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the House Oversight Committee is voting for subpoenas to get more information on this White House security clearance debacle chairman Cummings may even subpoena Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump now Kushner has been breaking his silence you may know he's rarely heard from but he went on Fox News to address the worries about this White House whistleblower and concerns about his security clearance calling some of the objections quote crazy and he was of course tapped by his own father in law's a senior White House aide his responsibilities range this goes well beyond the intelligence stuff there's Mideast peace there solving the opioid epidemic there is fixing the way the federal government works Kushner though does most of these things outside of the media spotlight we do know that he's spoken with Miller's team we don't know if he or his wife are named anywhere in the Moller report as I was just discussing with the senator they may be in the clear on any of that stuff but now there are reports about how they fare these big family members in the White House in public opinion the New York Times obtained something called East score polling with numbers on both of them and it measures a basically features of likability to figure out which personalities appeal to different audiences and which do not The Times writes and 12 percent of people say Ivanka has strong positive appeal Jared falling to a low 6 percent it's strong positive 36 percent say strong negative the highest ratings come on things that are subjective but again this is polling the matters in politics people finding him to be in their view in Sisir creepy and even this is a weird one overexposed because he doesn't do a lot of interviews someone may have missed the whole report though we got there with flying colors because he believes and a lot of other people believe both conservative and liberal and those in the middle Jared Kushner he did not want me to do that because I saw this beautiful line and he didn't want it but other people did they insisted that I do it and it was really easy I am joined by Jackie Alemany after the Washington Post powerup newsletter and Vikki Ward investigative reporter and the author of the right book for this discussion Kushner Inc all about both of them nice to see both of you thanks for having me absolutely Vikki does it surprise you to see such a negative set of associations that the public has with these two well I think it's sort of the beginning of the unmasking right of this couple when they went into the administration I think the perception of them was very different right everyone hoped that they were going to be a moderating influence a sort of moral Center but what's interesting about these figures and by the way the president will really pay attention to this but I know because I've been in private meetings with him before he went into office he really pays attention to things like this kind of stuff really to brag about his Q ratings all the time absolutely so I think what's really interesting and so the central theme of my book is about how they're not what they seem they're in disguise and that's what's made them so dangerous and it seems like the disguise is is coming off right the mask is well the mask is rolling well I exhibit a was last night if ever the when Jared gave the interview to Laura Ingraham she did the country unintentionally I think a great public service with that interview the idea that he would call a 400-page the mullah report nonsense the idea that he would laugh about the idea that all our security agencies do not think that he should have a security clearance because of his complex of engineering because of his debts do you think this to use a somewhat British term this wrist scible approach to the interview questions is the mask falling cuz it's not a good look I think it's a terrible look I mean I think whoever advised him to go and do that interview on the same day that Congress was saying that they were going to issue subpoenas to his security clearance should be fired and that is a good classic example of Jared's appalling judgment so so Jackie you hear Vicki saying that this is about the mask falling or to paraphrase you know the rapper future who's very knowledgeable about Trump Whitehouse issues mask off the the reference is made to the laughter in the interview let's play it so everyone's on the same page here was the Jared Kushner clip I can't comment for the White House's process I've been accused of all different types of things and all of those things have turned out to be false when I came to Washington I had a very successful business career do you pose a grave national security concern to the country Jared Kushner because of the president's leadership the world is safer today what is your assessment of that and the argument that putting aside style these individuals have not been wrapped up in problems in the Miller report as far as we know thus far they haven't been charged as I say and that they're trying to get back on a different footing yeah well I think Vickie is exactly right Jared's response to Laura Ingraham who might as well be an extension of the white house in terms of providing a defense for a lot of members of the administration was really telling a laughing in response to you know serving potentially acting as a national security threat is a response I think that indicates this idea that Jared and Ivanka you know view themselves in a different light that they you know they do not have to adhere to the same standards as the rest of the administration and the rest of the America quite frankly and I think what you saw Jared Kushner doing is utilizing bars summary of the Muller report in an exploitative way that's similar to the way that the president's been using it which is using it as a blanket excuse to exonerate himself from a lot of different issues that cropped up before the Muller report was even in the conversation right and Nationals the you know this the issue of security clearances was been written about since 2017 and it again is exemplary of how Jared and Ivanka are you know have a different set of standards that the president treats them by and that they you know treat themselves by in this White House now Vicki I heard you wanted to go through a few more of the of the East Gore polling [Laughter] [Applause] well on the radio on the rating of the cushion er has quote exciting 1% glamorous 1% emotional all human beings fact-check have emotions but only 1% there what does that tell you yeah well I mean he's famous for that right for having this very calm I think Michael Cohen and my book is quoted as saying he's image is flatter than an EKG you know flatline but the you know but in a way that's all a mask I mean what I show in the book that there are certain things that Jared can get really worked up about I mean one of them was the foot that Trump needed to fire James Comey when it was convenient for Jared do you think there will be evidence of that in the Muller report based on your reporting I think there should be there should be whether that will be well I guess the question is whether Muller's investigators could report as well as you if you have it exactly right but we don't know and we always like to say around here Jackie and Viki we well we don't know we don't know my thanks to both of you for being in this discussion hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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  1. Who'd win a smarm-wrestle between Jared Kushner and Joffrey Lannister?

    (a) Jared K.
    (b) J. Kushner
    (c) J.K.
    (d) Tie

  2. Thank you for your hard work uncovering this Sorry punk. His father is the worse kind of thief there is and he is as well . giving him a clearance is the dumbest idea there is. The news around the word hate him like they hate Nazis. They make fun of him to his face and wish he would be killed for their safety. He will be caught selling secrets because missed is on his case with an eye to destroy him. Nobody deserves it more.

  3. That golden hue becomes orange quite fast!! Hope he will wear the new black, like his dear dad did, soon!!:-)

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  5. trump is a russian asset. his family is corrupt and feel they are above the law. they should be imprisoned then sent to russia. time for regime change in russia

  6. Well, all the crap we made up didn't work. Let's just make up more crap.

  7. Ari Melber looks like an older and rugged version of Jared Kushner. Lol

  8. What you just don't understand is that Jared and Ivanka are BETTER THAN YOU. As soon as you know that, things will be fine. Jared has a smile like he just slept with your wife 10 minutes ago.

  9. Another failed real estate guy gets access to the white house and top-level secrets. The middle east will never see peace. They are 2 different animals with religion getting in the way. It's a hopeless cause. His appointments are a complete shell and pea game. What a sham!

  10. So Trump says a judge is too biased in a courtcase against him because he's of Mexican descent… yet he sent Kushner to solve the middle east problem… ugh πŸ˜› What do the republicans get from siding with Israel?

  11. Jared Kushner is not an intelligent man. He didn't shine in school and was in the 3rd lowest sector. His father made a donation of $2.5million to Harvard. Soon after, Jared was accepted into Harvard which shocked and angered his teachers. They knew that Jared could not get in on merit. Yet another example of wealthy parents buying places for their offspring in top Universities.

  12. It’s a contest between Laura Ingles’’ shovel shaped mouth and Kushner’s dead eyes.

  13. Trumper's think Jared Kushner is the messiah but look at the address on the building he lives in and he chose that address 666 5th Avenue. And he looks appallingly like Damien in the movie The Omen Damien all grown up

  14. According to a mentally ill moron: Jared Kushner is the brightest there is, if he can't make the deal, nobody can.
    As we all know he solved the opioid crisis, peace in the middle east and all sorts of things … the world is a better place with jared.
    -> not.


  16. Well Duh….Look at The family He Married into.πŸ€―πŸ€‘πŸ‘Ή

  17. Ari melber you sir bring a different kind of journalism to the game. How you frequently bring in a quote from rappers is cool AF I see you are a big fan of hip-hop. Thanks for doing that..

  18. Don't trust anything MSNBC says all conspiracy theories! A I hate trump channel dividing the country as usual.

  19. Lets hope the rest of the West's security services have stopped giving Top Secret information to America as I am sure it would be better to give it verbatim to the Russians and Chinese and cut out the Idiot's running America at the moment.

  20. I mean, you just have to look at his face and posture,even the way he talks and looks around!
    He looks predatorial, snake like!
    This guy must many skeletons hidden.

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