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yo-ho so today i want to talk to you about four authors whose work i want to complete basically i just want to read all their books and it's gonna be amazing so the first author whose work i want to complete is shirley jackson i absolutely adore her writing the first book i read of her is was we have always lived in the castle and this is probably still my favorite of hers so far but she has a good she has a good amount of books still out there like i need to read the bird's nest the sundial some more of her short stories hangs man like there's there's a good few out there and i'm really looking forward to it i say that she was probably the last author that i've read whose work has influenced my own like especially when it came to the haunting of hill house there is a certain way that she describes like the air as if it's a real thing and I was like ooh I like that I'm gonna rip that off and put it in one of my songs and I did her work is very inspirational to me I haven't read one of her novels that I've hated yet so I feel like that's good so I'm very excited to read more for work and I definitely recommend that you check her out I'm really glad she's more recognized now in the mainstream thanks to Netflix's adaptation of haunting of hill house even though I actually didn't like it I watched about four episodes and just couldn't get into it I really I'm glad that more people are finding her work and enjoying her work so the next author I feel is gonna be no surprise to anyone it's Hubert Selby jr. these are the only two novels that I've read of his so far and I recently just did a review on the room which I'll link below but yeah I absolutely love his writing style it's very difficult to read and the themes that he writes about a really heavy going but it's completely worthwhile because he is just a brilliant writer the next book of his that I'm going to be reading is last exit to Brooklyn I've heard that a few of his novels are kind of hit and miss but I don't really mind that because I think that he had a great mind for writing and I'm really curious to what his other books are going to entail I know he doesn't have that many books but I feel like it's gonna take me quite a while to get through them all because I probably will read one a year I don't think I could see myself reading more than one of Hubert so we genius book a year because they're just it's like people talk about book hangover like that's what I get from them I like it it leaves a mark on me for about three months three months I'm just in a bit of a crisis about what I read and I'm left a bit traumatized but it's always worth it the next author whose work I want to complete is James Baldwin now unfortunately this is the only James Baldwin book that I've read so far it's Giovanni's Room it's brilliant absolutely everybody should read it I highly recommend it I'm really really interested to see what his nonfiction is like I've seen other booktubers talk about him and his work and I'm so curious because pretty much everybody who's read em loves them so the next novel of his that I'm gonna read is the fire next time and I hear that it's great and I'm so excited to finally get into it in this novel he displays all of his talent and it's just absolutely wonderful to read and the last author whose work I want to complete is Yoko Ogawa now I don't actually have any of her books because I just realized that obviously I got them all from the library a couple of years ago but I'm slowly but surely getting through her work at the moment she only has four books out and she's got her fifth the memory police coming out later in the year which sounds amazing as well I've only read two of her books so far because I'm really savoring her work because I just don't want to read through all of them and then just have nothing to look forward to the next novel of hers that I'm gonna read as hotel iris and I hear that that's really brutal her writing is really unique because she has the ability to write really dark disturbing tales but she also has the ability to write really nice insightful stories as well that aren't all dark and dreary couple years ago I did a review on her short story collection called revenge which was my first experience with her and I absolutely loved it and I'll link that below as well I'm really looking forward to Hotel iris I hear amazing things about it it's gonna be really dark and messed up and I just can't wait so those are the four authors whose work I want to complete let me know if you've read any of them and let me know if you have any authors who you want to read all of their books as well and I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll talk to you soon goodbye

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  1. The haunting of hill house gave me the chills. It was beautiful. The fact that she wrote about a lesbian in a book and then seeing in the movie that followed was refreshing. I love the way she writes about her characters. I'm going to be reading The Sundial next week. You know what they say about author's… The first book you read is always your favorite.

  2. I'm confident that you'll enjoy 'Last Exit to Brookyln' very much. It's my favourite among the three novels of Selby 's that I have read. Maybe in a month or two I will read his masterpiece 'Requiem for a Dream'.

  3. I'm trying to read Jackson as well. loved We Have Always Lived in the Castle. So now I'm trying to ready everything. I want to try Selby Jr. but I'm also minutely terrified lol.

    I've always loved your channel but I don't think I've ever commented. You make great videos and have great taste!

  4. Yeah, Jackson is on my list as well. Also, Han Kang, Sara Stridsberg, Jonathan Safran Foer, Jeffrey Eugenides, a few Swedish authors. I did read all of Astrid Lindgrens work, the last book last year! Feels amazing haha! It took me two years reading a book every second week.

  5. I'm keen to read all of JM Coetzee and Patrick Süskind, if I can find more of his works (I read Perfume and absolutely loved it.) Also Amy Tan. Otherwise, I'm boring in that I want to finish reading all of Shakespeare and I'm not really sure what other authors I like enough to read their completed works. But it's an act of discovery to find that out for yourself.

  6. Thanks for recommending James Baldwin! I'd heard his name before but hadn't really looked into it. I checked his Goodreads profile and it seems he's exactly what I've been searching for. I just hope his writing flows well, because I'm looking for something easy-going. I'll probably start with 'Giovanni's Room', even though people are saying that that one's quite tragic. Maybe it's weird, but I really like the way he titles his novels – seems like a romantic guy, and wise too, haha.

  7. Ohh boy gonna read my first Selby Jr. this summer haha
    I think I'd like to complete Bret Easton Ellis, Michel Faber and Kazuo Ishiguro now that you've got me thinking about it.

  8. How you feel about Selby is similar to how I feel about Calvino, I've found it difficult to read more of his books because I've been utterly bowled over by everything I've read thus far. It's like the ideas he hits on are so meaty you could chew on them for years! In reality I just use this as an excuse to not read actually good books and just read trashy fantasy/sci fi books 💁 ah well!

  9. I'm aiming to read all of Baldwin's works as well (and he's written a lot, so it'll take me a while). The Fire Next Time is brilliant I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it! His collection of short stories (Going to Meet the Man) is also exquisite, so I'd really recommend that. And if you want any novel recommendations then I think that If Beale Street Could Talk and Another Country are my other two favourites (Giovanni's Room being my absolute favourite). But basically I could rave about Baldwin for far too long and I think I've almost lost the ability to be objective about him…

    I sort of want to complete all of Jane Austen's work and I have read all of her completed and uncompleted novels. But I honestly don't know if I'll ever read all her juvenalia. But maybe one day I'll get there!

  10. I read Giovanni's Room earlier this year, and it certainly put Baldwin on my list as well. And then there's Doris Lessing, and she wrote enough books to keep me occupied for a long long time. Think my current read is my twelfth by her so far.

  11. You've been posting a lot lately, I'm so glad!
    I've read The haunting of hill house as an ebook and I really struggled to get through it, but I think it was because of the format more than anything so I plan on giving it another shot when I find a physical copy of it, because I really enjoy Shirley Jackson's short stories, they are simply amazing.
    I had the same problem with Baldwin's "Giovanni's room", and I recently picked up a physical copy to give it another try, James Baldwin was such an interesting man, I don't know if you've seen the movie "I am not your Negro" but it's inspired by one of his texts (Remember this house), and it's about the Civil Rights Movement and it is set around the deaths of MLK, Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers, and it masterfully done!
    Among my favorite authors I've read almost everything they came out with, mainly because they have like two or three books out lol. But I still need to finish the complete works of some of my fav authors, like George Orwell (I've read his novels and most of his essays on social issues, I'm almost there!), Albert Camus (amazing french writer), Jeanette Winterson, Vladimir Nabokov, Franz Kafka, etc etc

  12. Shirley Jackson’s first novel the road through the wall reads like the Sims. It’s really unusual with a tragic ending I won’t elaborate on incase you haven’t read it yet.

  13. So many videos in such a short space of time! Hurray! 🙂
    Agreed that Shirley Jackson is incredible. I'm still not sure about Baldwin though. I read Go Tell it on the Mountain and found it quite a slog – looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you get to it!
    A couple of author's I've been reading the complete works of are John Williams (of Stoner), Kurt Vonnegyt, and Italo Calvino and I've recently added Halldór Laxness to that list.

  14. I buddy read The Room with Mementomori a couple months ago and enjoyed it a lot. I have Last Exit to Brooklyn on my TBR pile and want to pick it up later this year.

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