Author's Purpose – P.I.E.

hi kids today I'm in my backyard at my strawberry tower and I just picked some ripe juicy strawberries I plan to make a pie today I want to tell you about another type of pie it goes along with authors partners this pie is an acronym that helps us to identify why and author writes in the first place P stands for persuade I stands for inform and e stands for entertain now that you know what each letter stands for let's look a little bit closer and how to identify each reason for write author's purpose the author's purpose is the reason why they are writing the text identifying the author's purpose is an important part of reading comprehension knowing why the author wrote the text will help you to remember the important points of the text now let's take a look at the three main reasons that authors write when an author is writing to persuade the author is trying to convince you to do something change your mind or make you believe something examples of this are speeches that are given advertisements that you may see perhaps in a commercial or in a newspaper on a flyer and also letters that are written to convince someone to change something or to do something different at the bottom you can see here on sale now that would be from an advertisement and the box to vote of someone trying to convince you how to cast your ballot how you should vote when an author is writing to inform the author is trying to give you facts or teach you something some examples of this are articles textbooks nonfiction text and the encyclopedia or even Wikipedia online when an author is writing to entertain the author is trying to make you enjoy what you are reading through examples of this are reading fiction and poetry these are stories that we read for fun Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is one of my favorite stories it's such a silly story the way that each type of weather plays out and it makes me laugh every time I read it others use different types of words and language based on the reason they are writing we can use these as clues here's some clues for advertisement it will have a picture of the product that they are selling even his adjectives that will get you to want to buy that product like fun juicy or yummy sort of something to eat if an author is writing to inform it would be informational text in this informational text you will see context clues vocabulary words facts about animals if that's the topic photographs and other text features and it will definitely be nonfiction when an author is writing to entertain and it's a fictional story you will see various illustrations text that is written in a story setting another example of this this folktales now we know that we can learn something from a folktale or a fable but there are also very entertaining ok boys and girls now that you know the pie of authors purpose the next time you read you can apply this reading comprehension skill and cook up a little something of your own

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