamed to say. Ireland And Wales forever ☘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿B💪✊👍. Awesome

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    Where an island, yar can’t make the criteria under international law. Sinn
    Fein are communist traitors….

  9. Keep her up man. Did you see Gemma was acousted in my local town of Courtown there yesterday. Check out the local open borders Activist Jimi Cullen music on facebook for the video he uploaded. Boils my piss all the messages of encouragement hes getting. If this is how people truly feel we are in more trouble than i thought

  10. Governments don’t give a toss about the day to day people. Speak the truth and document they will go to jail eventually for treason in my estimation.

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