Author's Point of View for School Kids

typically when authors write they have a point of view or perspective that they are writing from and everybody is different so if Bob was to write something and you were to write something about the exact same topic it's not going to sound exactly the same because even Bob probably have different opinions and ideas about what you want to get across to the reader let's say you and Bob are writing a paper about broccoli cupcakes Bob may love them and think they are a great choice for a dessert the best is are ever you however may think they are disgusting and in no way should a vegetable ever be a dessert an author's point of view can affect many different aspects of a text it can affect the word choice or what words the author chooses to use to describe something for example with the broccoli cupcakes Bob my ease words such as wonderful delicious incredible amazing you on the other hand might use words such as revolting disgusting nasty or gross point of view can also affect how the author chooses to organize something or the message that they are trying to get across to you after all what someone believes has a direct impact on how they write and what they want you to think so an author and the way they view something definitely impacts the text in a number of ways

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