Author's Spotlight: 365 Caregiving Tips for Everyday Caregivers (part 3 of 3)

but I ever had was sitting around that table with you people and laughing so hard or when we've all met first and just got together for the initial meeting and laughing like crazy and just you know we had something we shared and we loved on one another and it was the best vacation I think I ever had my whole life and that feeling still stays with me oh absolutely and I know now to order of two or three desserts I really miss those nighttime ice cream cones those are terrific but the camaraderie of all of us getting together and just being together and knowing we shared something in common and and that was the highlight of the trip for me well plan on plan on doing it again as we're we will have someone we will have some posted online here in just about a mom so I know Jerry Jerry just married stalks off on Poppa caregiving cruise so we'll be hooking up with him again soon so we've just got a few minutes left so Trish I'm going to I'm going to call back to you how can people get a hold of the book well before I tell people that I just want to mention Peggy's not with us today Nicole but I do want to give a huge shout out she is a it's such a beautiful artist and she did the cover art and she's doing the cover for the travel book – the book can be found on Amazon just search for 365 caregiving tips it will pop up you can get it as an e-book or as a hardcopy and then you can also find it on searching for the same 365 caregiving tips it is on sale on Lulu a 25% off so and they're always giving out coupons so you might even get free shipping occasionally too so we would we would love to and gets this book in the hands of more caregivers we think it well maybe we take a little book tour with the yearbook and my book that would be fun oh that would be fun we're actually going to be at an event later this year at least the four of us here on the call we will be down at Disneyland epilepsy awareness day at Disneyland and we are going to be having a booth at their Expo sounds like the deaths Disneyland that's that's in California yes that's good yes down by jumpy hae-jin see it's great having you on Richard Kathy Irish thanks so much if you'd stay on just for a little bit after the show ends we can we can do some we can chat that's okay with you sure okay thank you for your thank yous my favorite game my favorite tip actually is number 365 remember that miracles happen every day even in the midst of those difficult caregiving days miracles do happen and the testament to the miracle is that we've got five people on the phone today from different walks of life different parts of the country who have become friends because of being an advocate for caregivers and because of our good friend Denise brown bringing us together I'd suggest read one to the day or enjoy them all of ones by sharing these tips Peggy Trish Richard Jen C and Kathy are demonstrating how you create healing ties in our lives thanks for joining us today for another author spotlight on Kris McClellan the bowtie guy and I'm creating a lot through writing radio travel and advocacy and being with awesome people like Chris Richard Kathy and GJ healing ties is a part of the whole care network visit me online at the bowtie guy calm thanks for joining us bye-bye you you you

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