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hey there welcome to queer kid stuff I'm Lindsay I'm Teddy today we're having a very special guest Jessica love the author and illustrator of who Leon is a mermaid is coming in to answer all of our questions you are enough here at queer kid stuff you ready teddy Betty Ren V okay friends if you haven't watched our storytime reading of who Leon is a mermaid with angel from drag queens story our head on over to that video first because today we're bringing in the author and illustrator Jessica love into Cricut stuff to answer all of our questions I'm so excited hello hi hi hi Jessica what happens at the end of the book buddy I think you forgot to ask some other questions first oh right right what are your pronouns and how do you identify Oh mostly female I guess you can call me she her until things change Teddy as I'm sure you know I cannot tell you the end of the book aloud where these kids are not going to want to read it and find out for themselves but I am willing to make a very special exception and I'm going to whisper something in your ear ready that's so cool I'm glad you think so all right Teddy what do you want to ask me about keulegan as a mermaid fire away anything you want what inspired you to write about who Leon hmm a bunch of things one of the things is that I have a friend whose name is Mason and he's a boy but he was born in a girl's body and he waited for a long long time to start living like a boy because he didn't feel like the people around him were ready for that and I was talking to about a nice and he said he wished he'd been able to start living as himself earlier and it got me curious about what kinds of books there were out there about that sort of thing and that was where one of the ideas came from the other idea came from watching a show called RuPaul's Drag Race do you know what that is Teddy no it's an excellent program those of you all out there who don't know about it ask your folks it's who Leon inspired by Mason sorda who one is like what my imaginary child would be when I started writing the book how did you do all those pretty drawings in the book gosh Teddy I worked on it for a very long time do you like to color and draw a blob coloring it dry I know it's the best right all right so I basically did watercolor do you do watercolor in an art class sometimes she'll do watercolor in art class most people are familiar yeah I think so so I did the book on brown colored paper just like this with watercolor and this stuff that's called gouache do you know what washes no gouache is like chalk like that you do on the sidewalk but wet hey can you say that Teddy gouache Google wash excellent excellent work first try thank you swish can I be a mermaid just like who Leon let me see do you mind if I touch you no that's okay oh yeah you definitely have mermaid blood who doesn't they're amazing go for it why is some of the book in Spanish well partly it's because my mom grew up in Puerto Rico and also in Mexico City so it's sort of a hey how are you to my family and also because that's one of the many languages that we speak here in New York City that's true I hear it all the time see did you know how to say um good day it's Spanish No can you teach me way no see a steady buenos dias Jessica first try thank you so much for coming by and answering all of our questions it was my pleasure thank you for having me of course you can get your very own copy of Jessica's book who Leon is a mermaid wherever you like getting your books we're spreading queer joy all of Pride Month with videos just like this one if you want to help us spread queer joy and you like my t-shirt you can get your very own by clicking down below thank you so much – Jessica love and – drag queen story our for helping us spread queer joy that's it for today we'll see you next time at queer kid stuff

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