Author & Punisher "Terrorbird"

49 thoughts on “Author & Punisher "Terrorbird"

  1. This video is about the pain associated with holding a hidden garden hose next to your body

  2. I followed this same recipe for making a terrorbird. Kinda weird though, afterward no one spewed or exploded. Kinda disappointed.

  3. About fucking time dispute being late to this part by a few years, setting new fresh and original. FYI Tristan Shone please keep doing what you are doing and don't fold under mainstream pressure, this kicks so much ass no one can top this. You sir have just created a new type of music and corner of the market.

  4. Nice beat. amazing production. good to take a break from death metal sometimes

  5. I’ll take guitars and musicians anyday. This is cool for about two minutes tops. Just a noisy shithead.

  6. Fuck dude. Someone really needs to hire this guy to make music for s video game. That would be wicked.

  7. Fuck dude. Someone really needs to hire this guy to make music for s video game. That would be wicked.

  8. That was an amazing mastering job, whoever did it. God damn, that was loud as fuck but clear.

  9. D.C. should consider this guy in making the soundtrack of their movies. I could definitely see Darkseid descending with something like this in the background.

  10. the "guitar" tone and the drum samples (probably 808 stuff) remind me of atari teenage riot

  11. Sounds much closer to godflesh then nin….. don't know what y'all are talkin about. This dude has got his own thing goin on for sure though!

  12. This is the sound of literal insanity in the best way possible…..

  13. This could've been the Doom soundtrack perfectly. Or better yet, a collab between Tristan and Mick Gordon :O

  14. This is what Skillix thought he was doing. He wasn’t….

  15. I wonder if you can change the ingredients to make diff types of terror birds?!

  16. as a sound experience, this is fucking phenomenal

    but i needs my metals to have a cohesive theme, something for me to chew on, so i'll look out for this dude's material

    just noisy ear rape though, not for me

  17. This sounds like something out of doom. I fuck with this, time to listen to this forever

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