29 thoughts on “Author Michael Lewis On ‘The Fifth Risk’ Within The Trump Administration

  1. Please put up more ten-minute youtube bits, because most of your youtubes are an hour or more. I would love to watch an hour but surely you can make some good points in 5 to 15 minutes, eh? More people will tune in.

  2. While there may be something to be said about whether a new administration should be schooled by a previous administration or not, there is also something to be said about whether one considers something a "regulation" against capitalists or a "safeguard" for humans — how much in the way of polutants can be spewed into the air, into the rivers, into the oceans. The most important thing is that conservatives, aka Republicans, give tax breaks to the big companies and really rich people and no one asks, "How are we going to pay for that?" because they give some token to the little people, but when liberals/progressives, aka Democrats, want to make the field more level for all people, not just white and a few token people of other colors or original nationalities, everyone asks, "How are we going to pay for that?"

  3. POTUS Trump Declared and Proclaimed that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.  Fortitude! Truth! Morality!  God will bless US for this proclamation.  What does the written word say about Israel?

  4. Just another author jumping on the anti-Trump wagon. Glad to hear that a big broom is swapping some of the offices in public administration. It is natural that people with new ideas won't necessarily stick to the old system. Strange that the economy seems to be going smooth and things are getting done. We shouldn't forget also that are the Democrats that are blocking many of the new nominations. Another book that I will not buy.

  5. Lets see what IT NEVER GETS DISCUSSED: 1. A little under 50% of Americans live in POVERTY!! it may be Ok in Costa Rica but this is THE USA!! Blows a trillion dollars in an illegal war but it has no social safety net… So every election the Democrats which unlike The GOP (the party of the FAT CATS) are suppose to represent working class, it gets in bed with Wall Street and give s its base a collective FUCK YOU!!
    2. A dwindling middle class that cannot afford a $1,000 emergency!
    3. Inflation, falling standards of living – when was the last time your salary went up?
    4. No UNIVERSAL HEALTH – the concept was shut down by Hillary while campaigning in 2016…
    To round up, over half of your population is unrepresented, its collective pain has been ignored by media and politics… why would they give a crap about Hillary of any bunch of kleptocrats?

  6. if he wants to go to the bottom of “this”, he should write a book about the FED. but he likes money, he will never do that.

  7. Is it insulting to tell an author that the best indication of success for a book is that it is made into a movie?

  8. The book we all wish was fiction but sadly it's not. Michael Lewis, so glad you didn't shy away from writing this masterpiece of non-fiction. The pinnacle of investigative journalism.

  9. Thanks WGBH News.☺ Thanks Michael.☺ (8:25) "…This is not a bad metaphor for the Trump voter (damage from a natural disaster)…They like some specific Destruction…They don't imagine the collateral damage from that destruction." Like trashing Immigration also trashes economic growth and individual freedoms?😀

  10. What is the purpose of breaking away multiple times from the two gentlemen speaking to show clips of the Great Orange Idiot.

  11. I predicted accurately what a book released just before the midterms by leftist Michael Lewis would say. I was correct of course!

  12. Would it not be more interesting to compare and contrast Pres . Trump and Pres. Woodrow Wilson ; The first , a non – reader of books ; The second , a man who read so much he achieved certitude in actions most of which are dubious today . But Trump is Sen. Mitch McConnell' s political avatar so what does Trump have to do with it .

  13. If we stopped filling positions in The NSA ,The CIA , The DEA , The FBI and other profiteers of War or The War On Drugs I don't see how that's a bad thing . The U.S. Governments involvement using Law Enforcement makes it the biggest promoter of prostitution in history and by its on legal definitions the biggest facilitator of rape and child exploitation on the planet – #MeToo , #TimesUp anyone ?

  14. Straight from the greatest nonfiction writer of our generation. It is very difficult to argue with a journalist who has seen as much as Michael Lewis.

  15. Its amazing how ignorance and incompetence gets a foothold to destroy a country.

  16. Like Trump in with his presidency, it seems like the business model being used is "lets just wing it"…..luckily we haven't had a national crisis other than several hurricanes that have been pretty much left up to local gov'ts.

  17. Elected leaders represent the collective psyche of their constituents. A twisted public obsessed with reality television and dysfunctional social media gets for a president and reality tv star who conducts policy over twitter. Those who criticize refuse to look in the mirror and take responsibility for their lives and actions. Like Hitler, he represents the extremes of the Shadow, the dark side of the self (thus a society that has reached an extreme); those most repulsed by him are the ones most repulsed by the shadow and adversely Trump's ardent supporters are subconsciously enhancing the Darkness of the psyche. Far from being satan, Trump is merely a holding up mirror for a dystopian American Culture.

  18. He is SO Spot On about Trump and the DESTRUCTION he is causing in our Country and his STUPID Followers/voters Don't REALIZE, in their IGNORANCE, How MUCH THEY are being Harmed by his RIDICULOUS Policies!!

  19. 9/11 caught us by surprise so we worked hard to prevent another 9/11 but Trump is stirring up his base about a problem that has been solved leaving him unprepared for the problems we presently face.

  20. This should scare the crap out of everyone who loves america, both republicans and democrats.

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