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hi guys Kelly here and today I wanted to share with you a video about five authors that I think I will love so these are authors I have not read anything that they have written before but I really think that I love them so I have been like buying their books some of these I have several of their books and just have not read them yet and I don't know if you guys ever do this but I have this thing where I think I'm gonna really love a book sometimes I put it off because especially if I haven't read read something else by that author I have this like expectation in my mind of how good it's going to be and then if I read it and find out it's not meeting my expectations and I'll be really disappointed so maybe if I'm making this video it'll like push me to actually read things by these authors so let me know if any of these are ones that are favorites of yours and if I should jump to get on it so I'm gonna start with the two authors that I only own one book from each of these authors and the first one is Wilkie Collins and Wilkie Collins was writing back in the 1860s and so it's a classic author and the reason I think I would really love his work is because he's kind of seen as the originator to like detective fiction and kind of like the first one to go by and like got the core and psychological thriller together so the one of the books that I want to read that I don't own yet is the moonstone which is called the first true detective novel and the one I do own is the woman in white which is the one that he kind of is credited as combining got the core but then adding in like psychological realism into it and I just think that's really fascinating to see kind of what the like start of some of our current psychological thriller or horror novels came from and so I'm really interested in reading his I've heard that this one is excellent so I actually have read the first chapter in a try chapter tag and enjoyed it and wanted to just be able to sit down and really enjoy it because it is a long book so I would hope to get to this one soon and then the next one I only own one book of is Eric Larsen and he's known for writing nonfiction this one is the devil in the white city murder magic and madness at the fair that changed America I've all in this book forever like probably since about the time that it came out which when was that 2003 so yeah I have probably owned it for over 10 years by 15 years and I just have not got around to it because sometimes I just don't get around to reading nonfiction but I have this on my TBR for June and I actually am buddy reading it with a friend of mine so it's finally gonna happen and the thing is I've been wanting to read all of Eric Larson's books like he writes other ones that I'm really interested in and I'm almost bought them in the past but I'm like no I've owned this book for 15 years and have it read it I need to read this one before I buy any of his others so this is gonna happen next month and then I would love to move on to some of his other nonfiction and the next one is a a middle-grade author who I own two of her books and there's one other book that I really want to read and that is Mary Haskell and I own two of ours I own the princess curse and the castle behind thorns these are obviously fantasy books I've just heard amazing things about both of these she also has a book called the handbook for dragons layers which I also think sounds really great I love male grade fantasy and so I'm not sure why I haven't jumped on reading these yet so this needs to happen soon because I just think I'm gonna love her I feel like she's gonna be very similar to like Gail Carson Levine or like Shannon Hale or something like that and I'm gonna love them the next author is the one that I own the most of his books out of this pile I actually own for books by him and that is Neil Schusterman he's very popular right now on booktube so I've been like picking up the books that sound really interesting to me and so we just need to get around to actually reading them this is the one that I'm like I'm afraid I'm not gonna love him and then I will bought like a ton of these books for no reason but a lot of them I got cheaper like at a library Cyril stuff so I just need to do it so I own scythe I only like to buy books really and paper bought back so I won't get thunder until it comes out people back or at least until I read this so I know if I like him and then I own two books and the skin jacquard trilogy so I have ever lost and ever wild I don't usually buy sequels unless I know but I gotten this one for like 20 cents at a library sale so it worked out and I also own challenger deep but I have it in storage right now so I would really like to rewire though soon so I can see if I should be continuing to buy his books or if I need to stop and the last one is one that like I'm kind of mad at myself that I have not read her books yet because I think that I will adore them and people tell me all the time how good they are and I just need to do it and that is anna-marie mick l'amour so she is really popular right now as well and she writes like magical realism kind of stories that usually have some romance in it and just fantastical things happening but also rooted and a lot of the real world so I have three of her books I have when the moon was ours the weight of feathers and then I just bought even though I have these two I haven't read yet I just bought wild beauty so now I own three of her books and probably the only reason I don't own Blanca and Roja is because it's still in hardback because for some reason I just can't stop buying her books but I need to read them I don't know if you have read a larper Perks tell me which one of these I should start with because I had bought way too feathers first but some people say this is their least favorite of hers so tell me what you think which one of these I should start with so I can really give her the best chance possible so those are the five authors that I really just need to pick up their books because I keep buying them and keep wanting to read them and I just don't do it do you guys ever have this where you think you're gonna love an author you buy their books and then you just let them sit on your shelves or am I the only one that does that if any of these are once you really want me to get to let me know so I can try to make it a more top priority because now I'm just feeling like angry with myself that I haven't just read these books and found out if I love them I'll talk to you next time bye

4 thoughts on “Authors I Think I Will Love

  1. Love the idea for this video!
    I own The Moonstone but haven't read it yet! Let me know if you'd maybe like to buddy read it at some point! 🙂
    Ahh Merrie Haskell is one of my favorite authors!!
    YAY Anna-Marie McLemore! I've only read 2 of her books: first Wild Beauty which I ADORED, and then When the Moon Was Ours which I still really loved. I think WB is even stranger and more dreamlike and unexpected than WtMWO, so I'd decide based on your reading mood. I feel like in general people like that one more than Wild Beauty? but obviously I didn't so. this was not very helpful LOL
    Also YES I stockpile authors I think I'll love all the time! I've sort of done that with Sophie Masson–she writes fairytale retellings I think I'd love, I've bought at least 2 of her books now, and still haven't picked them up. It doesn't help that they have pretty low reviews, though that definitely isn't a guarantee I'll dislike them.

  2. Ohhh I’ve heard about women in white I almost picked it up the other day!!😂 I’m still thinking about the devil in the white city!! Love me some Gail Carson💜 YES I love magical realism!!

  3. I’m not much into fantasy but I want to read Wilkie Collins, too. I liked Devil in the White City but like the previous commenter found it disturbing. I also read Larson’s book Dead Wake about the Lusitania. It was very good as well.

  4. I do the same thing!
    The only one of these I’ve read is Devil in the White City. It was good but disturbing.
    We should buddy read The Woman in White in
    October. I own that one and keep putting it off. I’m also interested in Wild Beauty and Blanca & Roja but I haven’t read any Anna Marie Mclemore either.

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